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10 Awesome 21st Birthday Ideas

Published on October 31, 2019 by Hyperspace Singapore
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21; the age where you can do literally almost anything! It is the time when you are first stepping into adulthood and having all the freedom in the world.

Turning 21 is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated; however, when the day finally comes around, you may be at a loss for ideas for things to do. After all, you would want to do something memorable that would stay in your mind for years to come.

That is why we’re here to help you! Below are the top 10 21st birthday ideas that will surely make your special day one to remember.

1) ‘90s Themed Party

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When it comes to trending party themes, trendsetting part planners are taking it back to the ‘90s.

Whether your reference point for the ‘90s is from your favorite TV shows like Beverly Hills or Friends, you’ll love throwing a ’90s party! With so many memorable elements in the ‘90s decade such as; teen subcultures and outrageous fashion trends, you can make your ‘90s party as specific as you want!

There is plenty of content to pull from to make your ‘90s party unique and memorable! Your party guests will surely enjoy the nostalgic yet fun theme!

2) Wine Tasting Party

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Since you’re at the age to legally party and drink, then hosting a classy wine tasting party would be the perfect way for you and your friends to learn more about wine!

While some enjoy wine for its unique taste, it also has tons of health benefits! When consumed in moderation, wine has the ability to lower cholesterol and decrease risks of cancer.

So, bottoms up; toast to a new age and better health!

3) Karaoke Party

Throwing a karaoke party with good, loud music and fun singing will surely be a great way to celebrate your 21st birthday!

Order some drinks, food, pick a couple of good songs, and sing till your heart's content! It’s a judgment-free zone where you can sing off-key and loud, no one would judge! So long as everyone is having a good time, that’s all that matters!

4) Laser Tag Party

Taking an age-old, ordinary pastime for kids and transforming it into an extraordinary experience; a laser tag party would be just what every one needs!

Whether you are 8 or 80, a thrilling game of Laser Tag is guaranteed to provide you and your friends with hours of fun and excitement!

5) Combat Archery

If your friends and you want some action-packed activities, then having a game of combat archery would be ideal for you!

Unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood as you rain down arrows on your opponents! This thrilling, adrenaline-pumping game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone; making your 21st birthday a memorable one!

6) Neon Art Jamming Party

You have probably heard of art jamming; where people get together to paint and create breathtaking artworks. But what about neon art jamming?

Using fluorescent paint that glows under UV blacklight, bring creativity to life and create lasting fond memories with the tip of your paintbrush!

7) Movie Marathon Party

A good 21st birthday party does not need to require upbeat, spontaneous activities; it can be as simple as watching some good movies with friends.

Grab a few bean bags, a big bowl of popcorn, some drinks, and pop in your favorite movie CDs! It’s the company that matters after all!

8) Nintendo Switch Party

If your friends and you love to game, then a Nintendo Switch Party would be an ideal option!

Race your friends in a game of Mario Kart and see who emerges as the ultimate winner! This would be a party in which everyone can appreciate and enjoy!

9) Escape Room

Want to play Sherlock Holmes by solving mysteries? Are you up for the challenge to gather clues and search for answers?

Escape into another world of intriguing, changing scenarios filled with thought-provoking mysteries along the way!

Be on your toes and navigate through the unexpected turn of events throughout the Escape Room experience. Most importantly, race against time to find the key to escape!

10) Cooking Class Party

Since food is a must for every 21st birthday party; instead of ordering catering services, why not take a cooking class with your friends?

Make your 21st birthday party different by learning how to cook proper dishes from professional chefs! You and your friends can eat the food afterwards!

With all these suggestions, if you have already decided on what you want to do but have not decided on where to hold your 21st birthday celebration at, then you can consider checking out Hyperspace! This venue can be accommodated to fit all your party requirements!

For more information, visit https://www.hyperspace.sg/

If you need any further assistance in planning the best 21st birthday party ever or perhaps you wish to participate in one of the activities listed above, then visit https://www.thefunempire.com/ for more information!

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