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8 Awesome Things To Do At Hyperspace

Published on October 30, 2019 by Hyperspace Singapore

Being the new leading event venue space provider in the scene, Hyperspace offers an open and spacious unit that spans across 3,000 square feet and can be adapted to accommodate small groups of 10 to 150 pax depending on the configuration. Being multi-functional, this venue rental is ideal for hosting any types of events!

Choose from three available spaces; The Atrium, The Games Room, and Hyperspace Studio.

Hence, we have compiled a list of 8 awesome things to do at Hyperspace!

1) Birthday Parties

Looking for the perfect party venue? Birthday parties should be a statement; something that screams “I’m here and today is all about me!” Hence, many of us take birthday parties seriously because we want to create fond memories that will last forever. However, the problem is finding a good location to host the party.

Here at Hyperspace, you can throw any kind of party you want; our special team of events planners will ensure that the space accommodates to your party needs and requirements!

With a wide range of amenities available, your birthday party will definitely be the talk of the town as your guests will be kept entertained throughout the party!

2) Corporate Team Building Events

In order to effectively build team cohesion, all members need to feel at ease, comfortable and most importantly; have fun.

Being versatile and intimate, Hyperspace is the ultimate definition of comfort meets fun. With a spacious, cozy interior complemented by multiple amenities, there will definitely be enough activities for you and your team members to do together while having a good time bonding and creating lasting memories.

Examples of activities include Combat Archery, Laser  Tag, or Workshops like Neon Art Jamming. Helpful and trained facilitators will be present to help ensure the safety of all participants and that the event runs smoothly!

For more information, visit https://www.thefunempire.com/

3) Casual Get-Togethers

Looking for a casual and chill place to hang out with your friends but don’t know where? Try The Games Room at Hyperspace!

With four Joycons available, you and your friends can play a game of Mario Kart together; or even use the projector screen to watch some movies; or the karaoke system to sing a few songs! Not forgetting to mention; there’s wifi available too!

4) Neon Themed Parties

Hyperspace is filled with black lights and amenities that glow under these UV lights. Examples are the Joycons that glow, the poker cards, bean bags, and many more!

Hosting a neon themed party here would be ideal, given that the main concept for Hyperspace revolves around neon themes; even its signboard is neon and glowing!

This would surely set the mood for your party, making it a different yet awesome one! To spice it up, get your guests to show up in neon-colored clothing too so that everyone will be glowing once the black lights are turned on!

5) Workshops

Being wide and spacious, Hyperspace is the perfect event venue that can accommodate an average of about 150 pax; depending on the configuration. Workshops such as art jamming or terrarium making; can be held at Hyperspace Studio or The Atrium!

All you need to do is just contact our team at The Fun Empire to make your booking and our friendly salesperson assist you to ensure that the planning of your event goes smoothly!

Visit https://www.thefunempire.com/public-workshops/ for more information.

6) Launch Parties

When throwing a launch party, you would want a new and fresh venue; something that your guests have never seen before and expect, since the whole purpose of a launch party is about new beginnings.

Hyperspace, being a newly opened event venue rental with a unique concept, is the most fitting choice! You can get creative and customise the space however you want to make your launch party the best that anyone has ever seen!

7) Movie Marathons

With projectors, Bluetooth sound systems, Bluetooth speakers, and comfortable bean bags, this venue is excellent for long movie marathons!

All you need now is a big bowl of popcorn and you’re all set for a cozy, comfortable movie marathon experience!

8) Karaoke Night

Instead of going to the usual KTV places where you’ll most likely be competing with other people in other rooms over the loud music, Hyperspace offers a more private and intimate event venue space for you and your friends to have a fun karaoke night!

No more having to compete with strangers in the next room by blasting the music; the space is all yours to use!

So grab your friends and mics, brace yourselves for an exciting and judgement-free karaoke session!

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