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21 Top Buffet Caterers for your Chinese New Year Party 2020

Published on January 16, 2020 by Hyperspace Singapore
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Feeling a little down because the Christmas feasting has ended? Fret not, because Chinese New Year is in less than a week away; giving us even more reason to put our diets on hold.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone’s favorite part about Chinese New Year parties is the food; nothing can beat indulging in a massive buffet spread that’s not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but absolutely scrumptious.

As food and reunion dinners are one of the most important aspects of Chinese New Year, it is crucial that our family and friends are served with the best. Hence, we have compiled a list of 21 top buffet caterers who will definitely not disappoint this Chinese New Year 2020.

1) Stamford Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.stamfordcs.com.sg/mini-party-sets/

For an affordable S$16.80/pax, enjoy Stamford Catering‘s Fortune Feast Buffet which dishes out a plethora of delectable Chinese dishes, such as Abundant Wealth Crispy Fish Skin “Yu Sheng” and Salted Egg Prawn.

Furthermore, Stamford Catering covers a full buffet setup with the inclusion of cutleries for a fuss-free party.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can opt for their add-ons such as the Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice w Chicken Sausage at just S$36.80/set, which serves approximately 10 pax. It even comes in a complimentary bamboo bucket which will definitely impress your relatives!

2) Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service

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Image retrieved from http://www.yehlaisiang.com.sg/CateringMenu

With over 30 years of experience in the food catering industry, Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service specializes in Chinese delicacies.

There is even a vegetarian option that features a nine-course Prosperity Party Set menu consisting of dishes, such as Signature Bun with Braised Meat.

The menu also features premium dishes, such as Fish Maw Treasure Pot, Abalone Pan Cai Treasures and Fresh Whole Red Snapper.

For those looking for a unique touch to your yu sheng, you might want to consider its Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng at just S$48/platter, which comes in various auspicious idioms to usher in the Lunar New Year.

3) Xin Yi Pin Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Xin-Yi-Pin-Catering-Pte-Ltd/

Xin Yi Pin specializes in local Asian and contemporary regional delicacies at value-for-money prices. All it's Chinese New Year buffet menus come with yusheng and a choice of 10 or 11 courses.

For example, its 10-course Longevity Menu A is priced at S$16.80/pax and includes appetizing dishes, such as Oven Baked Honey Drumlet and Golden Prawns W Fragrance Oat.

If your party is smaller and you order their Mini CNY Buffet Menus, you can look forward to free delivery on the eve of Chinese New Year!

4) ECreative Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/ECreative-Catering-Pte-Ltd/

Usher in the new year with ECreative Catering‘s Joyous Reunion Set that includes Sheng too

For just S$268/per set, eight to 10 people will get to savor scrumptious Chinese delights, such as Fa Cai Yu Sheng with Salmon, Salted Egg Chicken and Oriental Fried Rice W Seafood.

Packed in disposable containers with cutlery provided, end the meal off with their classic Homemade Mango Pudding, which is authentic, sweet, and promises to be a crowd favourite.

5) FattyDaddyFattyMummy

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Image retrieved from https://www.justdelegate.co/vendor/singapore/food-beverage-buffets/fattydaddyfattymummy

For just $13.99/pax, FattyDaddyFattyMummy‘s  price for its Prosperity CNY Menu is a good steal!

Indulge in classics such as their Signature Nonya Curry ChickenChinese Sausage Fried Rice and their popular King of Pork Rib. You’ll also get to pick between finger-licking options, such as Ngoh Hiang Ball and Japanese Breaded Prawns.

6) 338 Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.338catering.com.sg/

For a delicious nine-course menu, dig into 338 Catering‘s CNY Mini Buffet A, which gives you the luxury of choice between popular dishes, such as Rice w/Chinese Sausage & Mushroom and Fried Mee Hoon w/ Pork Trotter Sauce.

Though its CNY Mini Buffet A does not come with yusheng, it does include other mouthwatering delights, such as Deep Fried Yam Roll, 338 Curry Chicken, and Shanghai Green w/White King Mushroom.

7) Select Catering

Image retrieved from https://www.selectcatering.com.sg/promotions/?prid=31

Select Catering‘s Prosperity Reunion Mini Buffet which is priced at just S$22.80/ per pax, comes with nine dishes that include Prosperity Imperial Abalone Platter “Yu Sheng”Fortune Royal Thai Pacific Dory Fillet and Prosperous Salted Egg Yolk Prawn in Nest. 

Do also look out for other popular catering menus, such as their Blossom Feast Buffet at just $21.80/pax,  and the value-for-money Joyous Reunion Mini Buffet that is priced at only $18.80/pax.

8) Curry Pot

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Curry-Pot/

Starting from S$18.88/ for a nine-course meal and one drink, expect dishes such as Baked Red Snapper Loin with Mango Yuzu Sauce and their popular Braised Treasure Ee Fu Noodle with Wild Mushroom.

9) East West Fusion

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/East-West-Fusion/

Providing quality food and reliable buffet catering services, East West Fusion ‘s CNY Mini Buffet Package at just $248.80/set caters for a small group of about eight to ten people. Included in the buffet package is an eight-course meal with yusheng, and an option of having king top shell or smoked salmon.

Highlights on its menu include Yam And Mushroom Rice and East West Signature Curry Chicken With Potato, amongst many others. 

10) Makan Mate

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Image retrieved from https://singapore.global-free-classified-ads.com/listings/makan-mate-catering-services-it12396058.html

If you’re going to host some Muslim guests at your Chinese New Year party, then you might want to check out this caterer!

Rated as a must-try caterer on FoodLine, Makan Mate is a popular halal caterer, doling out value-for-money packages as well as delectable dishes.

Try their Happiness Delight menu that’s priced at just $19.80/pax and includes the Abundant Wealth Smoked Salmon “Yu Sheng”.

With a full buffet and cutlery setup, you’ll be sure to enjoy your reunion dinner gathering fuss-free.

11) BellyGood By TungLok

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Image retrieved from http://www.bellygood.com.sg/menu/mini-party-set

Another one for smaller parties that do not require huge buffet setups, check out BellyGood by TungLok’s Mini Party Set going at $19.26 per pax!

While it might seem pricy for some, consider the fact that this is part of the TungLok group; where you know that the quality of catered food that you’ll be receiving is assured.

The curry chicken is one of their best sellers, so don’t miss out on that this Chinese New Year!

12) Neo Garden Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.neogarden.com.sg/menus/regular-menu.html

No stranger to Singaporeans, Neo Garden Catering provides consistent high-quality catering services since the early 90s. It has won numerous awards and is regarded as the number one event caterer in Singapore.

This year, their well-loved Chinese New Year catering menus cater to both smaller families (minimum of eight pax), and bigger families (minimum of 80 pax).

Each catering menu features eight to nine luscious dishes, including popular items such as Har Lok Prawn, Sichuan Crispy Fish, and Auspicious Treasure Pot. Don’t forget to order their smooth and creamy Yam Paste With Gingko Nut dessert, which is bound to please the elderly at home!

13) Orange Clove Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.orangeclove.com.sg/menus

Although best known as one of the best corporate caterers in town, Orange Clove Catering also offers buffets fit for Chinese New Year!

Looking to serve a small group of 10 guests? Check out their mini buffets featuring their crowd-pleasing Signature Curry Chicken, Assorted Nonya Kueh and Sea Cucumber Duck. Conversely, larger families can choose from a wider range of menus with new flavors like DIY Korean Spicy Chicken with Bun Platter; simply creative!

This is a bonus for you if you’re a fan of Peranakan flavors; treat your family to their Baba’s Favourites or Nonya Indulgence menu with delights such as Nyonya Beef Rendang and Signature Ayam Buah Keluak this Chinese New Year!

14) Nature Vegetarian Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.naturevegedelights.com.sg/catering/

Give the gift of health this season! On Chinese New Year, indulge with your loved ones in a healthy feast with Nature Vegetarian Catering! Whether you’re a vegetarian or someone who’s looking for a healthier option, eating vegetarian is a great way to kickstart the Lunar New Year healthy.

Committed to delivering a wide range of quality vegetarian delicacies, Nature Vegetarian Catering’s Chinese New Year Catering menu caters to  a minimum of 20 pax and above, featuring popular vegetarian dishes such as Yi Fu Noodles, Abalone with Vegetables, Fried Golden Spring Roll and Sweet & Sour Ribs. You can even order a vegetarian Yu Sheng as an add-on!

15) YLS Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.thebestsingapore.com/best-place/yls-catering/

You know you’re in good hands when it comes to YLS Catering because they will go the extra mile to meet individual customer requests and needs. It’s no wonder so many customers left satisfactory reviews for YLS Catering!

When ordering from YLS Catering’s Chinese New Year Catering menu,  it’s a must to try their local delights such as Braised Pork with Bun, Sliced Fish with Cereal as well as Deep Fried Ngo Hiang! Don’t miss out on the creamy Yam Paste with Coconut Milk that’s bound to be a popular dessert of the night!

16) MEGU Catering Concepts

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Image retrieved from https://megu.com.sg/gallery/the-ahava-showcase/

Delivering a personal and dedicated catering service, dig into buffet spreads from MEGU Catering Concepts this Chinese New Year and feel the warmth!

Ready to indulge? Their Chinese New Year catering menus 2020 are inspired by modern Japanese-Chinese cuisine. Smaller families can opt for the Chinese New Year party set menus that come with a Happiness Cold Platter, Shoyu Sesame & Ginger Sous Vide Chicken and Chawanmushi on top of other piquant goodness! Enjoy a complimentary Party Set Box (contains cutleries and even red packets) with every party set order!

Larger families of at least 30 pax can choose from three different menus, featuring irresistible dishes like Char-grilled Prawns with Shoyu Aioli, Soy Braised Nasu & Beancurd and Oriental Mushrooms with Japanese Pearl Rice! The menus also feature three mouth-watering Yu Sheng varieties including Smoked Duck, Smoked Salmon and Pineapple!

17) Purple Sage

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Image retrieved from https://www.hitchbird.com/wedding-catering/singapore/singapore/purple-sage

Being a boutique food service company, Purple Sage caters to all home, corporate, and wedding events. What makes them special is that they have their very own in-house florist who adorns your buffet spreads with the loveliest flowers and garlands.

Their standard buffet menus include Western, Chinese and Fusion cuisines, while their special menus offer kid’s party spreads and chargrill buffets.

So for Chinese New Year 2020, why not try going for an international buffet spread instead of just sticking to Chinese dishes?

18) Mum’s Kitchen Catering

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Image retrieved from https://classifieds.singaporeexpats.com/showproduct.php/product/273911

Mum’s Kitchen promises to serve the freshest food of the highest quality for any occasion, be it big or small, formal or informal.

They boast local, International, Western, Halal and even Fusion cuisines, and their specialties include satay, mee siam, laksa, curry chicken, chilli crab, seafood quesadillas and barbeque roast leg-of-lamb; perfect options for a versatile buffet spread!

19) Savis Food

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Savis-Food/

Check out Savis Food if you want a combination of Western and Chinese food.

With dishes including Fish with Mornay Sauce, Korean Sweet Chicken Wings and Oriental Fried rice, this catered spread will be great for Chinese New Year parties with plenty of guests who have different tastes.

It might be a little pricy at $17.90 (inclusive of GST) since there’s only 7 food items included, but the quality of the food makes up for it.

20) Ronnie Kitchen

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Image retrieved from http://www.ronniekitchen.com.sg/menu/

If you’re looking for a buffet spread that’s worth every single cent, then check out Ronnie Kitchen!

Going at just $11.56/pax, their buffet items include duck, prawns, and squid in addition to the normal items already available for buffet.

Highly recommended for gatherings with relatives who are adamant on only eating Chinese food.

21) Jai Siam

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Image retrieved from https://www.caterspot.sg/caterers/jai-siam

Thai food for you?

If you’re looking to spice up your Chinese New Year buffet spread by incorporating some Thai dishes, then check out Jai Siam!

Five dishes are pre-selected, including Mango Salad that is one of their best dishes, so your other five choices are limited to the green curry, tom yum soup, rice, fish and dessert categories, but at just $18 (inclusive of GST), the all Thai buffet is a pretty enticing offer!

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