15 Best Craft Workshops In Singapore [2023]

Craft Workshop Singapore

Craft Workshop Singapore
Craft Workshop Singapore

Participating in crafting activities in Singapore can be a great way to build team relationships and cultivate unity. Such team building activities in Singapore encourage collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills that can be used on the job.

By engaging in craft workshops, teams can become more mindful of each other’s ideas and opinions, which leads to greater trust and enhanced communication among members of the group.

Craft workshops in Singapore have the added benefit of being enjoyable while also developing strong bonds that help make any team more effective.

Singapore is an incomparable destination for crafters of all levels and experience. With a plethora of craft classes and workshops, it may be difficult to select one that suits you best.

To make your search easier for your next team building in Singapore, we have curated the most superb crafting workshops in Singapore – allowing you to dive into the vibrant arts culture!

Benefits of Craft Workshop

  • Boosts Creativity: Being exposed to new techniques and ideas, which is a guaranteed experience in a craft workshop, can help generate fresh ones through stimulation. This new wave of creativity can enhance your problem-solving skills and become helpful in other domains of life.
  • Develops Focus and Patience: Completing a craftwork requires a certain level of commitment, persistence, and resilience which require focus and patience to develop. By participating in craft workshops, you can develop these skills which can be beneficial in many areas of life.
  • Socializing and Networking: When participating in a crafting activity or workshop, you get the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you. Not only would this lead to networking opportunities, but it could also ignite new friendships, and you could learn from others.
  • Improves Mental Health: Engaging in crafting has positive impact on mental health, reducing anxiety, stress and alleviating depression. It provides a sense of accomplishment and boosts mood, contributing to better mental health.
  • Increases Self-Esteem: Crafting is a tangible way of creating something that makes you feel a sense of pride and joy, contributing to increased self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

Best Craft Workshop Singapore

Creative Workshops

1. Gel Candle Making Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/candle-making-workshop/

Open the door to unlimited creative possibilities and create a custom gel candle as part of your team – it’s an ideal way to bond with your colleagues! Experiment with different inserts, step up your candle-making skills, and take home a special memento that stands for all the fun you experienced while crafting something truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Leather Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/leather-workshop/

Unlock the secrets of hand-stitching leather, and join us in our Stitched Leather Workshop! We’ll supply all the tools you need while guiding you along each step. Make your own card holder that will last a lifetime – but don’t wait too long as seating is limited. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your skillset – reserve yours today!

3. Cooking Class

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/cooking-class/

Transform your team-building session with a sensational Singaporean cooking experience! Our classes will provide you and the group an unforgettable flavor voyage, permitting each colleague to embody their internal chef. Cook local favorites that are bound to make everyone crave more of this amazing cuisine! The culinary quest has begun – let’s get started!

4. Neon Art Jamming Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

Illuminate your evening with our fascinating fluorescent neon paints and tools! Our Art Jamming session is one of a kind. Shake off all the stress from your day by designing an electric masterpiece that glows in the dark! Everything you need to craft an astonishing artwork is supplied – simply reserve your spot now and get ready for a remarkable experience unlike any other.

5. Balloon Sculpting

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/balloon-sculpting/

Unlock your creative potential and embark on a remarkable journey with FunEmpire’s Balloon Sculpting Workshop! It is an enjoyable activity for anyone, where you will discover the secrets to crafting beautiful shapes such as butterflies, flowers or even pirate swords. Our professional instructors are always ready to assist in guiding participants throughout the workshop – all materials needed are also provided by us. With its perfect fit into any team-building activities and birthday parties, seize this chance now to expand your horizon of imagination!

6. Canvas Art Jamming Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

Unlock your creative side with FunEmpire! Our wonderful Art Jamming session offers an enjoyable and stress-free experience for friends, family members or colleagues. We provide all the essentials you need to have a successful painting event – no prior artistic knowledge required! Don’t miss out on this special chance to unleash creativity and create something meaningful that will last forever!

7. Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

Are you looking for something extraordinary? Then FunEmpire’s Art Jamming is your answer! With just the power of your imagination and all supplies provided, crafting a unique tote bag becomes an effortless experience. Even those without any art background can still join in on this creative journey – so why not embark today by letting yourself express freely!

8. Clay Making Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/clay-making-workshop/

Are you intrigued by the tantalizing dishes served in fine dining restaurants? Quench your curiosity and learn how to craft these intricate food figures with clay, right here in this class! With no prior experience required, even beginners can easily master the step-by-step process. Perfect for individuals or teams alike—regardless of age group—this activity promises an enjoyable experience sure to stimulate everyone’s creative potential. Join us now and find out what culinary wonders await you!

9. Perfume Making Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/perfume-workshop/

According to the saying, scent is a key indicator of personality. In our workshop, we offer you the opportunity to create your own signature aroma through combining various scents! This team exercise not only brings out each other’s olfactory preferences but also encourages fun and camaraderie among all participants. After this enriching experience concludes, everybody can bring home with them their very own made-from-scratch fragrance – making it an unforgettable reminder that will last for years and years!

10. Terrarium Workshop

Where to Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/terrarium/

Ignite your creative spirit and make an impact on the environment by joining Terrarium Singapore’s workshop! Our experienced instructors have designed a custom-made program to ensure learning is fun, engaging, and gives you practical experience. Put together a miniature forest that can be yours or someone else’s gift today – there isn’t any better way of expressing how much you care for them! Register now so you can begin making something unique with terrariums!

Virtual Workshops

11. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-clay-workshop/

Are you looking for a creative and engaging team-building activity? Why not make your own unique keepsakes or clay figurines! Our top-notch air dry clay offers the chance to design projects without any worry of toxicity or weight. It’s more than just enjoying some fun – it also gives you the opportunity to give special gifts that are custom made with love to those near and dear.

12. Virtual Art Jamming

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-art-jamming/

Unleash your creativity and explore the world of art with our stimulating painting workshop. We provide a plethora of materials such as canvases, tote bags, acrylic paints, pencils, and erasers – all you need to create an exquisite masterpiece! Our expert facilitators will guide you every step along the way and even teach you about color mixing theory during this online session. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to transform ordinary surfaces into something spectacular – join us today!

13. Virtual Terrarium

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-terrarium/

Unlock your creativity with FunEmpire’s Terrarium Home Kit – an award-winning workshop delivered to you! Our kit contains all the required materials, plus a delightful figurine, for constructing your own miniature garden. Not merely is it an enjoyable and unique craft activity to do with family or co-workers, but our experienced professionals will also supply theoretical and practical instruction on terrarium development from the comfort of home. Design a personal mini-garden that will bring much delight as well as create indelible memories!

14. Virtual Leather Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-leather-workshop/

Unlock your creative potential and discover the art of leather crafting with our reasonably priced starter kit! Before you begin this amazing team-building experience, each person will receive all essential materials. Our knowledgeable instructor will then go on to enlighten you about different types of leather as well as upkeep basics. You’ll have a chance to show off what you’ve learned by creating personalized items like key fobs or coin pouches. Revel in pride at having made something that is both practical and special – only here with us!

15. Virtual Candle Making Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-candle-making-workshop/

Harness your creativity and unite with your team in the FunEmpire Virtual Candle Making Workshop! Our customized home kit offers all of the necessary materials to construct a captivating, aromatic soy candle along with an exquisite figurine. Seize this exceptional opportunity to foster solidarity and fortify collaboration between colleagues – partake in one of Singapore’s leading corporate activities today!

Craft Workshop Singapore

Are you searching for the perfect activity for your next team building in Singapore? Look no further than FunEmpire in Singapore!

This vibrant city provides an abundance of art and culture – from virtual terrariums to candle-making, leather crafting and perfumery – with workshop activities as great as these, it’s sure to unlock hidden potential.

Our qualified facilitators coupled with high quality materials ensure an experience like no other for all participants involved! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore Singapore through our craft workshops today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Craft Workshops In Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Craft Workshops In Singapore below:

What do I need to bring with me to a craft workshop in Singapore?

The requirements may vary depending on the workshop you want to attend. However, in general, you may be required to bring your own crafting tools, materials or equipment such as scissors, glue, colored pencils, notebooks, or any other tool/material requested by the workshop organizers. It’s always best to check the workshop requirements or reach out to the organizers beforehand to be sure.

What are the various types of craft workshops available in Singapore that you can attend?

Singapore offers numerous types of craft workshops ranging from painting, pottery, embroidery or cross-stitch, jewelry making, leather, and paper crafting to name a few. There are even workshops that combine different techniques or art forms. To explore the various options, you can check out social media platforms, events listings or simply search online.

Is prior experience a requirement to attend a craft workshop in Singapore, or can a beginner attend the workshop?

Most craft workshops in Singapore are beginner-friendly, and do not require any prior experience. Even if the workshop caters to intermediate or advanced level attendees, it will usually be indicated in the workshop description or title, giving you a good idea of what to expect.

How much does it cost to participate in craft workshops in Singapore, and are there any hidden fees?

The cost of attending a craft workshop in Singapore can vary depending on the type of workshop and duration of the course, ranging anywhere from $30 to $300 or more. Hidden fees are not usual but it is advisable to check with the organizers at the point of registration.

What is the minimum or maximum age requirement to attend craft workshops offered in Singapore?

The minimum or maximum age requirement differs between craft workshops in Singapore. Some workshops may welcome children as young as five, while others may set their minimum age requirement to 13,16 or 18 years old. This information is usually displayed in the workshop details. Once again, it’s always best to double-check with the workshop organizers if you’re unsure.

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