20 Best Team Activities In Singapore [2023]

Team Activities Singapore

Best Team Activities Singapore
Best Team Activities Singapore

Singapore is a bustling city with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. For teams looking for an exciting and unique team building Singapore experience, there are many great options available in Singapore.

From scavenger hunts to obstacle courses, these team activities in Singapore will help you build camaraderie and trust among your group while having loads of fun. They’re also great options as team building activities in Singapore.

Whether it’s a corporate event or just a day out with friends, these activities have something for everyone—from adrenaline-filled experiences like archery tag, virtual reality games, and escape rooms to more laidback events such as beer tasting workshops and movie marathons.

So if you’re looking for new ways to bond with your colleagues or friends, try one of the best team activities in Singapore!

The Advantages Of Team Activities In Singapore

Team Building

One of the main advantages of team activities in Singapore is that they enable people to bond and form relationships while having fun. These activities provide an opportunity for teams to get to know each other better, build trust, and develop stronger connections with one another.

Improved Communication

Team activities encourage more effective communication between members by forcing them out of their comfort zones and working on tasks together as a group. Through collaboration and problem-solving, team members learn how to communicate more effectively, which can help improve overall productivity within the company or organization.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Working together in innovative ways leads to increased creativity and innovation among team members as well as better solutions for any given task or project. By getting outside of their comfort zones, participants are able to think creatively about issues, come up with new ideas, challenge existing assumptions, try different approaches algorithms or even brainstorm entirely new strategies!

Increased Motivation and Productivity

Doing something enjoyable that also has real-life benefits helps motivate employees by distracting them from day-to-day monotony while still allowing them time away from work focused on relaxation and socializing with others who may have similar interests—all of which can lead to increased motivation and productivity when they return to the office.

Key Considerations Factors

  • Cost: The costs of team activities vary greatly depending on the type and size of the event. Check to see what’s covered in the cost, such as venue fees, materials and equipment, or food and beverages.
  • Location: Be sure to choose an activity location that’s easily accessible and has adequate space for your group size. Some activities can be done indoors or outdoors, so you may also want to consider this when choosing a location.
  • Safety: Ensure that your team activities are conducted in a safe environment with qualified facilitators who know how to handle any potential risks involved with the activity.
  • Team Size: Different types of team activities may have different requirements when it comes to size. Make sure the activity is right for the size of your team, especially if it involves physical activity.
  • Adaptability: Look for activities that can be adapted to suit your particular group dynamics. This way, everyone will feel comfortable participating no matter their skill level or personality type.
  • Variety: Choose an activity that offers variety to keep things interesting and encourage engagement from all participants. Offering multiple options can help create an exciting atmosphere that encourages teamwork and communication among participants.

Best Team Activities Singapore

Adventure Activities

1. Bubble Soccer

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/bubble-soccer/

Bubble soccer is a cutting-edge sport that FunEmpire, a Singapore-based company, provides. It’s perfect for those who want to have fun while also improving their communication and problem-solving skills. In order to play, players must inflate a bubble and use it to maneuver about the field and score goals. Physically taxing and intense, bubble soccer stresses the need of teamwork. Your next online event will be remembered for its friendly competitiveness and humorous pranks thanks to Bubble Soccer.

2. Ninja Tag

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/ninja-tag/

Do you want to do something enjoyable and different in Singapore? On FunEmpire, Ninja Tag is all you need to look at! Teams must rely on their quick thinking, athletic prowess, and problem-solving skills to win this fast-paced competition. Participants try to go through an obstacle course without being tagged by the other squad. To up the ante, each participant is equipped with sensors that will sound an alarm if they are tagged. This action-packed game promotes teamwork and instills vital communication skills. Join FunEmpire right now to play Ninja Tag with us!

3. Combat Archery Tag

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/combat-archery-tag/

On FunEmpire, a unique game called Combat Archery Tag allows players to engage in intense combat while honing their archery abilities. This game, which combines dodgeball, paintball, and archery, has increased in popularity among Singaporeans of all ages. To win this activity, teams must collaborate and make wise judgments. The object of Combat Archery Tag is for each team member to tag opponents on the other team using their bow and arrow set. Players must learn how to fire arrows precisely and know when and where to shoot in order to be as successful as possible. To prevail in this ferocious battle, teams must correctly coordinate their efforts!

4. Laser Tag

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/laser-tag/

One of the distinctive activities at FunEmpire is laser tag. It is perfect for promoting interaction and cooperation among team members as they work to accomplish their goals. Modern laser guns, vests, and other equipment are required for laser tag. Afterwards, players are instructed to walk around the designated space or location while dodging enemy strikes and creeping up on other teams. Adults and kids may make friends and have fun together in the safe but intensive environment.

5. Poolball

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/poolball/

FunEmpire offers the entertaining and thrilling game of poolball in Singapore. It’s perfect for students who want to improve their ability to communicate and solve problems in a fun and competitive environment. To attack and defend their own goals in pool, teams must use strategy and collaboration. The most effective teams will blend tactical knowledge, individual skill, and strategic planning. Poolball is fun for people of all ages and skill levels, making it a great way to meet new people at work.

Leisure Activities

6. Bowling

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/bowling/

Neon bowling is a fun and unusual twist on the conventional game of bowling! When you strive to knock down as many pins as you can for the highest score, the glowing pins light up in a variety of mesmerizing colors. Despite its out-of-this-world location, it’s still just plain old bowling – just without the blinding lights! If your next corporate team bonding event is in Singapore, why not try out a few different forms of team bonding games? It will not only be a fun method to engage with colleagues, but it will also assist establish communication and enhance trust across teams.

7. Giant Board Games

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/giant-board-games/

Giant Board Games is the answer if you want to enjoy your favorite childhood games in a larger and bolder version. Our one-of-a-kind collection includes life-sized reproductions of popular board games such as Jenga, Pick Up Sticks, Connect Four, and Snakes & Ladders, ensuring interactive fun with friends or colleagues! Giant Board Games SG has you covered when it comes to icebreaker activities!

8. Yacht Rental

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/yacht-rental/

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind place to commemorate major life events? Chartering a boat in Singapore is the best option. Select a cruise that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a more intimate anniversary celebration or proposal night. Renting a boat has become one of the most popular methods to create a memorable occasion that both you and your significant other will remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Virtual Games

9. Virtual Super Planet

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-escape-room/

Virtual Super Planet is a virtual activity offered by FunEmpire in Singapore. Teams in this game must cooperate to find clues and solve puzzles. When the world was destroyed, no one can remember what it was like before. You have always been aware that people exist on several planets. At least, you thought you did until she showed up in your dream and showed you your hidden talents. Find other heroes and seek their advice on how to repair the planet.

10. Virtual Escape Room

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-escape-room/

Singaporeans may participate in virtual escape room team-building activities with FunEmpire. People participate in this sort of behavior when they play online games that need interaction in order to progress. As a consequence, team members may have a better understanding of one another, their positions within the company, as well as the values, opinions, and viewpoints of other team members. People will require technology, such as laptops or phones with an internet connection, to participate in this event. To ensure that their assignment is finished on time, teams must plan ahead.

11. Virtual Amazing Race

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-amazing-race/

To encourage cooperation among Singaporeans, FunEmpire offers a digital Amazing Race competition. Teams work together to find clues and respond to questions in this group exercise. Employees may learn about one another’s cultures, values, and points of view while also becoming familiar with the company’s policies and procedures. Each group must have internet-capable devices, such as laptops or smartphones. To guarantee that all tasks are performed on time, teams must plan ahead.

12. Hybrid Amazing Race

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/hybrid-amazing-race/

“Hybrid Amazing Race” is a virtual activity offered by FunEmpire in Singapore. In order to obtain answers, crack riddles, and figure out how to win, players must cooperate. The customs and traditions of other people, as well as their social positions, may be taught to participants. In order to play the game, players need to be able to connect to the internet on portable devices like laptops and smartphones. Teams must plan ahead to accomplish tasks on schedule. The Amazing Race mash-up is a great opportunity for colleagues to get to know one another, have fun, and pick up new skills.

13. Virtual Mayday

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-escape-room/

FunEmpire offers virtual team-building exercises in Singapore. One of them is referred to as “Virtual Mayday.” Teams participate in this activity by working together to decipher clues and solve riddles. The objective is to better understand one another’s cultures, values, and occupations. A naturalist named Louis is trapped on a remote island. Your squad must aid Captain Roger in this rescue operation so that Louis may return safely with his vital research. Time is running out as a cyclone approaches the island, and Louis and I have lost all contact.

Quest Activities

14. Amazing Race

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/amazing-race/

Are you looking for a fun way to bond with your team? Join us in Singapore for this fascinating tour! As you move through the different checkpoints, you and your teammates will need to think outside the box to get past the special obstacles. You may go to the next checkpoint only after finishing each mission. This is the best way for teams to bond while having fun!

15. Escape Room

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/escape-room/

The award-winning program from FunEmpire has gone digital! Thanks to cutting-edge technology, participants may now complete assignments from the convenience of their homes. This online game is a great way for you and your friends, family, or colleagues to test out your problem-solving and communication skills while having fun. So why not give it a try? It’s a fantastic team-building activity for any future event!

Virtual Workshops

16. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-terrarium/

With FunEmpire’s Virtual Terrarium Workshop, creating great things as a group is easier than ever. In this session, participants will learn how to build a terrarium, including how to choose suitable plants and arrange them in an appealing way. We will give each group a brief overview of the tools and techniques utilized before assisting them in selecting the plants, soil, stones, and other accents for their own terrariums. By examining the relationships between plants and their environment, teams may become more adept at creating things.

17. Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-art-jamming/

Canvas Bag Paintings in a Virtual Reality Setting FunEmpire in Singapore provides the entertaining virtual team-building activity “Jamming.” In this practical session, students create works of art on canvas tote bags. We’ll start by talking about the basics of painting on canvas, like how to mix colors, use different brushes, and make compositions that look good. After learning how to use the tools and resources at their disposal, teams may start developing their ideas. Teams can use any combination of colors and materials to show how unique and creative they are. Participants will then be given detailed instructions on how to place their artwork into canvas tote bags.

18. Virtual Canvas Art Jamming

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-art-jamming/

Virtual Canvas Art Jamming by FunEmpire is a distinctive and entertaining online activity. During this session, groups of people work together to make art on huge canvases. The basics of color theory, brushwork, and composition, to mention a few, will be taught in this course. Once they feel comfortable with the tools they have, each group will be able to make a unique canvas design. Teams may choose from a wide range of supplies and methods to produce a one-of-a-kind work of art.

19. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-clay-workshop/

Teams may engage and create together with the help of FunEmpire’s Virtual Clay Making Workshop. Since it enables users to create and shape their own clay sculptures, this session is one of the most well-liked online activities. After a quick lesson on the principles of pottery, everyone will be free to make their own masterpieces. The students will create distinctive works of art by using molds, stamps, and glazes. You don’t need to bring anything else since FunEmpire offers all you need for this activity. Teams have the option of taking their finished sculptures home or having them delivered to their addresses.

20. Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop

Where To Bookwww.funempire.com/sg/virtual-leather-workshop/

FunEmpire in Singapore is a virtual activity provider that offers the Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop. This unique curriculum teaches participants everything from proper leather handling to product creation. Students will learn how to use professional equipment including rivets, waxed linen thread, and various kinds of leather. During the course, students will work together in groups to improve their leatherworking skills and make beautiful, one-of-a-kind items. After the class, participants may take their creations home.

Team Activities Singapore

Singapore has a lot of team-building activities that are sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re looking for something physical and intense like Bubble Soccer, Ninja Tag or Combat Archery Tag, or something more relaxed like Laser Tag and Poolball, there is certainly a perfect activity for your group in Singapore! These activities will not only help promote interaction and cooperation among team members but also allow them to hone their communication skills while having fun. So if you’re looking for the best Team Activities in Singapore, look no further than FunEmpire’s selection. With such a variety of exciting options available, it’s easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Team Activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Team Activities in Singapore below:

What are the most popular team activities in Singapore?

Popular team activities in Singapore include Bubble Soccer, Ninja Tag, Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag and Poolball. Each activity promotes interaction and cooperation as teams work together to accomplish their goals. Additionally, they allow participants to hone their communication skills while having fun!

How do I choose an activity that’s right for my group?

When choosing a team activity, it is important to consider the size of your group and what kind of experience you would like them to have. For large groups who enjoy physical activities, Bubble soccer or Ninja Tag may be the best choice. On the other hand, if your group enjoys more relaxed games such as puzzles or board games, then laser tag or poolball would be ideal. Furthermore, make sure you take into account any special requirements, such as age restrictions and equipment needed for each game, before making a decision.

Are there any safety rules for these outdoor Team Activities in Singapore?

Yes – all outdoor activities should adhere to government regulations regarding social distancing measures during COVID-19 pandemic times including maintaining at least 1 metre distance between players (where feasible) avoiding contact with others (where possible) and using personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves and other necessary items. Additionally, FunEmpire ensures that all outdoor activities are undertaken with the utmost care and attention to ensure the safety of all participants.

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