12 Best Camera Shops Singapore [2024]

Camera Shops Singapore

Best Camera Shops Singapore

In the vibrant city of Singapore, photography enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to camera shops.

The best bakeries for birthday cakes in Singapore include SLR Revolution, Alex Photo, Cathay Photo Store, Divesea Singapore, and 7DayDeal.

When selecting a camera store in Singapore, take into account aspects like the variety of products available, the quality of customer service, pricing, and the level of after-sales support.

Camera shops in Singapore are famous for their wide range of photography equipment, competitive prices, great customer service, and strong after-sales support. Perfect for both amateur and professional photographers!

Read on to discover the top camera shops in Singapore you should visit.

Quick Summary

  • Best bakeries for birthday cakes in Singapore include SLR Revolution, Alex Photo, Cathay Photo Store, Divesea Singapore, and 7DayDeal.
  • When choosing a camera shop in Singapore, consider factors such as product range, customer service, pricing, and after-sales support.
  • Camera shops in Singapore are renowned for their extensive selection of photography equipment, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and robust after-sales support, making them a top choice for both budding and professional photographers.

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing a camera shop in Singapore, make sure to consider these important factors:

  • Product range: Look for a store that offers a wide variety of products ranging from cameras, lenses, and accessories to cater to all your photography needs.
  • Customer service: A good camera shop should have knowledgeable staff who can provide helpful advice and assistance in choosing the right equipment for your specific needs.
  • Pricing: While it’s important to find competitive prices, remember that quality often comes at a price, so don’t be swayed by extremely low prices that could indicate subpar products.
  • After-sales support: A reliable camera shop should offer strong after-sales support such as repair services, warranty options, and technical assistance to ensure your equipment stays in top condition.

Best Camera Shops Singapore

1) P&G Photographic Centre

P&G Photographic Centre - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: P&G Photographic Centre)
Key ServicesOne-stop photography store
AddressThe Adelphi
1 Coleman Street,
B1-04, The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803
Operating HoursMon to Sat from 11.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

The P&G Photographic Centre is well-known for being a top-notch retail destination that caters to the needs of professional photographers. They offer an extensive and up-to-date range of photography gear, including a diverse selection of cameras and lenses. In addition, they provide exceptional camera repair and lens repair services to ensure that your equipment is always in optimal condition.

What sets the P&G Photographic Centre apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. They go above and beyond by offering complimentary equipment checks and assessments, allowing you to seek assistance and guidance if you encounter any issues with your gear.

Their experienced technicians are available to help with any camera or lens problems you may have, ensuring that you can continue capturing stunning images without any obstacles.

2) Cathay Photo Store

Cathay Photo Store - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Cathay Photo Store)
Key ServicesProduction cameras
Address111 North Bridge Road Peninsula Plaza #01-04 to 08 / 11 to 14, Singapore 179098
Phone+65 63374274
Operating HoursWeekdays and Saturday: 11am–7pm

Immerse yourself in the legendary Cathay Photo Store, a haven for photography enthusiasts since the early 1980s. Whether you’re a casual shutterbug refining your skills or a seasoned pro, they have you covered with a diverse range of top-notch products from renowned brands.

Uncover a treasure trove of cameras, including cine cameras, instant cameras, VR and 360° video cameras, action cameras, and more. From Sony camera to DJI Innovations to GoPro, their lineup is truly impressive.

But the offerings don’t end there. Cathay Photo Store also provides an assortment of products such as binoculars, night vision equipment, and remote controls for your photographic adventures. And guess what? They even offer convenient delivery services, making your shopping experience a breeze.

Elevate your photography game and explore endless possibilities at Cathay Photo Store.

3) SLR Revolution

SLR Revolution - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: SLR Revolution)
Key ServicesPremium camera brand quality
AddressNo. 5 Coleman Street, #01-02. Excelsior Shopping Centre, Singapore 179805
Operating HoursWeekdays and Saturday: 11am – 9pm , Sun & PH : 11am – 7.30pm

If you’re looking for products from these renowned firms, then let me tell you, this camera store in Singapore is the ultimate destination for you!

They offer a wide range of options, including point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs, studio lighting accessories, and even headphones and speakers. With such a diverse selection, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your specific needs and preferences.

So why wait? Visit this remarkable store and embark on an exciting journey of discovering the finest camera gear in town!

4) Alan Photo

Alan Photo - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Alan Photo)
Key ServicesHigh quality cameras
Operating HoursContact for more information

Alan Photo is renowned as one of Singapore’s most reputable camera shops, with multiple conveniently located outlets across the city. They offer a wide range of cameras and accessories, catering to photographers and videographers of all skill levels. Their top-notch equipment is available at affordable prices.

In addition to their extensive product selection, Alan Photo also offers a convenient pre-order service for newly released camera gear, ensuring customers stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements. To further enhance photography skills, the company organizes engaging and informative photo workshops led by experienced professional photographers. These workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn from the best and improve knowledge and techniques in the art of photography.

With their dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to fostering a vibrant photography community, Alan Photo remains a trusted destination for camera enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

5) Divesea Singapore

Divesea Singapore - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Divesea Singapore)
Key ServicesUnderwater photography equipment
Address90 Lorong 23 Geylang #01-03 Agrow Building, Singapore 388393
Phone+65 6957 1151
Operating Hours12pm-5pm daily

If you have a passion for underwater photography, look no further than Divesea. As Singapore’s leading online retailer for underwater photography equipment, it serves customers both locally and internationally. With a diverse selection of products and accessories, Divesea is dedicated to meeting all your undersea requirements.

Divesea’s business philosophy revolves around the unwavering commitment to offer affordable, high-quality underwater photography equipment. Recognizing the unique needs of its customers, Divesea goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and a wide range of top-notch gear.

No matter if you’re an experienced pro or a beginner in underwater photography, Divesea has got you covered. Dive into their vast collection and set off on your next aquatic adventure with confidence, knowing you have the finest equipment by your side. Count on Divesea to provide top-quality products and exceptional service as they continue to make a splash in the world of underwater photography.

6) Click Cameras

Click Cameras - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Click Cameras)
Key ServicesHigh quality cameras

Click Cameras, a well-known camera store in Singapore, has built a solid reputation over three decades. As a family-owned business, Click Cameras values honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service. From the sales process to after-sales support, they strive to deliver the best experience. With competitive prices and a global presence, Click Cameras is a prominent player in the camera industry, both locally and worldwide.

Click Cameras stands out with its wide array of camera models, surpassing any other retailer. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional, they offer an unparalleled range of options that are rarely found elsewhere. From cutting-edge DSLRs to compact mirrorless cameras, they cater to the unique needs and preferences of every individual.

Click Cameras remains a trusted name in the industry, thanks to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and an extensive range of top-notch camera models. It continues to be a go-to destination for photographers and camera enthusiasts alike.

7) 7DayDeal

7DayDeal - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: 7DayDeal)
Key ServicesSell lifestyle and home accessories
Address35 Selegie Rd, #02-16 Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Phone9114 3265
Operating HoursMon-Sat: 12pm – 8pm 

By actively participating in every aspect of production, your project will possess a distinctive touch. In this modern era, where videos reign supreme, videographers understand the substantial effort and equipment needed for a successful shoot. It’s not merely about possessing a good camera, but also ensuring the availability of audio and editing gear. If you are seeking top-notch equipment, I suggest exploring 7DayDeal.

7DayDeal offers a carefully curated selection of brands, including popular names like Panasonic and Canon cameras that are in high demand. While it can be difficult to find accessories that perfectly match your main camera equipment, you can be confident that all products at 7DayDeal are selected to ensure compatibility with each other.

Whether you’re an experienced videographer or a beginner, 7DayDeal is the ultimate destination for high-quality equipment that will enhance the caliber of your video production.

8) TK Foto

TK Foto - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: TK Foto)
Key ServicesSpecializing in photography equipment
Address107 North Bridge Road
#03-09 Funan
Phone+65 6904 6610
Operating HoursMon to Fri 11 AM–8:30 PM
Sat to Sun 11 AM–9 PM

Established in 1977, TK Foto began as a specialized photography equipment retailer. Today, it has become a prominent destination in Singapore, with two conveniently located stores at Funan Mall and Plaza Singapura.

With a wide range of offerings, TK Foto caters to photography enthusiasts with an extensive selection of dryboxes, tripods, and other camera-related equipment. They also provide various accessories, including digital and instant cameras, to protect your valuable gear from Singapore’s humid weather conditions.

In addition to photography, TK Foto also offers audio equipment and accessories, allowing customers to explore a diverse range of speakers and Bluetooth earpieces for personal use. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, TK Foto remains a top choice for photography and audio enthusiasts.

9) Alex Photo

Alex Photo  - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Alex Photo)
Key ServicesPhotography equipment
AddressShop #01-15,
Peninsula Plaza
111 Northbridge Road
Singapore 179098
Phone+65 9478 3945
Operating HoursMon – Sat: 11:49am to 7:13pm
Sunday : 2:13pm to 6:13pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Alex Photo is dedicated to providing the best shopping experience for all their customers. Their team of friendly and knowledgeable staff excels at offering high-quality camera equipment at affordable prices.

If you find something you like at another store, make sure to check out Alex Photo first. They are likely to have exactly what you need at a reasonable price that won’t strain your budget. Their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart, guaranteeing a delightful shopping experience every time you visit their store.

10) 8StoreyTree

 8StoreyTree - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: 8StoreyTree)
Key ServicesProduction cameras
Address311A Geylang Rd, Singapore 389350
Phone+65  8333 4136 
Operating HoursWeekdays : 11am-8.30pm and Weekends: 9.30am–7pm

At first, 8storeytree dedicated its focus solely on toy cameras and rare films, making them the brand’s utmost priorities. With a limited product line, they catered to enthusiasts of obscure movies and experimental photography. However, within just two years of establishing an online presence, 8storeytree expanded its horizons and opened a physical store.

The new space has transformed into a haven for film enthusiasts and experimental photographers, reigniting the passion for shooting with analog cameras and exploring the art of Lomography. With the expansion, 8storeytree now offers an extensive range of products that extend beyond their specialty.

In addition to their diverse collection of analog cameras, they provide a wide selection of Lomography goods, photography accessories, and a variety of films to cater to every creative need.

11) eDSLRs

eDSLRs - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: eDSLRs)
Key ServicesCameras, tools, and equipment needed in photography
AddressSim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Rd, #06-02, Singapore 188504
Phone+65 9863 0868
Operating Hours11am-7pm Monday to Saturday

eDSLRs is a leading photography destination located in the vibrant city of Singapore, serving the diverse requirements of photographers. Offering a wide range of state-of-the-art cameras, top-quality equipment, and essential accessories, eDSLRs presents an extensive selection that caters to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers.

At eDSLRs, their team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals is fueled by a relentless passion for photography. They are committed to delivering top-notch solutions for all your photography, videography, and imaging needs. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in camera equipment, you can rely on their unparalleled services in terms of quality and reliability.

12) Filem

Filem - Best Camera Shops Singapore
(Credit: Filem)
Key ServicesFilm Cameras
Address80 Playfair Road, Block B #05-13H Singapore 367998
Phone+65 8686 0349
Operating HoursMonday – Tuesday: 11:30am to 7:30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday – Sunday: 11:30am to 7:30pm

Film enthusiasts will find immense joy in the opportunity to own one of these incredible cameras, available for purchase at Filem. Located in the vibrant city of Singapore, this camera store is a gateway to discovering and nurturing your passion for the timeless art of old film.

Every camera undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top quality, performance, and reliability. The presence of well-preserved vintage cameras adds a nostalgic and intriguing atmosphere, making each visit to this esteemed establishment truly memorable.

Camera Shops Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore is home to numerous camera shops, each offering distinctive and high-quality products tailored to the needs of photographers and videographers alike.

Whether you’re a professional looking for the latest gear, an enthusiast seeking vintage film cameras, or a beginner searching for affordable equipment, rest assured that there is a store that caters to your unique requirements.

These establishments not only provide a wide array of cameras and accessories but also foster a community of passionate individuals united by their love for photography.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Camera Shops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Camera Shops in Singapore below:

What are the best camera shops in Singapore?

The best bakeries for birthday cakes in Singapore include Alex Photo, Alan Photo, Cathay Photo Store, 8StoreyTree, SG camera store, and P&G Photographic Centre.

What can I do with old cameras in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are several choices available for dealing with old cameras. One option is to participate in trade-in programs offered by camera shops like 8StoreyTree, where you can swap your old camera for credit to purchase a new one. Another option is to sell your old camera either at Camera Exchange Asia or online through platforms such as Carousell.

Are expensive cameras better?

High-priced cameras typically offer advanced features and superior quality components, leading to enhanced overall performance. Nevertheless, the ideal camera for you relies on your specific requirements and preferences as a photographer. Conducting thorough research and comparing various options before buying is crucial.

Which quality of camera is best?

The performance of a camera is influenced by factors like resolution, sensor size, and lens quality. Ultimately, the ideal camera for you will be determined by your specific requirements and budget. It is advisable to test out different cameras or consult reviews before finalizing your choice.

How do I choose a budget camera?

When selecting a budget camera, it’s crucial to take into account the features and capabilities that matter most to you. Conduct thorough research, peruse reviews, and compare prices to discover the ideal match for your requirements and budget. Additionally, it may be worth considering the purchase of pre-owned or refurbished cameras from reputable vendors.

What are some popular camera accessories available at the best camera shops in Singapore?

At the best camera shops in Singapore, you can find a wide range of camera accessories such as tripods, lenses, filters, memory cards, and camera bags. These accessories enhance your photography experience and help protect your equipment while on the go.

Do the top camera shops in Singapore offer a variety of Sony cameras?

Yes, the best camera shops in Singapore have an extensive selection of Sony cameras, including the latest models. Whether you’re looking for a compact point-and-shoot camera or a high-end mirrorless camera, you’ll find a range of options to suit your needs at these stores.

Are compact cameras available at the recommended camera shops in Singapore?

Absolutely! The top camera shops in Singapore stock a variety of compact cameras that are perfect for travelers, vloggers, and casual photographers. These compact cameras offer excellent image quality and are packed with features despite their small size.

Where can I find a good selection of camera bags in Singapore?

The best camera shops in Singapore offer a diverse range of camera bags to suit different needs. Whether you need a backpack-style bag for outdoor adventures or a compact shoulder bag for everyday use, you’ll find a wide selection of camera bags at these stores to keep your equipment safe and organized.

Do the top camera shops in Singapore carry different camera models from various brands?

Yes, the recommended camera shops in Singapore stock a wide variety of camera models from renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for Canon camera, Nikon, Sony, or other popular camera brands, you’ll find an extensive range of options to choose from at these stores.

Can I find lighting equipment and other photographic accessories at the best camera shops in Singapore?

Absolutely! The top camera shops in Singapore offer a comprehensive range of photographic and videographic equipment, including lighting equipment, studio accessories, and other essentials for professional photographers and videographers. These stores cater to all your photography needs, ensuring you have the right tools to capture stunning images and videos.

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