21 Best Couple Workshops In Singapore [2024]

Couple Workshop Singapore

Best Couple Workshop Singapore
Best Couple Workshop Singapore

Singapore is a great place to attend couple workshops.

There are many different types of workshops in Singapore, from communication and relationship building to mindfulness and self-care, that can help couples strengthen their bond.

With this list of the best couple workshops in Singapore at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find something that suits both your interests and budget.

Whether it’s for fun such as attending craft workshops in Singapore or to celebrate an important milestone in your relationship journey, attending one of these workshops could make all the difference in helping you grow together as a couple!

Key Consideration Factors

Here are some things to consider when choosing a couple workshop in Singapore:

  • Program suitability: Find out about the program details and make sure it is suitable for your needs. Consider the topics covered, duration, approach, and methods used in the workshop.
  • Qualifications & experience of trainers: Check their qualifications and level of expertise to determine if they have adequate knowledge or training in couples counselling and family therapy.
  • Cost: Different workshops have different fees, so do your research and compare the prices to find one that suits you best.
  • Location: Look for a workshop in a convenient location so that it’s easier for you to attend without any hassles.
  • Reviews & testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials to get a better idea of the quality of the program and trainers. This will help you make an informed decision.

Best Couple Workshop Singapore

1) Neon Art Jamming Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

The jamming workshop provides couples with the chance to create their own neon art in a fun and creative environment. It’s an excellent opportunity to improve communication and teamwork skills while enjoying themselves. Participants will feel a sense of pride in their artwork and be motivated to continue exploring their artistic abilities.

2) Perfume Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/perfume-workshop/

In this workshop, you can blend various aromas to produce a personalized fragrance that reflects your personality. Your scent choices can provide insight into your character, as the saying goes. This couple’s workshop enables you to learn more about your partner’s sense of smell, enhancing your comprehension of them. At the end of the workshop, you’ll get a bottle of your unique scent to take home as a memento of this memorable experience.

3) Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

The tote bag art jamming workshop is a great way for couples or team members to customize their own tote bags while having fun. This activity helps improve teamwork and communication skills and allows participants to express their creativity. It can also inspire individuals to continue pursuing their artistic hobbies and feel proud of their one-of-a-kind creations.

4) Stitched Leather Making Workshop

Where to book: https://www.funempire.com/sg/leather-workshop/

Come join us for our Stitched Leather Workshop where you can learn high-quality hand stitching techniques for leather. You’ll get the opportunity to create your own card holder using saddle stitching and all materials will be supplied. Our workshop provides a customized learning experience in a cozy environment.

5) Non-Stitched Leather Making Workshop

Where to book: https://www.funempire.com/sg/leather-workshop/

You should consider FunEmpire for attending workshops where you can learn new skills in a comfortable environment. The workshops provide all the necessary materials, and each participant will have the opportunity to create their own unique clay miniatures. Even if you are a beginner, the Leather Making Workshop is perfect as you will receive detailed instructions throughout the course.

6) Clay Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/clay-making-workshop/

Come join our Clay Making workshop to learn how to create realistic-looking dishes using clay and make miniature foods like they do in restaurants! It’s perfect for all ages and no previous experience is required as the instructors will provide step-by-step guidance, making it easy for beginners. This couple’s workshop promises to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

7) Cooking Class

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/cooking-class/

Join our couple’s culinary workshop in Singapore to fully experience the city’s food culture! You and your partner can attend these classes to explore various scrumptious flavors and develop your cooking skills like a pro. Come and learn to cook the local dishes that will leave your partner wanting more!

8) Balloon Sculpting

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/balloon-sculpting/

Sign up for FunEmpire’s Balloon Sculpting Workshop where you’ll have a blast crafting age-appropriate sculptures in various shapes, colors, and textures like pirate swords, butterflies, and flowers. Whether you’re seeking a fun couple activity, bonding experience, or birthday party idea, our workshop provides all necessary tools and guidance. Register now to let your creativity soar!

9) Soy Candle Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/candle-making-workshop/

Join our Candle Making Workshop at FunEmpire and learn how to make your own soy candle in just 2 hours! It’s an excellent chance to bond with your partner, acquire a new skill, and have fun. The workshop is suitable for all couples, and you’ll be taught the basics of candle making, including making your own soy candles.

10) Group Art Jamming Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

Are you interested in improving your relationships in an enjoyable and imaginative manner? Consider joining our Group Art Jamming Workshop, where you will work together on a big canvas. Previous painting expertise is not required, so both you and your loved ones can participate.

11) Gel Candle Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/candle-making-workshop/

Design your own gel candle that reflects your personal style! Enjoy a fun and exciting bonding experience with your group, and take home a special memory and a newly acquired skill. Choose from various shapes and decorations to enhance your candle-making abilities.

12) Terrarium Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/terrarium/

Sign up for our Terrarium Workshop and craft your very own miniature garden in a glass container! It’s an excellent opportunity to bond with your loved ones or colleagues. Terrarium Singapore, regarded as the top provider of Terrarium Workshops in the country, has professional instructors who will lead you through the process, ensuring a fun and worthwhile experience.

Contact us now to schedule an exclusive and comprehensive Terrarium Singapore adventure for your next exceptional event. You will learn how to construct and look after your tiny oasis to ensure that it lasts. Come join us for an enjoyable time creating your terrarium.

13) Group Terrarium Workshop

Where to book: https://www.funempire.com/sg/terrarium/

You might want to join Terrarium Workshop Singapore’s Group Terrarium Workshop to create a unique souvenir for your office that you and your partner can proudly display. This couple workshop is a great chance for you to bond and work together to make something special.

14) Terrarium Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/terrarium/

Come and join our award-winning Terrarium Workshop where you can craft a beautiful miniature glass garden with the help of our experienced instructors. It’s a wonderful experience to share with your family, friends, and colleagues. For the best Terrarium Workshop services in Singapore, choose Terrarium Singapore.

If you want to make a terrarium, we have good supplies and know how to take care of plants. You can come and build a beautiful mini-garden that will last a long time. And if you’re looking for an all-inclusive and memorable Terrarium Singapore experience for your special occasion, please contact us right away.

15) Canvas Art Jamming Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/art-jamming/

FunEmpire is hosting an Art Jamming session where you can enjoy and let your imagination run wild. You can participate with your loved ones and explore your creativity. FunEmpire will provide all the required materials for a stress-free painting experience, and no prior painting experience is necessary.

16) Virtual Clay Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/virtual-clay-workshop/

Looking for a unique and exciting way to enhance your relationship? Consider creating cute souvenirs or clay sculptures together! Our high-quality air-drying clay allows you to create your artwork safely and artistically, free from harmful substances or the weight of the material. Plus, you can share your wonderful pieces as personalized gifts with your loved ones.

17) Virtual Candle Making Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/virtual-candle-making-workshop/

Experience a fun and creative activity with your loved one by joining the Virtual Candle Making Workshop by FunEmpire. You’ll receive a home kit that includes all the materials necessary to create a stylish figurine and beautifully scented soy candle. Take part in one of Singapore’s most sought-after couple workshops that will help foster stronger relationships. Don’t miss out!

18) Virtual Balloon Sculpting

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/balloon-sculpting/

Sign up now to our Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop and discover how to create balloon sculptures from home. Our expert trainers will guide you through the process of making beautiful shapes like a pirate sword, butterfly, rainbow, or flower, and offer valuable tips and techniques to help you succeed. Spend quality time with your loved ones and have plenty of fun in the process. Secure your place today, and get ready to unleash your creativity!

19) Virtual Art Jamming

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/virtual-art-jamming/

Don’t miss your chance to join our painting couple workshop! You will get to choose between canvas or tote bags and use materials like acrylic paints, pencils, and erasers to create a beautiful piece of art that you can proudly display at home or in your office. Our experienced facilitators will lead you through color mixing and provide you with foundational painting theory during the online session. Unleash your creativity and explore the world of art with us!

20) Virtual Leather Workshop

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/virtual-leather-workshop/

Our affordable home kit provides all the necessary materials for you to learn about leather crafting. Each person attending our online couple workshop will receive the materials beforehand. With the guidance of our instructor, you will discover various kinds of leather and learn essential care techniques. In addition, you will have the chance to create personalized items, such as key fobs or coin pouches. Unleash your creativity and experience the joy of designing something one-of-a-kind and practical for everyday use!

21) Virtual Terrarium

Where to book: www.funempire.com/sg/virtual-terrarium/

With FunEmpire’s Terrarium Home Kit, you can create your own miniature garden with a cute figurine. This couple workshop has won an award and is delivered to your doorstep with all the materials you need. Certified experts will guide you in making your terrarium, teaching you theory and techniques from your home. Have fun and be creative as you design your unique miniature garden with your loved ones.

Couple Workshop Singapore

We hope this list of the best couple workshops in Singapore has given you some inspiring ideas for a fun and unique activity to do with your loved one.

Whether it’s leather crafting, painting, balloon sculpting or terrarium making that catches your eye, these fun workshops in Singapore give you all the materials and expert guidance needed to create something special together.

So pick out an experience today and enjoy quality time with your partner while learning new skills! Couple Workshop Singapore is here to help make memories that last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Couple Workshops In Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Couple Workshops In Singapore below:

Are the couple workshops in Singapore suitable for all levels?

Yes, most of the workshops in Singapore are designed to cater to different skill levels, so everyone can learn and benefit from them.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge before attending a workshop?

No, most of the workshops do not require any prior experience or knowledge. All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

What materials do I need to attend the workshop?

Each workshop has different material requirements, depending on the activities involved. You can refer to each individual website for more information about specific material needs.

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