27 Best Lighting Shops In Singapore [2024]

Lighting Shop Singapore

Best Lighting Shop Singapore

Many people are unaware of the tremendous significance lighting holds in interior design.

The best lighting shops in Singapore include Sol Luminaire, D’SOL DECO, HOME FIRST, Zenterra Lighting, and Verde Light.

When selecting a lighting store in Singapore, take into account factors like the range of products available, design options, pricing, customer reviews, and warranty coverage.

At a lighting store in Singapore, you’ll discover an extensive selection of items, such as ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

This article will provide an extensive list of awesome shops to satisfy all your illumination needs!

Quick Summary

  • Best lighting shops in Singapore include Sol Luminaire, D’SOL DECO, HOME FIRST, Zenterra Lighting, and Verde Light.
  • When choosing a lighting shop in Singapore, consider factors such as product variety, design, price range, customer reviews, and warranty.
  • In a lighting shop in Singapore, you can find a wide range of products including ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Products: Make sure the store you’re considering carries a variety of lighting fixtures. You should be able to find anything from basic bulbs to elaborate chandeliers and lamps.
  • Quality: The quality of the fixture is very important, since you want it to last for years! Check customer reviews online or ask shop representatives to make sure that their products are trusted and reliable.
  • Design: Different stores carry different designs and styles, so be sure to explore the store’s selection before making a purchase.
  • Price Range: Consider your budget range when choosing a lighting shop in Singapore. Many establishments offer fixtures that fit all budgets, from low-cost ones to high-end options!

Best Lighting Shop Singapore


D’SOL DECO -Lighting Stores Singapore
D’SOL DECO – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: D’SOL DECO)
Key ServicesHome LED Light Fixtures
Address61 Ubi Rd 1, #01-06 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408727
Phone+65 6384 6616
Operating HoursMonday 10am–8pm
Tuesday 10am–8pm
Wednesday 10am–8pm
Thursday 10am–8pm
Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 10am–8pm

D’SOL ensures that you obtain something truly special for your home by providing a remarkable selection of lights, furniture, accessories and artefacts. Relying on their team’s impressive interior design background, they carefully select each item to ensure it meets its purpose in your space – unlike other retailers who take shortcuts. From captivating elegance to modern sophistication, D’SOL has all the pieces necessary for transforming any area into something extraordinary!

Key Differentiators

  • Has both an online shop and a brick-and-mortar presence
  • Sells designer and contemporary lighting into your home
  • Sells smart LED lights

Client Testimonial

On my two visits to D’Sol, Shawn gave exceptional service and lighting advice. He was patient with me and my Interior Designer (ID), taking the time to display multiple lights, as well as how it would appear in our space. Additionally, he offered guidance on height placement before adjusting after installation for a perfect fit at our place.

Diane Chang


HOME FIRST -Lighting Stores Singapore
HOME FIRST – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: HOME FIRST)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
Address21 Woodlands Cl, #05-07 Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854
Phone+65 9420 5658
Operating HoursMonday 9am–7pm
Tuesday 9am–7pm
Wednesday 9am–4pm
Friday 9am–7pm
Saturday 10:30am–6:30pm
Sunday 10:30am–6:30pm

In 2015, HOME FIRST Pte Ltd was founded by a family bursting with the ambition to be successful business owners. They were familiar with the typical cycle of buying BTO flats and resale flats in Singapore like other families before them. After they got their keys, they couldn’t wait to explore all furniture and lighting stores around the country for their home makeover project!

Key Differentiators

  • Sells a wide range of quality lighting products
  • Offers expert advice on the best lighting options for your home
  • Provides installation and customization services

Client Testimonial

Dropped by with my partner 3 weeks ago, staff was friendly and helpful with the questions we had! They even recommended us on what lights can be placed in which room according to our needs. If you are looking for lights in woodlands, do drop by to take a look.


3) Zenterra Lighting

Zenterra Lighting - Lighting Stores Singapore
Zenterra Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Zenterra Lighting)
Key ProductsHome LED Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, and Corner/Wall Fans
Address61 Ubi Road 1 #01-26/27 Oxley Bizhub
Phone6702 6080 / 6899 8398 
Operating Hours11am – 8pm Daily

At Zenterra Group, they take pride in providing Singapore with the best prices on a vast selection of lighting. With an extensive online store featuring all kinds of fixtures and bulbs, you can find everything related to lights in one place – Zenterra Lighting! Explore their collection now for better illumination options and experience feeling satisfied afterwards.

Key Differentiators

  • Online store for a fuss-free shopping experience
  • Offers quality products
  • Wide variety of lighting products

Client Testimonial

Gemma provided exemplary service, being both polite and helpful. She expertly explained the luminary to me and recommended a new model that I ended up purchasing. One month later, she helped with the installation of three colored downlights. When trying to set up the remote control didn’t work out as expected, Gemma concisely walked me through it on call while also sending video instructions for further clarification – five stars are definitely in order! Highly recommend her services!

Khin Seng Chan

4) Verde Light

Verde Light -Lighting Stores Singapore
Verde Light – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Verde Light)
Key ServicesUnique and customizable products
Address161 Lavender St, Singapore 338750
Phone+65 6298 0027
Operating HoursMonday 10:30am–8:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am–8:30pm
Wednesday 10:30am–8:30pm
Thursday 10:30am–8:30pm
Friday 10:30am–8:30pm
Saturday 10:30am–8:30pm
Sunday 10:30am–8:30pm

Since its inception in 2010, Verde Light has been dedicated to offering industry-leading residential and commercial lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. As a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation, Verde Lights quickly became one of Singapore’s most trusted suppliers of quality lighting products. Their success story continues in the South East Asian region with an ever-expanding base of contented corporate clients as well as consumers that have benefited from their services.

Key Differentiators

  • Provides a wide range of lighting products both for residential and commercial use.
  • Offers bespoke and customized lighting solutions
  • Wide variety of designs to choose from

Client Testimonial

Great Place for lighting experience while dining. Sales staff are professional and helpful to give suggestions.

Jason Yapsh

5) Design Light

Design Light - Lighting Stores Singapore
Design Light – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Design Light)
Key ServicesUnique, contemporary lighting shop in Singapore
Address101 Kitchener Road Jln Besar Plaza #01-36 Plaza, 208511
Phone+65 6297 0168
Operating HoursMonday 11am–8pm
Tuesday 11am–8pm
Wednesday 11am–8pm
Thursday 11am–8pm
Friday 11am–8pm
Saturday 11am–8pm
Sunday 11am–8pm

Design Light is a remarkable store that offers everything from traditional to modern, and contemporary items. The knowledgeable and friendly staff will always be there with helpful answers or assistance you may need during your visit. Plus, it’s all reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank!

Key Differentiators

  • Wide variety of lighting styles to choose from
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Competitive prices

Client Testimonial

After visiting numerous shops, I found that the prices offered here are still the lowest. Furthermore, their excellent service and clear explanations make this an even more attractive option.

Joe Lim

6) KLITE Concept

KLITE Concept -Lighting Stores Singapore
KLITE Concept – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: KLITE Concept)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
Address01-06 Wave 9 757048, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, 757881
Phone+65 6266 0456
Operating HoursMonday 12–7pm
Tuesday 12–7pm
Wednesday 12–7pm
Thursday 12–7pm
Friday 12–7pm
Saturday 12–7pm
Sunday 12–7pm

KLITE is a Singapore-based lighting firm that specializes in LED lighting and designer lighting. Their motivation for setting up the company was to be able to provide customers with the most affordable prices on all LED lighting, something which they experienced first-hand when they were “chopped” after moving into their own apartment many years ago.

Key Differentiators

  • Specializes in LED lighting and designer lighting
  • Offers competitive prices
  • All items come with a guarantee

Client Testimonial

If you’re looking for the perfect hanging light to add a touch of style and sophistication to your home, then look no further! I recently visited this store and was completely blown away by how helpful the staff were. The lady with braces gave me a thorough explanation on all their products – from striking lights to beautiful blinds – but it was her charming personality that truly left an impression.

Zaha Rahim

7) SG Light Store

SG Light Store -Lighting Stores Singapore
SG Light Store – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: SG Light Store)
Key ProductsBathroom, Kitchen & Lighting
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #04-03 Link@AMK, Singapore (569139)
Phone97560459 / 6250 7408
Operating HoursMonday to Friday : 10am – 6pm
Weekends : 10am to 8pm
Public Holiday: Closed

SG Light Store is the go-to online lighting shop in Singapore for all your LED light needs. Not only do they provide a wide selection of SG lighting options, but also guarantee their high quality and reliability with up to 3 years of warranty coverage on Safety Mark Driver Lights! What’s more, every product is certified by Singapore Safety Mark, CE and CCC marking – so you can rest assured that they’re safe enough even for our own homes and offices. With us at SG Light Store as your trusted distributor of LED Lighting in Singapore – satisfaction is guaranteed ­­– twice over!

Key Differentiators

  • Fuss-free shopping experience
  • All products come with a 1-year warranty period
  • A trusted distributor of LED lighting in Singapore

Client Testimonial

As a long-time patron of this store, I can attest to the fact that it offers quality products at great prices. Not only that, but their staff is exceptionally knowledgeable about lighting on both WhatsApp and in-store. This shop has become my go-to source for home lighting needs – highly recommended!

Tim Bousky

8) Shiok Lighting

Shiok Lighting -Lighting Stores Singapore
Shiok Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Shiok Lighting)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
Address1093 Lower Delta Rd, #07-11, Singapore 169204
Operating HoursMonday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12–7pm
Thursday 12–7pm
Friday 12–7pm
Saturday 12–7pm
Sunday 12–5pm

Shiok Lighting is devoted to creating the ultimate urban living experience for those with shared passions. Their stunning lighting designs provide a stylish atmosphere that brings people together in beauty. All of their products are made up of LED bulbs, delivering an exceptional combination of modern style and technology for your home. With Shiok’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that you have LEDs at the heart of your residence, you can be sure it will be illuminated in sophistication!

Key Differentiators

  • Every collection is carefully chosen by their R&D team
  • Offers a portfolio based entirely on LED technology
  • Beauty and practicality can be united as one

Client Testimonial

The staff at this store are exceedingly courteous and meticulous. Their patience in explaining each step of my purchase made me feel confident with the entire process, as it was my first time purchasing lighting. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to make a smart buy on lights – stress-free!

Lawrence Lim

9) Million Lighting

Million Lighting -Lighting Stores Singapore
Million Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Million Lighting)
Key ServicesThey have created a wide spectrum of diverse ambiences
Address203 Kallang Bahru, Million Building, Singapore 339340
Phone+65 6743 2033
Operating HoursMonday 9am–6:30pm
Tuesday 9am–6:30pm
Wednesday 9am–6:30pm
Thursday 9am–6:30pm
Friday 9am–6:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Million Lighting revolutionizes the idea of lighting with its limitless creativity. By combining innovation and technology, they craft extraordinary custom-designed lights that not only illuminate but also serve as pieces of art. Thus, it comes as no surprise why some of the region’s most distinguished businesses have sought out this company – from hotels to shopping hotspots! With Million Lighting’s help, these establishments can bring in a unique ambience that sets them apart from their competitors.

Key Differentiators

  • Custom-designed lights to fit the specific style of your home
  • Highly experienced in creating lighting solutions for commercial buildings
  • Revolutionizing the idea of lighting with its limitless creativity

Client Testimonial

Great service and variety of quality lights. My electrician who installed them commented on the good quality. Recommended.

Eddie Cheng

10) Whiteluz

Whiteluz - Lighting Stores Singapore
Whiteluz – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: WhiteLuz)
Key ServicesVast lighting selection
Address5 Little Rd, #06-01 Cemtex Industrial Building, Singapore 536983
Phone+65 6393 2226
Operating Hours Monday 8:30am–6:15pm
Tuesday 8:30am–6:15pm
Wednesday 8:30am–6:15pm
Thursday 8:30am–6:15pm
Friday 8:30am–6:15pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Whiteluz is a renowned Singapore-based business that specializes in lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. With an emphasis on quality and safety, Whiteluz provides their customers with maintenance-free formulations so they can easily meet their busy lifestyle needs. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that every product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! Don’t wait any longer; come to Whiteluz today for your lighting solution needs!

Key Differentiators

  • Working towards a greener world
  • They commit to providing a safe to use and maintenance-free formula
  • With a 30-day money-back guarantee

Client Testimonial

This company for lighting is outstanding! The staff were so welcoming and helpful, and I’m beyond content with the product. I would certainly return here in the future – how can it get any better than this? Absolutely marvelous!

Tai Seng Cem

11) Sembawang Lighting House

The Wedding Vow - Lighting Stores Singapore
The Wedding Vow â€“ Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: The Wedding Vow)
Key ProductsHome LED Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, and Corner/Wall Fans
Address602 Sembawang Road, S758458 (shophouse beside Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Phone6759 7703 / (Whatsapp) 8526 6676 
Operating Hours10am-7pm Daily

For more than two decades, Sembawang Lighting House (SLH) has proudly provided a huge selection of home lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Over 10 top brands such as KDK, Fanco, Crestar, Acorn and Samaire are all available in store. Customers can conveniently contact SLH via their website or WhatsApp message to make inquiries or transactions. Whether you’re looking for crystal chandeliers, hanging dining lamps, acrylic ceiling lamps or track lights/downlights – they have it all!

Key Differentiators

  • Authorized dealer for 10 brand of ceiling fans
  • Wide selection of LED lighting fixtures
  • Professional electricians are available for installation services 

Client Testimonial

I’m extremely delighted with my purchase from Sembawang Lighting. Shopping online was a breeze and the staff were incredibly helpful, providing answers to every single one of my queries. The installer also worked quickly while remaining tidy and accommodating – I couldn’t be more content!


12) Screed

Screed - Lighting Stores Singapore
Screed – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Screed)
Key ServicesTo provide you with a stress-free and comfortable shopping experience from the comfort of your home.
Address52 Horne Rd, #04-01, Singapore 209071
Phone+65 6100 1680
Operating HoursMonday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Are you looking for a reliable lighting company that can provide quality, maintenance-free solutions? Look no further than Whiteluz – Singapore’s premiere lighting supplier. Not only do they specialize in residential and commercial illumination but their products are certified safe; all to give clients the assurance of ultimate protection. Plus, if ever their services aren’t up to your standards, get your money back with Whiteluz’ 30-day satisfaction guarantee! So why wait? Transform your home or business today with Whiteluz!

Key Differentiators

  • Working towards a greener world
  • They commit to provide a safe to use and maintenance free formulae

Client Testimonial

This is a really awesome company for lighting. Staffs are very friendly and nice, finally I found out satisfied products. I am willing to come back again in the future! Very good!

Tai Seng Cem

13) Light Makers

Light Makers - Lighting Stores Singapore
Light Makers – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Light Makers)
Key ServicesAt Light Makers, they are dedicated to providing customers with quality products ranging from LED lighting, crystal chandeliers, decorative fixtures, weatherproof outdoor lighting and more for:
– Residential Lighting
– Commercial Lighting
– LED Lighting
– Ceiling Fans
– Magnetic Tracklights
– Chandeliers
– Customisation (Design & Fabrication)
Product HighlightAlouette Multi-Fixture Pendant
Address318 Jalan Besar, S208976
Phone6392 5665 / WhatsApp 8815 7805
Email sales@lightmakers.com.sg
Operating HoursMon – Sat: 9am to 7pm
Sun & PH: Closed

Key Differentiators

  • Unique, inventive and also a convenient all-in-one lighting supplier
  • Extended capabilities and product line
  • Constantly refreshing their line of lighting fixtures

Client Testimonial

When I was searching for modern lights to give my home a new look, Light Makers caught my eye. Nothing compared to the options they had available and the reviews were outstanding. So, after checking out their website, I decided to visit in person – and boy did it pay off! Nowhere else could provide me with what this shop offered: from beautiful lighting pieces that spoke directly to me, along with friendly service and reasonable prices.

Dennis Cheng

14) Lightcraft

Lightcraft - Lighting Stores Singapore
Lightcraft – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Lightcraft)
Key ServicesA Variety Of Lighting products
Address131 Jln Sultan, Singapore 199015
Phone+65 6297 6658
Operating HoursMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday 10am–7pm
Sunday Closed

Since 1977, Lightcraft Singapore has been a leader in the lighting industry as they have grown from creating light fittings to becoming a full-service provider. Proudly holding a license with the Building and Construction Authority since February 2000, their main showroom is located right here in Singapore. Their incomparable services have made them renowned for their top-quality marine lights -which you can find on some of the most prestigious yachts around the world! In addition to this impressive accomplishment, they are also credited with several commercial and high-end projects throughout our city-state nation.

Key Differentiators

  • Collaborates with hotel and serviced-home interior designers and architects
  • Worked on many commercial and architectural lighting projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and recently India
  • Custom-make light fittings according to the design and requirements of interior designers

Client Testimonial

They have a great selection of unusual lights design you won’t find it at common light shops. Promotions are affordable. Nicole was welcoming to answer our queries and friendly. We got a few lights from them. Thanks Lightcraft!

Benjamin KF Tong

15) HorizonLights

HorizonLights - Lighting Stores Singapore
HorizonLights – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: HorizonLights)
Key ServicesBest online lighting shop Singapore
AddressOrion @ Paya Lebar, #06-06, 160 Paya Lebar Rd, 409022
Phone+65 6338 3767
Operating HoursMonday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday 11am–6pm
Sunday Closed

HorizonLights is a rare store in Singapore that has an array of floor lamps for sale. Even better, their team searches the globe to get you various designs, types and functions at your fingertips! Cost-friendly options are available locally but if you want something truly unique with all the bells and whistles—you’ll need to look abroad. Head over to HorizonLights and make sure you see it all before making any decisions!

Key Differentiators

  • One of the few lighting stores in Singapore with a wide range of floor lamps
  • Their team searches all over the world for unique and quality designs
  • Ensures cost-friendly options from both local and abroad

Client Testimonial

I had bought a lot of LED lights from HorizonLights! I was very surprised to get a good personal service from Jhonny who helped me to select the right choices and made sure that all are tested properly. Also gave his contacts for any help during installation. Very good experience! Quality of the lights are very good. I was able to install them with no difficulty. Value for money.

Subramanian Gopalaratnam

16) BL Singapore

BL Singapore - Lighting Stores Singapore
BL Singapore – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: BL Singapore)
Key ServicesSelling ceiling lights and fans for domestic and professional use
Address1 Jln Berseh, #01-07/08, Singapore 209037
Phone+65 6296 2196
Operating Hours Monday9:30am–8pm
Tuesday 9:30am–8pm
Wednesday 9:30am–8pm
Thursday 9:30am–8pm
Friday 9:30am–8pm
Saturday 9:30am–8pm
Sunday 10am–7pm

With over two decades of experience, SINGAPORE LIGHTING is an expert in the industry and a leader when it comes to selling ceiling lights and fans for domestic and professional use. Their 100 per cent positive seller rating across Singapore speaks volumes about the quality of service that stands out from their competitors. Now you can trust BL Singapore with all your lighting needs!

Key Differentiators

  • 100% positive seller rating across Singapore
  • Wide selection of domestic and professional lighting needs
  • 24/7 customer service for any inquiries or problems

Client Testimonial

I had been dealing with BL lighting for the 3rd times. Usually I will go to their showroom in Jalan Besar . Shortlist those lights , took pictures. I will finalised the purchase through Whatapps which make it more convenience. Excellent service and delivery schedule is very prompt. He will recommend suitable locations for lights to be installed. I would highly recommend them based on their professional service, patience and after sales service.

Wilson Wun


ILITE SINGAPORE -Lighting Stores Singapore
ILITE SINGAPORE – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: ILITE SINGAPORE)
Key ServicesModern to contemporary ancient and elegant design
Address351 Jln Besar, Singapore 208988
Phone+65 6292 5426
Operating HoursMonday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Whether searching for something classic, modern, or elegant in design – they are the go-to destination for all of your lighting needs. Not only do they provide a variety of options to residential customers but also commercial companies. From chandeliers and track lights to garden lamps, downlights and wall sconces – their unique selection covers it all! Floor lamps, table lamps? Check! Indulge yourself with an array of choices from this one-stop shop.

Key Differentiators

  • Provide unique lighting designs
  • Wide selection of lights for both commercial and residential use
  • DIY installation services available

19) Aspire Lightings

Aspire Lightings -Lighting Stores Singapore
Aspire Lightings – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Aspire Lightings)
Key ServicesDistributor and retailer of a wide range of LED lightings.
Address37 Lor 23 Geylang, #09-04, Singapore 388371
Phone+65 6909 0528
Operating HoursMonday 11am–7pm
Tuesday 11am–7pm
Wednesday 11am–7pm
Thursday 11am–7pm
Friday 11am–7pm
Saturday 11am–7pm
Sunday 11am–5pm

When searching for the perfect LED lighting to suit your space, Aspire Lighting provides an all-encompassing service that includes knowledgeable and reliable advice on design. With a range of varieties from basic to modern-day, minimalistic, vintage Scandinavian or industrial – they have something sure to fit any home!

Key Differentiators

  • Competent, trustworthy guidance on lighting design
  • Wide range of LED lights
  • Showroom within the warehouse for customers to check out the lights and purchase right away

Client Testimonial

Fast and pleasant deal. Love the various lightings available. Service technician is friendly and professional to deal with installation work. Love the new look of my house.

Ayid ScreamAfterMidnight


ARC LIGHTHOUSE -Lighting Stores Singapore
ARC LIGHTHOUSE – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: ARC LIGHTHOUSE)
Key ServicesEco-friendly and energy-efficient lights
Address235 Lavender St, Singapore 338781
Phone+65 6293 8500
Operating HoursMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday 10am–7pm
Sunday Closed

Since 2011, a Singaporean firm has been dedicated to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions with their selection of light fixtures, fittings, bathroom sanitary equipment, and kitchens. Not only are they helping people save money on utility bills but also improving daily lives by enabling them to do more things in an affordable manner. With eco-friendly products from this company, you can rest assured that your savings will last long!

Key Differentiators

  • They import the products directly from overseas manufacturing companies, mainly China and European Countries
  • Their Vision is to introduce eco-friendly & energy efficient products

Client Testimonial

Very helpful staff. Look for Jasmine! Amazing prices to boot.

Joelle Pang

21) Coconut Tree Lighting

Coconut Tree Lighting -Lighting Stores Singapore
Coconut Tree Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Coconut Tree Lighting)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
Address73 Ubi Road 1, #06-56 Oxley BizHub, 408733
Phone+65 6702 6486
Operating HoursMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Coconut Tree Lighting is a vibrant Singaporean company backed by an accomplished and qualified team of lighting industry professionals. Their customer-centric approach positions their clients’ needs at the forefront, supplying only the highest quality lights available while providing exemplary customer service to all customers. Always looking for imaginative products, materials, solutions, and technologies to improve their services even further ahead of cutting-edge technological advancements in the field of lighting; they are committed to stay at that vanguard position indefinitely.

Key Differentiators

  • Young and energetic team
  • Support from experienced and qualified lighting experts
  • High quality lights at competitive prices
  • Solutions for a wide range of needs including commercial, industrial, residential, retail, leisure and medical

Client Testimonial

If you’re looking for unique and hard-to-find lights, this small boutique has an impressive selection of designs.

Fei Sun

22) Regal Lighting

Regal Lighting -Lighting Stores Singapore
Regal Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Regal Lighting)
Key ServicesRetailer of Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Lights, LED Lighting, Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories
Product HighlightAlaska Pearl Ceiling Fan
Address22 Sin Ming Road #01-238 Singapore 570022
Phone6458 0313
Operating Hours10:30 am – 8:30 pm Daily (Closed on Weds)

Regal Lighting Gallery vows to construct an honest and enduring relationship with their customers, while simultaneously aiming to customize services that best meet customer needs. Additionally, they can provide specific lighting solutions according to individual requirements. Their primary focus is on providing superior service – LED Lighting & Ceiling Fans are just some of the areas in which they specialize! Stop by their showroom today to learn more about what Regal Lighting Gallery has to offer you!

Key Differentiators

  • Experienced team of lighting specialists
  • Wide range of options is available
  • Affordable prices and excellent customer service

Client Testimonial

Two weeks ago, I visited Regal Lighting to acquire new lighting and a fan for my home. The salesperson was exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable in what they were selling; not only did they recommend the appropriate fixtures based on my needs – regardless of price – but also provided sound advice regarding things to keep an eye out for when making such purchases. All items arrived quickly and in perfect condition: if you are looking for quality products at economical rates, look no further than Regal Lighting – highly recommended!


23) Yafen Lighting

Yafen Lighting -Lighting Stores Singapore
Yafen Lighting – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Yafen Lighting)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
AddressBlk 1 Defu Lane 10, #01-575, Singapore 539182
Phone+65 8322 4220
Operating Hours Monday 10:30am–7pm
Tuesday 10:30am–7pm
Wednesday 10:30am–7pm
Thursday 10:30am–7pm
Friday 10:30am–7pm
Saturday 10:30am–7pm
Sunday 10:30am–7pm

Ceiling fans are available at Yafen Lighting, Bathroom & Kitchen, and they provide a large range of ceiling fans, including ceiling fan with lights, ceiling fan without lights, and different-size ceiling fans. They stock more than 10 brands of ceiling fans, including Yafen, Fanco, Crestar, PO Eco, Eco Air, Potech, Rexant, Tech Fan, Tech Master and Rextone.

Key Differentiators

  • Wide range of ceiling fans
  • Competitive prices
  • High-quality products

Client Testimonial

Initially, we had reservations about going straight to a carpenter for our two built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets instead of using an interior design firm. However, with the reasonable price quote they provided us and their ability to install the project within two weeks, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up! Furthermore, we were delighted by the quality materials used; plywood paired with our chosen laminate on the outside. There was only a faint smell from glue that dissipated after several days – truly remarkable craftsmanship!

Kelly Chin

24) Lightart Studio

Lightart Studio -Lighting Stores Singapore
Lightart Studio – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Lightart Studio)
ey ProductsLightart Studio strives to enhance spaces with exquisite LED lighting through their range of
– Recessed and surface-mounted lights
– Magnetic and conventional track lights
– LED Strips
– Indoor and outdoor wall lights
– Hanging lights
– Fans
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-35, LINK@AMK, Singapore 569139
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday/Public Holiday: By appointment only

Lightart Studio is your local source for exquisite lighting designs that combine practicality with the latest trends. From conventional downlights to magnetic lighting, indoor and outdoor options, and even high-quality LED strips – their collection has something to meet any needs. Their impressive range of lights will be sure to brighten up any space!

Key Differentiators

  • Offers practicality with the latest trends
  • Places high importance on equipping spaces
  • Well-informed team of lighting experts

Client Testimonial

I was absolutely thrilled with the way their showroom enabled me to properly visualize how my home lights would look. Plus, the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and answered all my questions with patience. Ultimately, I managed to get perfect lighting for my house thanks to them!


25) lightings.com.sg

lightings.com.sg -Lighting Stores Singapore
lightings.com.sg – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: lightings.com.sg)
Key ServicesSingapore based company with three lighting retail outlets locally since 2004
Address#01-73, Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3, 408868
Phone+65 6256 0080
Operating HoursMonday 11am–7pm
Tuesday 11am–7pm
Wednesday 11am–7pm
Thursday 11am–7pm
Friday 11am–7pm
Saturday 11am–7pm
Sunday 11am–7pm

Lightspeaker.com.sg is an experienced Singapore-based company that has been providing quality lighting products in three stores since 2004! Through the years, they have taken extra steps to make sure that only trusted and reliable items can be sold both online and offline – you know you’re always getting top-grade merchandise when shopping with them! Lightspeaker’s commitment to giving customers their money’s worth is what drives them forward, so don’t hesitate to check out their collection for unbeatable lightings of excellent value!

Key Differentiators

  • Wide selection of lighting products
  • Provides quality and value to customers
  • Trusted and reliable items

Client Testimonial

Great service from Gewel! Super friendly and nice! Repeat customer and happy to work with her as she is very helpful and can provide good advice too. Thanks!

Joraine Tan

26) Three Cubes Project

Three Cubes Project -Lighting Stores Singapore
Three Cubes Project – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Three Cubes Project)
Key ServicesThey offer a range of interior decorative lights and exterior architectural lighting solutions.
Address1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 Enterprise One, #03-12, 415934
Phone+65 8732 3108
Operating HoursMonday 1:30–8pm
Tuesday 1:30–8pm
Wednesday 1:30–8pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 1:30–8pm
Saturday 11:30am–7pm
Sunday 3:30–7pm

Established in 2017, the 3 Cubes Project has made a name for itself as a favored supplier of architects, engineers, and interior designers looking to complete Industrial and Commercial projects. Moreover, they specialize in creating lights that draw from nature’s beauty with only natural and sustainable materials – transforming any project site into an inspired environment! Whether you are searching for indoor decorative illumination or exterior architectural lighting solutions; The 3 Cubes Project is here with their diverse selection to meet your needs.

Key Differentiators

  • Uses only natural and sustainable materials
  • Specializes in industrial and commercial projects
  • Diverse selection of lights

Client Testimonial

We bought some awesome Yeelights for our house from Three Cubes and the team was so amazing. They did absolutely everything they could to guarantee that it arrived on time, even when we needed it ASAP. I’d highly recommend them and will definitely come back next time!

Wei Yee

27) Etch and Blots

Etch and Blots -Lighting Stores Singapore
Etch and Blots – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Etch and Blots)
Key ServicesThey are a Singaporean company and proud to proclaim it every chance they can
Address3 Little Rd, Level 2, Singapore 536982
Phone+65 6386 4721
Operating HoursMonday11am–8pm

When Etch and Blots first opened their doors at Keong Saik Road in 2014, the conditions were less than ideal. With just a small shophouse with inadequate ventilation and one sofa set on display –they had to get creative! Fast forward several years later, they now have an expansive 5500 square foot workspace located at 3 Little Road filled with a full team of professionals, two showrooms as well as bespoke workshop and studio space for inspired collaborations.

Key Differentiators

  • Full team in place
  • Bespoke workshop and loft-style studio for collaborations
  • Two showrooms

Client Testimonial

We recently purchased home furnishings from etch&bolts, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience. From their impressive showroom full of fabric to choose from for our custom sofa, to the friendly staff who kept us updated on our bedroom set, dining table and coffee table which were slightly delayed due to COVID-19 – they provided thoughtful assistance throughout it all! We adore how everything turned out!

Valerie Chia

28) Chan Huat

Chan Huat - Lighting Stores Singapore
Chan Huat – Lighting Stores Singapore (Credit: Chan Huat)
Key ServicesHome LED Lighting Fixtures
Address391 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329797
Phone+65 6255 1033
Operating HoursMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday 10am–7pm
Sunday 11am–7pm

Chan Huat Group, founded in 1985, is a top provider of lighting to both industrial and commercial customers across the region. Starting out as just a small distributor of electrical accessories for construction contractors, they have since grown into an esteemed business with international reach that offers superior-grade goods and reliable services. With their expansive selection of lighting fixtures, lamps and ballasts available worldwide – Chan Huat Group are now more equipped than ever before!

Key Differentiators

  • Latest exquisite lightings
  • Their values and motto is honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • Huge variety of products including pendant lights, light bulb, ceiling light, and more

Client Testimonial

Chan Huat has become my preferred destination because the staff there is highly knowledgeable and provide helpful advice without being aggressive. I have always experienced a great time shopping at this classic shop, as it not only offers reasonable prices but also employs competent salespeople and reliable installation technicians. Kudos to Chan Huat for its excellence!

Deah Borhan

Lighting Shop Singapore

Are you on the hunt for lighting stores Singapore? You’re in luck! We may not be able to augment your space, but switching out your light bulbs and lamps can make quite a difference. There are also plenty of lighting stores Singapore featuring ceiling fans if that’s what you need. So, why don’t change up the lighting to give yourself more room without compromising comfort? It’s easier than ever with these options at hand!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Lighting Stores in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Lighting Stores in Singapore below:

What are the best lighting shops in Singapore?

The best lighting shops in Singapore include Sol Luminaire, D’SOL DECO, Horizon Lights, HOME FIRST, Zenterra Lighting, and Verde Light.

What indoor lighting fixtures are available at the best lighting shops in Singapore?

The best lighting shops in Singapore offer a variety of indoor lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and table lamps. They also have a wide range of recessed ceiling lights, which can help create ambient lighting in your home or office.

Can I find recessed ceiling lights at Singapore lighting shops?

Yes, most reputable lighting shops in Singapore carry a selection of recessed ceiling lights. These lights are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

How can I create ambient lighting in my Singapore home using products from a lighting shop?

Creating ambient lighting is possible with the right selection of light fixtures. Consider using a combination of ceiling lighting, such as recessed ceiling lights, with other types of fixtures like table lamps or floor lamps. LED strip lights can also add a unique touch to your space.

Are there cheap ceiling fans available in these lighting shops?

Absolutely! The best lighting shops in Singapore understand that cost-effective lighting solutions, including cheap ceiling fans, are important to customers. You can find a range of affordable and stylish ceiling fans to suit your budget and design preferences.

What are some unique light fixtures I can find in Singapore’s lighting shops?

Singapore’s lighting shops offer a wide variety of unique light fixtures, ranging from modern and contemporary designs to vintage and traditional styles. These include different light fixtures like ceiling lights, wall lamps, and architecture lights flex products. Companies like Light Makers offer an extensive range of these unique pieces.

What is the importance of safety-marked dimmable solutions in lighting systems?

Safety-marked dimmable solutions are crucial in lighting systems as they ensure the product has met specific safety standards and can be adjusted for brightness without any risk. These fixtures provide flexibility in creating the desired ambiance while ensuring the user’s safety.

Can I find wall lamps in Singapore’s lighting shops?

Absolutely! Wall lamps are a popular choice among the different light fixtures available in Singapore’s lighting shops. They not only provide necessary illumination but also add an aesthetic element to the space. You can find a wide range of designs to suit your decor style.

How competitive is the pricing in the lighting business in Singapore?

In the lighting business, Singapore offers competitive pricing, with many shops offering direct factory pricing. This means you can get high-quality light systems, including unique light fixtures and safety-marked dimmable solutions, at affordable prices.

What should I consider when looking for architecture lights flex products?

When shopping for architecture lights flex products, consider the design, functionality, and safety of the product. Ensure it fits well with your architectural design and provides adequate lighting. Also, opt for safety-marked dimmable solutions for added flexibility and safety.

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