14 Best Study Tables in Singapore [2024]

Study Table Singapore

Study Table Singapore
Best Study Table Singapore

If you’re on the hunt for a new study table Singapore, look no further! This blog post will provide you with 14 of the best study table Singapore currently available. Our selection is based on various criteria such as cost, design, and usability to ensure that everyone–whether they are searching for their first desk or just upgrading what they have now–can find something perfect! So don’t wait any longer – start shopping today!

Key Consideration Factors

  • Quality: The quality of the study table is important as it affects its durability and the comfort that you can get out of using it. The construction materials used, such as MDF board or solid wood, should be taken into account when making your purchase.
  • Style: Just like any other piece of furniture, study tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want a traditional design or something more modern, there’s sure to be a study table that fits your aesthetic.
  • Size: Measure the space you have available in order to determine what size of the desk is suitable for you. You don’t want to buy one that’s too big or too small!
  • Price: Lastly, consider your budget when selecting a study table Singapore. There are plenty of options that fit every price range, so take your time to find one that’s perfect for you.

Best Study Table Singapore

1) EverDesk+ Max

EverDesk+ Max - Study Table Singapore
EverDesk+ Max – Study Table Singapore (Credit: EverDesk+)
Key FeaturesThe GyroAxis anti-collision system on the ‘EveryDesk+’ is capable of detecting obstacles as it moves up or down to avoid any collisions
Where to Buyhttps://everdeskplus.com/products/everdesk-max/
Pricefrom $749

Introducing the EverDesk+ Max and Lite, an update of ampDesk by ErgoTune – creators of the renowned workplace chair. These new standing desks already have a variety of space-saving features to ensure that desk management and ergonomics are taken care of in any workspace. Get ready for your workstation to be transformed into one optimized for productivity and comfort! Put your productivity, energy levels and alertness on the fast-track with EverDesk+!

This revolutionary desk is loaded with features that will assist you in forming beneficial working habits. With its help, take charge of how you manage your health and work for better wellbeing. In short – Experience life-changing results from this incredible desktop today!

2) Hollin 8 Ergonomic Table

Hollin 8 Ergonomic Table – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Hollin)
Key FeaturesHollin 8 study table is ideal for you if you want to sit and work on your laptop
Where to BuyClick here

The Hollin 8 study table Singapore is the perfect choice for you if you frequently work on your laptop. This desk offers a load-assist gas lifting mechanism, allowing you to adjust its height from 77cm to 106.5cm in no time at all – great for both sitting and standing use! Its plushy thick cushions and superior cushioning envelops you in a feeling of luxury. Plus, the PU leather construction keeps your spine pain-free even while sitting for extended periods of time, thanks to the high backrest that promotes better posture.

3) VHIVE Flexi Workstation

VHIVE Flexi Workstation - Study Table Singapore
VHIVE Flexi Workstation – Study Table Singapore (Credit: VHIVE)
Key FeaturesWith 3 open rooms and 2 with doors, you’ll have plenty of space to store your books, notes, folders, and other items.
Where to BuyClick here

The Vhive Flexi Workstation maximizes your savings with its storage shelf, to replaces the need for a bookshelf! With 3 open compartments and 2 additional enclosed sections, you can easily fit all of your notebooks, textbooks, documents, and more in one convenient spot. The modular design also allows room for expansion if needed. If you’re looking to conserve space, the front-facing shelf installation is your best option for this study table Singapore. Not only will it maximize your area, but its natural oak finish and wooden construction also provide a cozy atmosphere to any room.

4) SIRIO Electric Standing Desk

SIRIO Electric Standing Desk - Study Table Singapore
SIRIO Electric Standing Desk – Study Table Singapore (Credit: SIRIO)
Key FeaturesIt’s a less expensive alternative to an electric standing desk while still providing comparable quality to the previous top versions
Where to BuyClick here

Sirio’s study table is a game-changer and an excellent alternative to pricey electric standing desks. This affordable version features either a 6mm tempered glass or 12mm solid wood tabletop, both boasting stylish designs that will bring any workspace to life! Quality-wise, you won’t be disappointed with Sirio; it holds up well against the previous top versions.

We love tempered glass tables due to their resilience and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. And how could we forget the intelligent control pad that lets you switch between heights of 72 and 121 cm with a single click, while also storing your investment settings for future convenience?

5) Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids

Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids - Study Table Singapore
Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Minidesk)
Key FeaturesEverything about the desk frame to its child safety lock has been created with your children’s development and safety in mind
Where to BuyClick here
Price$909.00 – $969.00

The Minidesk is the perfect workspace for your children. A combination of thoughtfully designed details, from its frame to its child safety lock, make it both safe and reliable. This study table has been top-rated among parents for at least three years now due to its adjustable height of up to 110 cm. With such an all-inclusive design, you can rest assured that this desk will give your kids everything they need while keeping them safe!

6) Spaceman

Spaceman - Study Table Singapore
Spaceman – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Spaceman)
Key FeaturesWith little effort, you may convert this desk into a table for four with additional storage. It comes with several shelves for storing décor or stationary for extra room
Where to Buyhttps://www.spaceman.com/collections/home-office/products/ensemble-mini-shelves-wall-mounted-table-chairs

When floor space is limited, Spaceman’s wall-mounted set provides the perfect solution for a work or study desk. With minimal effort, you can convert this piece into a four-person table with additional storage shelves that are ideal for décor and stationery to keep your area organized. And when the future arrives, it’s simple to reconstruct—all you need to do is remove the chair from within!

Spaceman’s Ensemble wall-mounted table and chairs is a revolutionary idea for storage without occupying too much space. With the capacity to host up to three people, this set of furniture will make any event with friends more memorable! What is even better is that you can conveniently add additional resources if needed. All in all, Spaceman’s Ensemble wall-mounted table and chairs provide excellent value for money as they both look great and keep everything organized.

7) Height-Adjustable Study Table

Height-Adjustable Study Table – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key FeaturesFrom an 80cm wide tabletop to adjustable legs that help to adapt the sitting height of your child, this children studying table focuses on providing maximum comfort and usefulness.
Where to BuyClick here
Price$89.10 – $107.10

If your child is passionate about creativity, the adjustable-height children’s study table is perfect for them! With a 80cm wide tabletop and legs that can be adjusted to fit their sitting height just right, this studying table puts comfort and usefulness first.

Your children can concentrate solely on the creative side of drawing and painting with this innovative table. Not to mention, it is specially designed with a 60-degree angular tilt – allowing them to draw from an elevated surface that prevents visual distortion while still providing the same angle as their subject!

8) UMD Study Table

UMD STUDY TABLE - Study Table Singapore
UMD STUDY TABLE – Study Table Singapore (Credit: UMD)
Key FeaturesSimple and modern-looking, with a big tabletop for studying and you may adjust the size to your requirement
Where to BuyClick here
Price$39.00 – $259.00

Perfect for studying, this UMD study table offers a modern, simplistic design that allows you to customize it according to your unique style. The tabletop is spacious with adjustable sizes so you can make room for all of the items needed during an intense study session. You have the choice between black or white table legs, as well as multiple colour options for the tabletop—making sure that it accentuates any type of home décor!

This tabletop is made from robust wood and provides a reliable 25mm thickness. The table leg is constructed of anti-rust steel that can withstand up to 300kg in weight. Plus, when you receive your new table, they will provide an expert assembly service at no additional cost!

9) CIAXY Student Desk

CIAXY Student Desk - Study Table Singapore
CIAXY Student Desk – Study Table Singapore (Credit: CIAXY)
Key FeaturesA desk with a high level of suitability for gaming is one that offers stability, good ventilation, and a low center of gravity. It also has integrated table edges to keep anything from falling off the top
Where to BuyClick here

For dependable and effective studying, look no further than CIAXY’s Student Desk – the ideal school desk and chair combination! With features designed to make homework time easier for your children, you can recreate their classroom environment at home. CIAXY’S STUDENT DESK is a must-have for any student who wants to take on learning with confidence.

For an impeccable gaming experience, you need a stable and well-ventilated desk with a low centre of gravity. It should also have integrated edges to ensure that nothing topples over the side. Moreover, if you’re looking for extra convenience, then you’ll love the 35kg-bearing hook on its side – perfect for hanging your school bag!

10) Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Study Table Singapore
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Omnidesk)
Key FeaturesOmnidesk has also carefully designed the ideal ergonomic curvature for a better standing desk experience
Where to Buyhttps://theomnidesk.com/collections/omnidesk-pro-2020

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 is composed of the finest grade MDF wood, cured with a unique powder-coated surface. This micro-textured finish maximizes mouse tracking performance and functions as an immense mouse pad for your workspace needs.

Omnidesk has created the optimal ergonomic curvature to ensure a comfortable standing desk experience. Its perfectly angled curve prevents pinched nerves even during extended use and offers greater stability while sitting or leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk. Additionally, in order to be environmentally conscious, every stage of production is vigilantly monitored and tested for quality assurance.

11) MYSEAT.sg PESCI Study Table

MYSEAT.sg PESCI Study Table - Study Table Singapore
MYSEAT.sg PESCI Study Table – Study Table Singapore (Credit: MYSEAT.sg)
Key FeaturesIt’s made of 100% toxic-free and kid-friendly Osmo Wood Wax with good water-repelling, stain-resistant capacity
Where to BuyClick here

Discover the MYSEAT Pesci Study Table for an easy and sleek addition to your home. This table is crafted with a strong American red oak tabletop, renowned for its robustness and exquisite look, that sits upon stainless steel legs coated in a black finish. The natural oak colour of the planks combined with the modern matte black design will make this study table stand out as a contemporary work of art in any room!

Constructed from 100% non-toxic and child-friendly Osmo Wood Wax, this material is water-repellant and stain-resistant. That’s right; no more worrying about wine, beer, cola, tea or milk stains soaking into your furniture since you can rest assured knowing that there will never be any watermarks left behind!

12) JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table

JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table - Study Table Singapore
JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table – Study Table Singapore (Credit: JIJI SG)
Key FeaturesThe table can be folded when not in use so you can save space
Where to BuyClick here

With a straightforward design and robust construction, this JIJI SG study table can be easily folded for storage when not in use. It boasts an 80 x 45 cm spacious tabletop making it the perfect addition to any home at an affordable price.

Perfect for apartments or individuals living in limited space, this foldable sofa is a breeze to set up and doesn’t call for any installation.

13) UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk

UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk – Study Table Singapore (Credit: UNIQ)
Key FeaturesThe UNIX UNIQ combines the timeless beauty of designer quartz with the functionality and usefulness of contemporary workplace areas into one masterpiece, making it the world’s first quartz standing desk.
Where to Buyhttps://www.unix.sg/pages/uniq-standing-desk
PriceStarts from $1079

The UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk is the ideal accessory to complete your study area if you have ever felt like something was missing. This desk pairs classic designer quartz with modern features and practicality, making it a unique piece of furniture in any workspace or home office. The L-shaped design creates an eye-catching centrepiece that will draw attention to your space! Additionally, this standing desk is crafted from genuine stone marble designs for added elegance and beauty!

14) Excel Life Modern Table

Excel Life Modern Table - Study Table Singapore
Excel Life Modern Table – Study Table Singapore (Credit: Excel Life)
Key FeaturesExcel Life study table combines a sleek modern look with an industrial design for extra sturdiness.
Where to BuyClick here
Price$35.00 – $229.00

The Excel Life study table is the perfect combination of contemporary style and industrial strength. Its Z-leg design adds a touch of character to its appearance, while also providing reliable non-slip feet that prevent it from damaging your flooring. Plus, this sturdy piece will last for years to come!

Its rounded-corner design is intended to avoid inadvertent smacks, as well. Another advantage of the Excel Life Table over the standard round table is that it includes an extra shelf where you can store your books or decorations.

Study Table Singapore

When it’s time to pick out a study table Singapore, the options can seem overwhelming. But never fear! Whether you’re in search of something modern and stylish like stainless steel legs paired with American Oak wood or classic school desk staples that prioritize stability and comfort, your perfect match for study table Singapore is waiting for you.

Congratulation on reaching the finish line! Now, give yourself a pat on the back and check out all of our amazing articles to add more joy to your daily life.

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