21 Top Buffet Caterers for your Chinese New Year Party 2020

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Feeling a little down because the Christmas feasting has ended? Fret not, because Chinese New Year is in less than a week away; giving us even more reason to put our diets on hold.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone’s favorite part about Chinese New Year parties is the food; nothing can beat indulging in a massive buffet spread that’s not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but absolutely scrumptious.

As food and reunion dinners are one of the most important aspects of Chinese New Year, it is crucial that our family and friends are served with the best. Hence, we have compiled a list of 21 top buffet caterers who will definitely not disappoint this Chinese New Year 2020.

1) Stamford Catering

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For an affordable S$16.80/pax, enjoy Stamford Catering‘s Fortune Feast Buffet which dishes out a plethora of delectable Chinese dishes, such as Abundant Wealth Crispy Fish Skin “Yu Sheng” and Salted Egg Prawn.

Furthermore, Stamford Catering covers a full buffet setup with the inclusion of cutleries for a fuss-free party.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can opt for their add-ons such as the Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice w Chicken Sausage at just S$36.80/set, which serves approximately 10 pax. It even comes in a complimentary bamboo bucket which will definitely impress your relatives!

2) Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service

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With over 30 years of experience in the food catering industry, Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service specializes in Chinese delicacies.

There is even a vegetarian option that features a nine-course Prosperity Party Set menu consisting of dishes, such as Signature Bun with Braised Meat.

The menu also features premium dishes, such as Fish Maw Treasure Pot, Abalone Pan Cai Treasures and Fresh Whole Red Snapper.

For those looking for a unique touch to your yu sheng, you might want to consider its Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng at just S$48/platter, which comes in various auspicious idioms to usher in the Lunar New Year.

3) Xin Yi Pin Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Xin-Yi-Pin-Catering-Pte-Ltd/

Xin Yi Pin specializes in local Asian and contemporary regional delicacies at value-for-money prices. All it's Chinese New Year buffet menus come with yusheng and a choice of 10 or 11 courses.

For example, its 10-course Longevity Menu A is priced at S$16.80/pax and includes appetizing dishes, such as Oven Baked Honey Drumlet and Golden Prawns W Fragrance Oat.

If your party is smaller and you order their Mini CNY Buffet Menus, you can look forward to free delivery on the eve of Chinese New Year!

4) ECreative Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/ECreative-Catering-Pte-Ltd/

Usher in the new year with ECreative Catering‘s Joyous Reunion Set that includes Sheng too

For just S$268/per set, eight to 10 people will get to savor scrumptious Chinese delights, such as Fa Cai Yu Sheng with Salmon, Salted Egg Chicken and Oriental Fried Rice W Seafood.

Packed in disposable containers with cutlery provided, end the meal off with their classic Homemade Mango Pudding, which is authentic, sweet, and promises to be a crowd favourite.

5) FattyDaddyFattyMummy

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Image retrieved from https://www.justdelegate.co/vendor/singapore/food-beverage-buffets/fattydaddyfattymummy

For just $13.99/pax, FattyDaddyFattyMummy‘s  price for its Prosperity CNY Menu is a good steal!

Indulge in classics such as their Signature Nonya Curry ChickenChinese Sausage Fried Rice and their popular King of Pork Rib. You’ll also get to pick between finger-licking options, such as Ngoh Hiang Ball and Japanese Breaded Prawns.

6) 338 Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.338catering.com.sg/

For a delicious nine-course menu, dig into 338 Catering‘s CNY Mini Buffet A, which gives you the luxury of choice between popular dishes, such as Rice w/Chinese Sausage & Mushroom and Fried Mee Hoon w/ Pork Trotter Sauce.

Though its CNY Mini Buffet A does not come with yusheng, it does include other mouthwatering delights, such as Deep Fried Yam Roll, 338 Curry Chicken, and Shanghai Green w/White King Mushroom.

7) Select Catering

Image retrieved from https://www.selectcatering.com.sg/promotions/?prid=31

Select Catering‘s Prosperity Reunion Mini Buffet which is priced at just S$22.80/ per pax, comes with nine dishes that include Prosperity Imperial Abalone Platter “Yu Sheng”Fortune Royal Thai Pacific Dory Fillet and Prosperous Salted Egg Yolk Prawn in Nest. 

Do also look out for other popular catering menus, such as their Blossom Feast Buffet at just $21.80/pax,  and the value-for-money Joyous Reunion Mini Buffet that is priced at only $18.80/pax.

8) Curry Pot

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Curry-Pot/

Starting from S$18.88/ for a nine-course meal and one drink, expect dishes such as Baked Red Snapper Loin with Mango Yuzu Sauce and their popular Braised Treasure Ee Fu Noodle with Wild Mushroom.

9) East West Fusion

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/East-West-Fusion/

Providing quality food and reliable buffet catering services, East West Fusion ‘s CNY Mini Buffet Package at just $248.80/set caters for a small group of about eight to ten people. Included in the buffet package is an eight-course meal with yusheng, and an option of having king top shell or smoked salmon.

Highlights on its menu include Yam And Mushroom Rice and East West Signature Curry Chicken With Potato, amongst many others. 

10) Makan Mate

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If you’re going to host some Muslim guests at your Chinese New Year party, then you might want to check out this caterer!

Rated as a must-try caterer on FoodLine, Makan Mate is a popular halal caterer, doling out value-for-money packages as well as delectable dishes.

Try their Happiness Delight menu that’s priced at just $19.80/pax and includes the Abundant Wealth Smoked Salmon “Yu Sheng”.

With a full buffet and cutlery setup, you’ll be sure to enjoy your reunion dinner gathering fuss-free.

11) BellyGood By TungLok

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Image retrieved from http://www.bellygood.com.sg/menu/mini-party-set

Another one for smaller parties that do not require huge buffet setups, check out BellyGood by TungLok’s Mini Party Set going at $19.26 per pax!

While it might seem pricy for some, consider the fact that this is part of the TungLok group; where you know that the quality of catered food that you’ll be receiving is assured.

The curry chicken is one of their best sellers, so don’t miss out on that this Chinese New Year!

12) Neo Garden Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.neogarden.com.sg/menus/regular-menu.html

No stranger to Singaporeans, Neo Garden Catering provides consistent high-quality catering services since the early 90s. It has won numerous awards and is regarded as the number one event caterer in Singapore.

This year, their well-loved Chinese New Year catering menus cater to both smaller families (minimum of eight pax), and bigger families (minimum of 80 pax).

Each catering menu features eight to nine luscious dishes, including popular items such as Har Lok Prawn, Sichuan Crispy Fish, and Auspicious Treasure Pot. Don’t forget to order their smooth and creamy Yam Paste With Gingko Nut dessert, which is bound to please the elderly at home!

13) Orange Clove Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.orangeclove.com.sg/menus

Although best known as one of the best corporate caterers in town, Orange Clove Catering also offers buffets fit for Chinese New Year!

Looking to serve a small group of 10 guests? Check out their mini buffets featuring their crowd-pleasing Signature Curry Chicken, Assorted Nonya Kueh and Sea Cucumber Duck. Conversely, larger families can choose from a wider range of menus with new flavors like DIY Korean Spicy Chicken with Bun Platter; simply creative!

This is a bonus for you if you’re a fan of Peranakan flavors; treat your family to their Baba’s Favourites or Nonya Indulgence menu with delights such as Nyonya Beef Rendang and Signature Ayam Buah Keluak this Chinese New Year!

14) Nature Vegetarian Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.naturevegedelights.com.sg/catering/

Give the gift of health this season! On Chinese New Year, indulge with your loved ones in a healthy feast with Nature Vegetarian Catering! Whether you’re a vegetarian or someone who’s looking for a healthier option, eating vegetarian is a great way to kickstart the Lunar New Year healthy.

Committed to delivering a wide range of quality vegetarian delicacies, Nature Vegetarian Catering’s Chinese New Year Catering menu caters to  a minimum of 20 pax and above, featuring popular vegetarian dishes such as Yi Fu Noodles, Abalone with Vegetables, Fried Golden Spring Roll and Sweet & Sour Ribs. You can even order a vegetarian Yu Sheng as an add-on!

15) YLS Catering

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Image retrieved from https://www.thebestsingapore.com/best-place/yls-catering/

You know you’re in good hands when it comes to YLS Catering because they will go the extra mile to meet individual customer requests and needs. It’s no wonder so many customers left satisfactory reviews for YLS Catering!

When ordering from YLS Catering’s Chinese New Year Catering menu,  it’s a must to try their local delights such as Braised Pork with Bun, Sliced Fish with Cereal as well as Deep Fried Ngo Hiang! Don’t miss out on the creamy Yam Paste with Coconut Milk that’s bound to be a popular dessert of the night!

16) MEGU Catering Concepts

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Image retrieved from https://megu.com.sg/gallery/the-ahava-showcase/

Delivering a personal and dedicated catering service, dig into buffet spreads from MEGU Catering Concepts this Chinese New Year and feel the warmth!

Ready to indulge? Their Chinese New Year catering menus 2020 are inspired by modern Japanese-Chinese cuisine. Smaller families can opt for the Chinese New Year party set menus that come with a Happiness Cold Platter, Shoyu Sesame & Ginger Sous Vide Chicken and Chawanmushi on top of other piquant goodness! Enjoy a complimentary Party Set Box (contains cutleries and even red packets) with every party set order!

Larger families of at least 30 pax can choose from three different menus, featuring irresistible dishes like Char-grilled Prawns with Shoyu Aioli, Soy Braised Nasu & Beancurd and Oriental Mushrooms with Japanese Pearl Rice! The menus also feature three mouth-watering Yu Sheng varieties including Smoked Duck, Smoked Salmon and Pineapple!

17) Purple Sage

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Image retrieved from https://www.hitchbird.com/wedding-catering/singapore/singapore/purple-sage

Being a boutique food service company, Purple Sage caters to all home, corporate, and wedding events. What makes them special is that they have their very own in-house florist who adorns your buffet spreads with the loveliest flowers and garlands.

Their standard buffet menus include Western, Chinese and Fusion cuisines, while their special menus offer kid’s party spreads and chargrill buffets.

So for Chinese New Year 2020, why not try going for an international buffet spread instead of just sticking to Chinese dishes?

18) Mum’s Kitchen Catering

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Image retrieved from https://classifieds.singaporeexpats.com/showproduct.php/product/273911

Mum’s Kitchen promises to serve the freshest food of the highest quality for any occasion, be it big or small, formal or informal.

They boast local, International, Western, Halal and even Fusion cuisines, and their specialties include satay, mee siam, laksa, curry chicken, chilli crab, seafood quesadillas and barbeque roast leg-of-lamb; perfect options for a versatile buffet spread!

19) Savis Food

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Image retrieved from https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Savis-Food/

Check out Savis Food if you want a combination of Western and Chinese food.

With dishes including Fish with Mornay Sauce, Korean Sweet Chicken Wings and Oriental Fried rice, this catered spread will be great for Chinese New Year parties with plenty of guests who have different tastes.

It might be a little pricy at $17.90 (inclusive of GST) since there’s only 7 food items included, but the quality of the food makes up for it.

20) Ronnie Kitchen

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Image retrieved from http://www.ronniekitchen.com.sg/menu/

If you’re looking for a buffet spread that’s worth every single cent, then check out Ronnie Kitchen!

Going at just $11.56/pax, their buffet items include duck, prawns, and squid in addition to the normal items already available for buffet.

Highly recommended for gatherings with relatives who are adamant on only eating Chinese food.

21) Jai Siam

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Image retrieved from https://www.caterspot.sg/caterers/jai-siam

Thai food for you?

If you’re looking to spice up your Chinese New Year buffet spread by incorporating some Thai dishes, then check out Jai Siam!

Five dishes are pre-selected, including Mango Salad that is one of their best dishes, so your other five choices are limited to the green curry, tom yum soup, rice, fish and dessert categories, but at just $18 (inclusive of GST), the all Thai buffet is a pretty enticing offer!

How To Prepare For A Chinese New Year Party In 2020

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With Christmas and New Year’s Eve being over,  that could only mean that Chinese New Year is right around the corner; 25th January to be exact.

Nearly everyone has heard of Chinese New Year, more correctly termed as the Lunar New Year.  This holiday is widely celebrated in Singapore, but not many are sure of how to go about planning a Chinese New Year party due to the next generation being more westernized.

Putting together a Chinese New Year party is fun, cultural, and unique; consider it an excellent excuse to get your family and friends together in January for something educational and enjoyable!

If you don’t feel like going from door-to-door to visit relatives this year, consider organizing your own little gathering to usher in some good fortune and to avoid being alone on such an auspicious period! Your friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to get together and bond over good food, drinks, and games!

1) Sending Invitations

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Mailing out invitations may feel slightly formal, but we guarantee that it builds excitement and authenticity.

Whether you invite guests via the old-fashioned snail mail or social media, you should always include some basic suggestions and instructions in the invitation. Some attendees who are not Chinese, may not know what a Chinese New Year party entails; so help them out a bit by stating what is to be expected such as not turning up in a black colored outfit.

You can suggest that guests bring small gifts in red envelopes; also known as hong bao, that contain cash in them. These are especially important if there are children attending the party.

However, do keep your instructions in the invitation simple, or people may begin to think that your party requires way too much effort and thus not show up.

2) Attire

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Buying a new outfit or wearing one that has not been previously worn, is the standard custom for Chinese New Year.

Avoid showing up in black or white clothing on Chinese New Year; both are colors traditionally worn for mourning in Chinese culture. Gray, charcoal, and ashen colors fall into this category too.

Opt for vibrant colors such as red and gold whenever possible; after all, Chinese New Year is probably the only occasion that gives you an excuse to go all out when choosing an outfit color!

If you still can’t find a suitable outfit, then you can give a nod to tradition by wearing a red accessory! Think red scarves, red bottoms, or a ruby ring!

3) Hygiene

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Image retrieved from https://www.herworld.com/beauty/tips/manicure-nail-art-ideas-chinese-new-year-pig

Any cutting done during Chinese New Year is deemed as unlucky. That is why you should trim your nails, shave, and get a haircut before the holiday if necessary.

If you really want to follow superstition, then avoid washing your hair on the Lunar New Year as it is considered risky since that act symbolizes washing away new good luck accumulated.

4) Food For The Party

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Image retrieved from http://www.butterkicap.com/open-house/6-cny-food

Luckily for you, there are three options for organizing your Chinese New Year food; prepare everything yourself, purchase what you can from the supermarket, or let a Chinese restaurant prepare everything for you.

If you decide to let a restaurant take care of the food, then you should place your order days in advance because Chinese restaurants will be inundated with orders during Chinese New Year.

However, it is important that you take special consideration when choosing the food; don’t just randomly select them just because they are from a Chinese caterer. Even down to the smallest snacks, most of the food served on Chinese New Year is symbolic and has centuries of tradition behind it.

5) Sweep Away The Bad Luck

Housekeeping Cleaning Set: Bucket with sponges, chemicals bottles and mopping stick.
Image retrieved from https://www.pestbusters.com.sg/blog/kickstart-your-cny-spring-cleaning/

If you already have a party space in mind to host your party, clean it before the start of the Chinese New Year. This is because it is traditionally done to sweep away bad luck from the current year.

After guests arrive, have them remove their shoes and place them near the door to encourage a clean and smooth transition into the new year.

Not a bad way to get started on your spring cleaning checklist, eh?

6) Decorate With The Color Red

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Image retrieved from https://www.topchinatravel.com/china-guide/chinese-new-year-decoration.htm

One Chinese New Year custom is to hang red paper decorations in windows and almost everywhere else.

This is because it is believed that this tradition derived from an ancient legend involving a beast called Nian, who was known to be terrified of the color red.

Red also symbolizes power, happiness, and vitality, so you’ll want to use red wherever you can in your decor.

Red velvet cake, anyone?

7) Add Gold Highlights

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Image retrieved from https://shopee.sg/Partyforte-CNY-Rotating-LED-Pineapple-And-Ingot-Deco-i.88118897.1834816300

Although traditional Chinese New Year decor is red, it is accented with gold. This is because gold represents wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

It is also a new year tradition to write messages wishing good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity and longevity and to place those messages where people will find them.

For an added touch, write the messages in gold ink on red paper. You can even make the invitations red with gold writing.

8) Go In Accordance To The Zodiac Animals

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Image retrieved from https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/rat.htm

Chinese tradition holds that every new year is imbued with the characteristics of one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

It’s also a tradition to decorate the party space with images of the incoming zodiac animal.

For 2020, it is the year of the rat, so your party decor should include at least a few rat figurines and photos.

9) Include Dragons

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Dragons are another popular symbol for Chinese New Year as they symbolize strength, goodness and good luck as well as supernatural forces.

Hence, you would want to include dragons in the party decorations too. For example, you can consider stretching a long red or gold dragon garland along the ceiling or wall.

10) Chinese New Year Gift Exchange

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Image retrieved from https://www.thefinder.com.sg/healthy-living/ask-the-experts/everything-you-need-know-about-red-packets-chinese-new-year/

Guests may not be in too big of a hurry to buy and exchange gifts again in the wake of Christmas, although etiquette dictates that they bring something small to the party.

You can reciprocate with witty door gifts or personalized items for each friend. Gifts can be in the form of small trinkets, red envelopes with small amounts of money or gift cards inside; hong baos, or even candy.

Although more effort is required, each gift should be catered to a specific guest and represent some wish you have for their prosperity or health in the new lunar year. For this reason, thoughtfulness is more important than the monetary value of the gift. A quick, inexpensive way to customize gifts is to print favorite photos of the two of you.

Chinese gift-giving dictates that handkerchiefs, watches, white flowers, or anything sharp, should not be given to another person. Watches indicate that time is running out for them and that they are going to pass away soon, and sharp objects represent the cutting of ties.

On the other hand, gifts that relate to the number "4" should not be given. This is because the Chinese word for “four” sounds close to the word for death. Gifts that come in pairs or related to the number "2" are ideal.

11) Chinese New Year Games and Entertainment

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Image retrieved from https://blog.partydelights.co.uk/chinese-new-year-games-and-activities/

You may want to incorporate some Chinese New Year entertainment beyond just enjoying food and drinks.

Games involving skills with chopsticks are a popular tradition and are also easy to set up.

With some uncooked rice, beans, other hard-to-pick-up items and a timer, you can come up with all kinds of simple, creative games that are good for laughs.

However, do note that the games shouldn’t involve guests passing items to each other using the chopsticks; passing bones with chopsticks is a funeral rite in Asia.

Calligraphy contests are also an easy way to have some cultural fun. Have supplies on hand for each guest to try then judge the results and offer small prizes.

Origami, although usually associated with Japanese culture, is another cultural way to keep everyone occupied. Besides, the Chinese do have a legacy of paper-folding art known as zhe zhi.

With that being said, if you still have no party venue in mind to host your Chinese New Year party, then consider hosting it at Hyperspace! This is because Hyperspace is a new events space; thus, it would be very fitting for the Chinese New Year party!

Visit https://www.hyperspace.sg/ for more information.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

21 Epic New Year's Party Theme Ideas

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Image retrieved from http://www.iloveperspectivecellars.com/event/new-years-party-idea-brainstorming/

Christmas has just ended and now, it’s all about planning the next New Year’s party! Choosing a theme for your New Year’s party can set the tone for the entire night, and acts as a prelude into the brand new year; it is a fun and exciting time that’s all about reflecting on the past year while looking forward to craft new memories with loved ones. Your party’s style should match this special sentiment from beginning to the end with a theme that spreads good cheer.

That is why there is always so much pressure and emphasis placed on throwing the best New Year’s party, because you want your guests leaving the party, talking about how much fun they had until the next one.

Whether you’re looking to plan a casual gathering or go all out with a formal celebration, these New Year’s party themes will help you ring in the New Year the right way!

1) Midnight Breakfast Party Theme

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Image retrieved from https://eatsplorations.com/2017/11/28/bgc-eats-bad-late-night-breakfast-bar-uptown-bonifacio/

You heard that right! You can finish off the year with your favorite meal ever; breakfast!

Serve up stacks of pancakes, extra bacon, and a glass of warm milk, for your breakfast-themed New Year party. Make it even more fun by encouraging guests to wear their pajamas to the festivities.

2) Game Night Party Theme

Image result for game night party theme
Image retrieved from https://www.bitememore.com/createme/46/how-to-host-a-family-game-night

Bring out the old school board games, card games, and video games for a New Year’s party full of laughter and friendly competition; award prizes for winners to keep things cheery and lively.

Do allow your guests to bring their own favorite games too so that everyone can get in on the fun.

3) Around the World Dinner Party Theme

Image result for around the world dinner party
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/808607308074418565/?lp=true

Instead of throwing just any old New Year’s dinner party, have a potluck that requires each guest to bring a dish from another cuisine around the world.

Do make sure that there are no replicas; meaning no two people should have the same cuisines. This is to ensure that your guests have a diverse range of foods to eat and sample.

This is an excellent idea because it allows friends to share their own heritage with each other, or try making new dishes that they’ve never made before.

4) Wine Tasting Party Theme

Image result for wine tasting workshop
Image retrieved from https://m.indulgexpress.com/article/wine-tasting-workshop-at-alliance-francaise-hyderabad/10504

Round up some bottles of your favorite wine, and have a tasting party for your guests!

Whether it’s a more casual event with everyone bringing their favorite bottle of wine, or you want to hire a sommelier for a more fancier bash, your guests will love sipping on thoughtfully chosen reds or whites all through the night.

Don’t forget to whip up a cheese board and other finger foods too! Adding a mulled wine to the menu would also be a refined choice.

Alternatively, you and your friends can also sign up for a wine appreciation workshop; if setting and cleaning up after the party is a hassle for you, or you would like to know more in-depth details about your favorite wine.

5) Holiday Cookie Party Theme

Image result for holiday cookie party
Image retrieved from https://www.123rf.com/photo_68620723_close-up-of-holiday-cookie-party-table-with-large-platter-filled-with-homemade-cookies-and-candies.html

If you did not attend any Christmas cookie parties before, then now's your chance to get your sugar fix!

Have everyone bake a batch of their favorite cookies, bring them to the party, swap it with each other, and munch on them all night long.

The cookies do not have to be holiday-themed, but if your Christmas decorations are still up, then might as well! 

6) Dessert Party Theme

Image result for dessert party themes
Image retrieved from http://teenieyogini.com/dessert-party-decorations/

As the name suggests, get your guests to bring their favorite dessert to your bash, and supply a few of your own, along with coffee and ice cream.

Everyone will then be able to sample a little of each dish, and start the new year with a satisfied sweet tooth!

7) Black Light Party Theme

Also known as glow-in-the-dark parties, blacklight parties are ideal for people of all ages!

In order to make this party a success, cover your windows with black construction paper and then swap your regular light bulbs out for black light bulbs.

You can hang neon decorations near the black lights around your party set-up to add more color and vibrancy to this theme.

Don’t forget to get your guests to wear neon-colored clothing too so that they will be entering the new year glowing; literally.

8) Tarot Card Reading Party Theme

Image result for tarot card reading
Image retrieved from https://www.sagegoddess.com/what-is-tarot/

This is a fun and light-hearted New Year’s party theme! Look to the cosmos to see what the new year has in store for you and your guests.

Hire a tarot card reader to come to your New Year's party and do short, fun readings with your guests.

Supply appetizers and drinks, and don't worry about conversation flow; everyone will be talking about their tarot card readings and predicting if they'll come true.

9) Cozy Pajama Party Theme

Image result for cozy pajama party
Image retrieved from https://www.thepajamacompany.com/blog/how-to-host-winter-pajama-party/

Comfort is key when at a party, especially one that will help kickstart the new year!

Invite your guests over to lounge in their holiday pajamas and slippers at your party, while sipping on hot chocolate, enjoying some dessert, and watching some gold old family movies.

10) Pie Party Theme

Image result for pie party
Image retrieved from https://www.mica.edu/events-exhibitions/events-calendar/details/grad-pie-party-2/2019-11-16/

Pie is just about everyone’s childhood holiday food, so why not center your whole New Year's party around the delicious dessert?

Nobody will be mad about going into 2020 with a slice or two cinnamon-spiced pie in their stomachs.

Supply a few options, such as a chocolate-flavored pie, vanilla-flavored; or perhaps some savory options like beef-pot pie,

11) Fondue Party Theme

Image result for fondue party
Image retrieved from https://helloproductions.wordpress.com/tag/fondue-party/

When the weather is chilly, sometimes the only solution is cheese; not just a cheese board, but a piping hot bowl of fondue with plenty of bread, fruits, and vegetables to enjoy it with.

The options are limitless; you can opt for chocolate fondue and pair it with a variety of fruits such as strawberries and grapes! The more sour it is, the better; so that the sweetness of the fondue would be able to mask over it and add to a whole new dimension to its taste.

12) Holiday Movie Marathon Party Theme

Who says that you can’t watch holiday movies after Christmas is over?

Have your party guests come over wearing some matching pajamas, set out a tub of popcorn and other festive snacks, then pop in a good Christmas movie to watch with your friends!

13) Decades Party Theme

Image result for decades theme party ideas
Image retrieved from https://www.eventprophire.com/gallery/decades-themedparty-2010/

Combining the fun of costume parties with the irresistible appeal of nostalgia; decades themed parties are as close to a sure thing as it gets. You don't have to ring in the new year wearing clothes from this decade! Throw a party where everyone dresses up from their favorite decade, and you might find yourself not only celebrating 2020, but 1920, 1950, and 1980 too.

To throw a decades party theme, just pick a decade.

Guests should come dressed in fashions from the era and be prepared to dance to period-appropriate music.

The 60s, 70s, and 80s are all great options for this party theme.

14) Champagne Party Theme

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Image retrieved from https://www.pentictonlakesideresort.com/the-best-wines-to-complement-your-holiday-meals/

Toast the arrival of the new year all night long with some good company, and a champagne glass in your hand.

Think gold decorations, sparkling treats, and of course, lots of bubbly, fizzy champagne.

Give your party space a cheers-worthy look with gold, blush, and rose gold decorations. Set up a photo booth with a gold foil fringe curtain, champagne bottle balloons, and a “Happy New Year” banner to set the tone.

Distribute gold party hats to your guests to ensure no one’s outfit falls flat. In addition, you can also create your very own bubbly bar with a variety of sparkling wines, mixers, and add-ons.

15) Karaoke Party Theme

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Image retrieved from http://www.kaneneighbors.com/2017/01/15/133058/community-karaoke-events-for-all-ages

A karaoke party is a great party theme if you love music and singing. The main fun of a karaoke theme party is getting the opportunity to take the spotlight and belt out your favorite song lyrics.

Maybe you can sing well, or maybe you sound like a drowning dog; it does not matter. Karaoke is all about having a blast and singing like no one is listening, in a judgment-free zone.

Popular TV can lend itself well to a karaoke party; so why not consider throwing an American idol party, The Voice party, X-Factor party, or perhaps a Glee theme party?

16) Poker Night Party Theme

Gamble the night away without forfeiting tons of your hard-earned cash.

Have guests trade $20 for poker chips so no one is tempted to bet the farm, and serve plenty of finger foods and drinks.

If you win the jackpot, you're guaranteed bragging rights until the next New Year's party.

17) Apres-Ski Party Theme

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Image retrieved from http://wrappedupinrainbows.blogspot.com/2014/12/macmillan-wonderland-apres-ski-party.html

Sre, this is Singapore; where there’s no snow and no ski lodge fresh from the icy slopes. But apres-ski means “after ski”, so you can definitely turn that vibe into a party theme.

For this theme to work, serve champagne and spiked hot chocolate. In addition, make sure its warm and cozy indoors to combat the chilly weather!

18) Potluck Party Theme

Image result for new years potluck
Image retrieved from http://blog.urbantreehomes.com/best-2016-new-years-eve-home-party-ideas/new-year-potluck-party/

They say good food brings people closer together, so why not have a potluck party theme? Have your guests bring their favorite dish to the party!

Just ensure that you have an even number of main courses, sides, and desserts; which are all different, so that there won’t be any replicas.

19) The Great Gatsby Party Theme

Image result for the great gatsby party theme
Image retrieved from https://hauteofftherack.com/how-to-throw-a-great-gatsby-themed-party/

You may have heard that there ain’t no party like a Gatsby party, because a Gatsby party don’t stop until at least two people are dead and everyone is disillusioned with the Jazz Age as a whole… ok, that took a dark turn. But the point is, Gatsby-themed parties are excellent for anyone who isn’t Gatsby or Daisy; a.k.a everyone on your guest list.

There's no point in doing a Great Gatsby New Year's party unless you pull out all the stops and use every trick up your sleeve to create a fantastic experience for your friends and family.

When you think of New Year, you certainly expect there to be plenty of drinks flowing and sweet concoctions of alcohol being made.  So for your party, you’re going to do the same!

Serve up some bubbly sweet champagne with a spread of finger food! Decorate your party space with gold glitter; anything that sparkles! This is a New Year’s party after all, so there’s no harm going all out for it!

20) Disco Party Theme

Image result for disco party theme
Image retrieved from https://www.bizbash.com/style-decor/event-design/media-gallery/13480813/11-ideas-for-a-discotheme-event

If you're looking to dance your way into the New Year, there's nothing more groovy than a disco-themed party, complete with a funky music from the 70’s, gold maxi dresses and platform shoes, and of course, the all-essential sparkly disco ball to light up and get the party going on the dance floor.

You could host a dance-off competition on the dance floor and get your guests to bust off their best moves! Who knows, maybe the guy whom you thought couldn’t dance is actually the best dancer you’ve ever seen!

21) Winter Wonderland Party Theme

Image result for winter wonderland party
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/345932815098457620/?lp=true

Well, it’s still chilly during this period. So why not party into an enchanting winter wonderland full of gorgeous snowflake decorations, silver sequin tablecloth, and pine garlands?

Don’t forget to set up a cozy hot chocolate bar, with mini marshmallows to top it off!

Whatever party theme you choose, we’re sure your guests would enjoy it and have a good time. Because after all, aren’t New Year parties all about good company and catching up with old friends?

21 Office Christmas Party Games for 2019

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Image retrieved from https://www.ipwatchdog.com/2017/12/14/office-christmas-party-avoiding-hr-hangover/id=90950/

Employees work hard all year long and need some time to let loose and have a little fun at the office; if not they will start to dislike going to work because they would start forming negative connotations associated with their workplace.

Throwing an office Christmas party and playing party games is definitely a great way to get the holiday party started and keep the fun going while building stronger cohesion among staff members!

Here are 21 Office Christmas Party Game ideas to keep your team entertained!

1) Candy Cane Relay

Image result for candy cane
Image retrieved from https://www.delishbeads.com/products/fake-candy-canes-47mm-super-cute-candy-cane-faux-candy-cabochons-christmas-colors-set-4-pc-set

For this game, you will need a lot of small candy canes, chopsticks, several large bowls, and a handful of stockings.

Divide the group into teams and place the unwrapped candy canes in the bowls. Each player then places a chopstick in their mouth, and have their hands behind their back while attempting to hook as many candy canes as possible on their chopstick.

The player then transfers their “hooked” candy canes to their team's stocking.

The team with the most candy cane in their stocking is the winner.

2) Reindeer Antlers

Image result for reindeer antlers game
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.at/pin/546202261047794882/

Divide players into equal teams and then give each team a pair of pantyhose with the toes cut off. Provide the teams with 15 small balloons and 2 pieces of ribbon too.

Have the teams nominate one member to put the pantyhose on their head, while the other members inflate the balloons and stuff them one at a time into the legs of the pantyhose; each leg making an “antler”.

Afterwards, tie off the ends with the ribbon provided.

The fastest team wins.

3) Christmas Balloon Pop

Image result for balloon pop game
Image retrieved from https://icebreakerideas.com/balloon-popping-games/

Have inflated red and green balloons ready for everyone, then tie one to the ankle of each employee.

The goal of the game is to burst other player’s balloons by stomping on them while guarding one’s own balloon. Once a balloon pops, that player is out.

The winner is the player left with the only unpopped balloon.

4) Toilet Paper Snowman

Image result for toilet paper snowman game
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/219832025534016744/?lp=true

Group staff into pairs; one member plays the role of the snowman, while the other plays the role of the wrapper.

Pass out rolls of toilet paper to each team; whoever wraps up their snowman from head to toe the fastest, wins.

Have each team top off their snowman with a hat and scarf for the perfect photo!

5) Blind Christmas Tree

Image result for blind christmas tree ripping game
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/346355027567188111/?lp=true

Pass out a piece of green construction paper to each player and have them hold it behind their backs. Afterwards, get the players to rip it into the shape of a Christmas tree.

The winner is the one with the best-looking tree.

6) Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Image result for christmas game'
Image retrieved from https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g2725/christmas-games/

Before the party, hide Christmas-themed items around the party room.

Once every employee has arrived, hand out cards with a photo of all the items the hunters must find.

The player who finds the most items is the winner.

7) Christmas Guess Who

Image result for christmas guess who game
Image retrieved from https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/a9lalw/this_office_themed_guess_who_game_my_wife_made_me/

Before the date of the party, instruct employees to bring a photo of themselves when they were a child at Christmas time.

Label each photo with a number and post them on a wall in the party room.

Employees write down their guesses, and the person with the most correct answers wins.

8) Holiday Food Taste

Image result for christmas food
Image retrieved from https://www.beano.com/posts/christmas-food-around-the-world-quiz

Have a spread of holiday food for employees to sample.

Employees blindly sample an assortment of edibles related to the season; you can even mix the foods to create something funky and out-of-this-world.

The person who correctly identifies the most items; wins.

9) Secret Santa Exchange

Image result for secret santa
Image retrieved from https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7694489/Snowflake-millennials-say-Secret-Santa-workplace-gives-anxiety-issues.html

Before the date of the party, get employees to draw names and purchase a gift for that person.

Make sure to set a spending limit and any other ground rules if you’re concerned about what might show up under the Christmas tree.

10) Snowball Toss

Image result for snowball toss with marshmallows
Image retrieved from https://www.totallypromotional.com/blog/christmas-party-games-your-guests-will-love/

Have your employees pair up; one person in each pair puts a bowl on top of his or her head while the other partner tosses marshmallows and try landing them inside the bowl.

The team with the most marshmallows in their bowl at the end of the game wins.

11) Christmas Cookie Exchange

Image result for christmas cookie exchange
Image retrieved from https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/christmas-cookie-exchange/

When handing out the party invitations, get employees to bring two or three-dozen homemade Christmas cookies; this is to try to minimize the number of duplicates in the event that more than 2 people bring the same cookies.

During the party, get everyone to swap and exchange their cookies with one another!

Provide containers so that each participating employee can take home an assortment.

12) Christmas Ornament Exchange

Image result for christmas ornament exchange party
Image retrieved from https://hobbiesonabudget.com/host-ornament-exchange/

Have people bring a gift-wrapped ornament in an unlabeled box, then place them all in a pile and let every participating employee choose one as they depart.

This way, everyone would have something to take home and remember from the party.

13) What’s In The Stocking?

Image result for what's in the stocking
Image retrieved from http://www.tasteyourjuice.com/wordpress/the-end-of-year-stocking-contest

Fill a stocking with 10 random holiday items; such as a roll of tape, candy cane, Christmas bell, Christmas bow or a miniature Christmas tree; and tie at the top so no one can see the contents inside.

Pass around the stocking and have employees to use their sense of touch to determine what’s inside. Afterwards, get them to write down every item that

they have felt.

The person with the most correct answers wins.

14)Wrap Race

Image result for wrap race christmas game
Image retrieved from https://www.signupgenius.com/home/christmas-party-games-ideas.cfm

Hand out boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors to participants.

At the starting signal, players begin wrapping a box and the fastest person wins.

Consider a “style” bonus by deducting a few seconds from a team’s time for the neatest wrapping job.

15) Christmas Don’t Forget The Lyrics

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/teenagers-jewellery

Get a karaoke system ready and line up a slew of Christmas songs.

Afterwards, split the group into teams and get participants to volunteer and sing to the song that’s being played. Pause the track after a few seconds and get the participant to continue singing a portion of that song without the track playing.

A point is awarded for each time that the player sings the correct lyrics.

16) Hot Bow

Image result for christmas bow
Image retrieved from https://beautifulbowsboutique.com/products/christmas-hair-bow-red-green-gold-stacked-christmas-bow-baby-headband

For this game, get a huge Christmas Bow on standby.

While the music is playing, pass the bow around. Whoever is caught with the bow when the music stops, is out.

The last player standing is the winner.

17) Christmas Tie Game

Image result for christmas tie game
Image retrieved from http://mobsea.com/Xmas-Party-Ideas/Christmas-tie-game

Several weeks before the party, ask employees to donate Christmas or ugly ties; preferably in red or green.

At the party, group employees into pairs and give each team a tie. Using only one hand, one person must tie his or her partner’s tie.

The winning team is the first one who manages to finish tying first.

18) Holiday Two Truths & A Lie

Image result for two truths and a lie game pictures
Image retrieved from https://icebreakerideas.com/two-truths-and-a-lie/

Ask employees to think about the worst Christmas gifts they have ever received.

Once that is done, each person is to come up with two that are true and one that is a lie.

Employees are to start sharing about it, while the other participants try to figure out which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

19) Snowball Fight

Image result for snowball fight party game
Image retrieved from https://merrymakers.com/inventory/interactives/snowball-fight-package/

Blow up 50 balloons or more; depending on your group size.

Using a tape, create a divider line down the middle of the party room.

Afterwards, get two teams to face off with each other by taking one side of the room each.

The teams are to start attacking each other’s base by throwing the balloons across the room; to the other team’s base, under a span of 2 minutes; without crossing the divider line.

The team with the least balloons in their base; wins.

20) Most Festive Work Desk Contest

Image result for christmas work desk decoration ideas
Image retrieved from https://www.quotemykaam.com/blog/corporate-decoration-ideas-christmas/

Before the Christmas party, encourage employees to decorate their desks in a seasonal theme. It would be good to set some requirements for everyone to meet, so that participants will have a rough idea of the judging rubrics.

At the Christmas party, announce the winners; those who meet the requirements and have the most creative or well-thought decorations.

Consider giving out prizes for this.

21) Employee Awards

Image result for employee christmas award
Image retrieved from https://www.glassdoor.sg/Photos/Premier-Diagnostic-Imaging-Office-Photos-IMG2573975.htm?countryRedirect=true

Since Christmas parties are year-end celebrations, it would be the ideal time to recognize employees for their achievements and hard work.

You can make them silly or sincere, acknowledging an employee’s efforts is definitely a great way to encourage them to perform better the following year.

You can consider creating attractive awards or gag gifts to present to the employee for this!

If you're looking for an events party space to host your company's Christmas party at, try renting Hyperspace! Adapted to accommodate small groups of 10 to 150 pax depending on configuration, Hyperspace is a flexible space that offers the ideal setting for any types of events from corporate team building events to intimate birthday parties. Standout features include tables and chairs, karaoke system, Nintendo switch, a pool table and even a foosball table! The space offers catering services, a projector to suit various functions, as well as the hottest and latest games & workshops from The Fun Empire!

For more information, visit https://www.hyperspace.sg/ right now!

Merry Christmas everyone!

21 Christmas Party Theme Ideas For Your Company in 2019

Image result for christmas party
Image retrieved from https://www.markovina.co.nz/epic-christmas-party

With just 2 more weeks to Christmas, it can only mean one thing; that its time to plan the annual Christmas party that everyone is looking forward to!

If you always mean to host a get-together but go blank on ideas once the time comes; we get it. It’s a busy season with workload piling up from the office too; so, we did it for you!

Here are 21 Christmas Party Theme ideas for your company 2019!

1) Secret Santa Party

Image result for secret santa party
Image retrieved from https://www.yellowpages.ca/tips/6-steps-to-hosting-a-fun-christmas-party-with-a-secret-santa-gift-exchange/

Since Christmas is all about giving and receiving, that should be the main theme of your party! Host a secret Santa party to get your guests hyped up and excited for the party!

In the weeks leading up to the party, set a spending budget and have everyone draw names to determine who will be their Santee; this is the person whom they must buy a gift for.

On the day itself, gather everyone for the big reveal!

Do note to set a few rules such as no prank gifts.

2) Nightmare Before Christmas

Image result for night before christmas party
Image retrieved from https://wallpapersafari.com/w/U5oseE

This party theme can take ideas from Halloween Town, Christmas Town, or both. It will be like celebrating Halloween during the Holidays; giving any party a completely different look and feel. Let’s just say, this Christmas party is more on the gothic side.

Odd décors will do in creating a Goth atmosphere. Some examples include oblong armchairs and gangly iron bars.

While facilitating Nightmare-inspired games, have the DJ play songs from the movie as well as other gothic rock tracks.

3) A Christmas Story

Image result for a christmas story party ideas
Image retrieved from https://hizonscatering.com/planning-guide/6-unique-company-christmas-party-theme-ideas/

This party theme takes inspiration from the 1989 film about 9-year-old Ralphie Parker, who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for a Christmas present. The movie, which was set in the 1940s, is a classic and one of the most well-loved holiday movies of all time.

This theme is for those who love following old traditions.

For your party, you can center the celebration on holiday traditions in the 1940s or 1980s. For example, you can put traditional evergreen décors and life-sized leg lamps; these would look perfect for picture-taking!

4) Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Image result for willy wonka and the chocolate factory christmas party
Image retrieved from https://www.officechristmas.co.uk/christmas-party/willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory/

Inspired from the 1971 and 2005 adaptation of the book and movie entitled “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, he story revolves around lucky children who won a golden ticket and got a chance to tour the factory.

Knowingly, this holiday soiree will be pure elation!

Prior to the party, you can send your party guests a golden ticket as a party invite.

Candies and chocolates can then double as decors while the Christmas tree can be decorated with all-edible candy bars as well as other chocolate goodies; just like in the movie!

You can even add a chocolate fondue with fruits on the side; this would surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Essentially, anything with a kick of sweetness will be perfect to complement the theme.

5) Circus

Image result for circus christmas party
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/222154194095006075/?lp=true

A circus-themed celebration is often entertaining and dazzling. Nonetheless, the whole point about this theme is all about the visual effect and overall ambiance.

Proper decorative elements should be evident to support the circus theme. Examples include long bright red draperies. There can also be funny mirrors, throwing games, hok-a-duck, pitching pennies, etc.

Nonetheless, what will make this party a true Cirque du Soleil-inspired celebration; is the entertainment. As much as possible, there should be a ringmaster, fire breathers, jugglers, stilt walkers, and acrobat performers.

6) Masquerade Ball

Image result for masquerade christmas party
Image retrieved from https://leasing.dmcihomes.com/unique-christmas-party-themes/

A masquerade ball theme is suitable for those who fancy an extravagant holiday celebration. Masquerade props such as decorative masks complete with feathers and luxurious drapery are a must. Purple and gold will be the perfect colors of the day.

Amidst the glittering sight of candelabras and chandeliers, a jazz band can also accompany the masquerade-themed party. Other forms of entertainment include magicians, dancers, and comedians. Expect music from “Phantom of the Opera”.

7) White Christmas

Image result for white christmas party
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/187884615684953164/?lp=true

Drawing inspiration from the old-fashioned Holiday setting, this theme involves everything to be white. As such, decors must be all white or off-white with silver as an accent color. There should be a white Christmas tree and white snowflakes as well. Silver-wrapped presents can also be placed under the tree, to turn the venue into a winter wonderland.

Guests will also be expected to show up in all-white attire, in order to complement the theme.

8) The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Image result for ugly christmas sweater party
Image retrieved from https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-annual-ugly-christmas-sweater-party-stage48-nyc-tickets-80403612369

Think horrid Christmas sweaters in horrible shades of green, brown, and purple; the ones which your Grandma buys you every year and you throw it into the deepest darkest depths of your closet as soon as Christmas is over.

Well, dig out those beastly sweaters because you’re going to need them for this year’s Christmas party theme.

Everyone will be required to find and wear a Christmas sweater to the party; anyone who doesn’t will be given one of the spare sweaters you have on hand, and a pair of reindeer ears or some other kind of embarrassing prop for good measure.

9) Santa’s Workshop

Image result for santa's workshop party
Image retrieved from https://www.catchmyparty.com/photos/2024839

Ever wondered what Santa is making in the North Pole?  Why don’t you find out yourself!

Set up your party venue to look like Santa’s workshop; a corner for Santa visits, piles of presents ready to go on the sleigh, and different workstations where busy elves have fun activities for guests to do.

All you have to do is get a colleague to wear a Santa suit; there will definitely be willing participants. Everyone can then take turns getting a picture with Santa; as the night goes on, the pictures will no doubt get sillier and sillier. It can be fun to also supply a few props to make the photographs even more interesting.

At each elf workstation, you can include different activities that test either the guest’s creativity or teambuilding talents. Build bridges through games such as charades or a friendly game of poker!

10) Winter Wonderland

Image result for winter wonderland party
Image retrieved from https://co.pinterest.com/pin/303781937340611888/?lp=true

For those of us who live in Singapore, there’s just something magical about a white Christmas; where the whole world is covered in snow, and there is ice skating and hot chocolate with people wearing bright scarves and hats.

Embrace the season with a Winter Wonderland theme! Decorate your party space to lool like a wintery ice kingdom, with white draping, fairy lights, glittering snowflakes, and cuddly polar bear plushies.

For drinks, serve an icy vodka cocktail with some delicious, warming mulled wine. The food served should be warm and comforting; think savory broths and juicy meats.

For games, you could perhaps use a casino poker table or pool table, and pit different departments against each other!

11) Narnia Christmas Party

Image result for narnia christmas theme
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.ch/pin/59883870029083249/

Ever wondered what it’ll be like stepping into a magical wardrobe and arriving in another world? A mystical dream perhaps, filled with sleighs, lions, polar bears, snow drenched trees and icicles.

Let your imagination run wild as you escort your guests through the wardrobe into a mysterious make-believe world of Narnia.

You could decorate the entrance and exit door in a way that resembles a wardrobe to add more to the party vibes.

12) Great Gatsby Christmas Party

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/845058317551221520/?lp=true

Venture back to the Roaring 20s; an era famous for an economic boom and industrial growth, merriment, and celebration. It was a time where aspirations were high, inhibitions were low and everything was about style and panache.

For your party, transform your party space into a music hall filled with party people, celebrated musicians playing swing and jazz music, and rooms oozed with glamour!

Integrate a photo booth to give guests a chance to take away memorabilia from the “Roaring 20s” event!

This theme is all about glitz and glamour of the elegant 1920s, and it's all about executing it in style.

13) The Greatest Showman Christmas Party

Image result for the greatest showman party
Image retrieved from http://www.bambinoamore.com/2018/05/the-greatest-showman-party-ideas.html

Filled with lights, color, and entertainment, wow your guests with this theme as the curtains drop!

You can get a colleague to play the Ringmaster; who will be the host for the evening. This is to set the scene for the Christmas party!

For food, you can provide carnival food such as hotdogs, popcorns, etc.

As for drinks, think fun soda pops and some cocktails!

14) Alice In Wonderland

Image result for alice in wonderland christmas party
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/llpate/hip-christmas-in-wonderland/

If you had a world of your own, would everything be nonsense? Well, apparently at an Alice In Wonderland themed party, that’s exactly what you’ll find!

With so many different twists to take on the much-loved classic, your Alice In Wonderland themed party can be whatever you make it.

Join the Mad Hatter for a riot of a sit-down meal with cake, tea, and of course; lots of laughter.

For drinks, take some inspiration from the famous story and have “Drink Me” welcome drinks. A buffet with tempting finger food would also work well! Think feather-light sandwiches and dainty sweet treats. If you’re wondering what to serve for dessert, try cake pops and cookies in the shape of love hearts; or try cupcakes adorned with the words “Eat Me”.

15) Christmas Cocktail Party

Related image
Image retrieved from https://bbj.hu/whatson/bcch-to-host-christmas-cocktails_141803

Nothing can go wrong with a classic holiday cocktail party; formal or otherwise.

To avoid playing bartender all night, set up a “serve-yourself drink station” with basic spirits and mixers plus a festive holiday punch that can be made in a large batch.

You can spice up the party by hosting an elegant wintry cocktail making contest!

16) Christmas Carol-oke

Image result for christmas carol-oke party
Image retrieved from http://www.thechurchguide.com/christmas-carol-oke.htm

Love singing Christmas tunes and caroling but afraid that you’ll annoy your neighbors? Rent a space with a karaoke machine and host a Christmas party there where you can belt out all your favorite Christmas songs all night!

17) Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Image result for gingerbread house decorating party
Image retrieved from http://darlingdarleen.com/2018/12/gingerbread-house-decorating-party/

You, as the host; will provide the undecorated gingerbread houses and frosting, then ask guests to bring their favorite candy for decorating.

Be sure to get an unbiased party judge to critique everyone’s finished creations, or leave it up to an Instagram vote!

Send the victor home with a small gift or sweet treat; scented Christmas candles are always a good idea because they smell good and can keep a person warm this chilly season.

18) Cookie Exchange Party

Image result for cookie exchange party
Image retrieved from https://hungryhappenings.com/how-to-host-christmas-cookie-exchange/

One of the best things about the holiday season is definitely the abundance of sweet treats you’ll find around; so why not throw a cookie exchange party?

Get your guests to bring a plate of their favorite Christmas cookies to exchange with one another!

19) Hot Cocoa Exchange Party

Image result for hot cocoa exchange party
Image retrieved from https://partieswithacause.com/gingerbread-themed-christmas-hot-chocolate-bar/

If cookies aren’t your thing, then host a cocoa exchange party instead!

Just try to make sure that there are at least four people in attendance so you all can walk away with a new variety of hot cocoa to try each week leading up to Christmas.

Be sure to store your mix in a glass mason jar instead of a plastic bag; this would help retain its flavor better.

You can also try adding marshmallows to your hot cocoa for a creamier and fun addition!

20) Christmas Costume Party

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/447967494156692045/?lp=true

Who says costume parties are only for Halloween?

This year, skip the sequins and suits, and ask everyone to come overdressed as their favorite character from a Christmas movie!

Think Elsa from Frozen or perhaps The Grinch!

21) Christmas Potluck

Image result for christmas potluck
Image retrieved from https://www.signupgenius.com/home/christmas-potluck-ideas.cfm

If you love playing hostess but get stressed when cooking for a large crowd, then a Christmas potluck party would be ideal for you!

This will also be easier on your wallet since everyone is contributing something!

Just make sure that there are at least a few main dishes like ham or turkey, a dessert, and beverages. Be sure to keep track of what everyone is bringing so that there’s no overlap!

21 Tips for Fascinating Table Talk at Your Dinner Party

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When it comes to dinner parties, table talk is very crucial yet often overlooked. It is the one thing that cannot be set up in advance.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared. With the holiday season imminent, we came up with a list of 21 tips for fascinating table talk at your next dinner party.

1) Consciously Seek Out Conducive Environments

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In order to have meaningful conversations, you must be able to hear one another properly.

Background music would be an ideal way to create the right atmosphere, but the volume cannot be too loud that you find yourself struggling to hear.

2) Warm Up the Crowd

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This is one of the most crucial steps because small talk gives guests a chance to get to know one another better and to take one another’s measure before the conversation turns to weightier matters.

It’s like a warm-up before sports activities.

3) Be a Conversation Conduit

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Stimulate open communication; don’t leave some guests nodding their heads and pretending they know what’s going on. Often, clarification is required.

If you see a guest mumbling, restate a phrase for people who could not hear what was being said.

If a guest makes an inside joke, go ahead and laugh; and then put it on the context for everyone.

4) Have One Conversation at a Time

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Having only one conversation at a time helps everyone to stay focused on the main topic at hand. It prevents conversations from becoming messy, and it also reduces the chances of a guest feeling left out.

5) Less Talking, More Listening

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The sad truth is that; no one cares what you have to say. They only care about what they have to say.

This is because deep down, people want to feel that they’ve been heard; they will if you let them talk.

6) Embrace Complicated Topics

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We all know what society tells us not to talk about at a dinner party; religion, politics, salaries, etc.

Yet, these topics should be fair game; what’s a dinner party if not a laboratory of ideas?

7) Provocation with Style

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Don’t worry about dangerous conversational territory; the most memorable conversations are a product of guests who dare to provoke, titillate, and argue.

The trick is to create a permissive atmosphere with civility and style, something like a “ladylike broad’; half-civilized charmer, half wisecracking bomb-thrower.

8) Keep Arguments Low-Key

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A single conversation will not convince a lifelong liberal that it’s ok to own an arsenal of assault rifles.

In simple terms, arguments are not worth it because it is highly unlikely that the other party would change their opinions overnight. Accept this.

It is amazing how much more relaxed a political argument becomes when you understand that you do not have to, and in fact; won't win.

9) Personalize your Politics

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Go for empathy when you talk politics; showing how a political issue affects you intimately is more important than data and statistics.

Try leading with a personal story.

10) 2 W’s: What and Why

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In order to ensure that a guest’s story becomes truly interesting, just ask two questions over and over again; what and why.

“What exactly happened? What did it feel like? Why is that so?”

Seek emotional specifics and then ask the guests for the reason behind it. This is where the guest’s most thoughtful connection to a story lies.

11) Venture into the Unconventional

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Small talk need not be soporific. Before the party, try finding some recent news or peculiar science stories that people most likely have not heard about.

12) Don’t Assume

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Asking questions is a great way to get guests to reveal something fascinating about themselves.

However, one should always avoid throwing in possible answers with your question. For example, “why did you quit business school? Was it too boring?”

Leave out the guess; a short question is more likely to provoke details.

13) Ask Open-Ended Questions

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As a host, you need to be the one asking interesting questions. This can be done through posing a series of open-ended questions; so that people will elaborate and give some more insight into themselves as a person.

14) Ask A Second Question

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The most interesting conversations come after the initial answer.

It takes extraordinary discipline to refrain from answering your own question and instead, ask a second question. Yet, this is where the deepest conversations occur.

15) Draw out those who are Reticent to Speak

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In any group, there will be people who are natural talkers, and those who are contented with just listening.

Draw out the latter. This is because the best contributions sometimes come from those who won’t answer unless asked.

As the saying goes, “still waters run deep.”

16) Pay Attention to People’s Physical Needs

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Do remember to pay attention to your guests at all times.

Constantly scan the table to see who needs drink refills or who might like a second helping. This is to prevent your guests from thinking about these things so that the conversation can be the primary focus.

This requires that you see yourself as a facilitator.

17) Affirm people, even if you disagree with them

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People whom you disagree with might actually be more interesting than you think. This is because you’ll be hearing from a different perspective; thus, having an opportunity and potential of learning something new.

Try seeing and understanding from their perspectives; what different experiences they might have.

18) Share about yourself

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Share things about yourself to avoid getting stuck only asking questions. We don’t want to end up asking too many questions in a row, and also not talk too much about ourselves.

So how do you find the balance?  A good rule of thumb is the IFR method:

Inquire: Ask a sincere question

Follow Up: Ask a follow-up question

Relate: Share a little bit about yourself that is related to what they said

After you have linked it up, ask a new sincere question (Inquire); and that’s the loop.

19) Tone Of Voice

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How you come across when you start talking to someone is less about what you say, and more about how you say it.

Many focus too much on saying the right words that they forgot how they say it.

You want to have a friendly and relaxed tone of voice; if you do, you don’t have to worry about the exact words you use.

You don’t need to be confident to sound friendly and relaxed.

20) Look for Common Ground

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This one is the easiest if you know that most of your guests would have something in common; usually, that is the case since they are at your party.

When you bring up what you have in common, you make an instant connection; leading to more things to talk about.

21) Ask for Help or Information

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Much like asking for an opinion, asking for a little help or guidance can be an excellent way to make your guests feel useful.

Just make sure whatever you’re asking for is something the other party will be able to offer without embarrassing and putting themselves out.

21 Steps to Be Charismatic At Parties

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Love them or hate them, parties are an integral part of our lives. They are where people meet prospective business partners, future romantic partners, and friends; it is a place where small talk becomes the stuff of life.

Who among us; save the most charismatic and self-sufficient partygoer; wouldn’t like to be better at parties?

If this is you, then today is your lucky day because we are going to teach you the 21 crucial steps to being better at parties. This includes making seamless, beautiful small talks that lead to important conversations and connections. We will teach and help ease you into mingling effortlessly and also demonstrate the right way to leave; while saving your reputation.

So let’s go forth and get partying!

The Arrival

First impressions are crucial; here are the steps you should take to make arriving at a party more fulfilling and less stressful.

Step 1: Have a Purpose

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Unless you’re the most gregarious of extroverts, one of the issues with parties is the feeling of walking into a room full of strangers. Or perhaps, you’re only vaguely connected to the host; who will most definitely be busy hosting and entertaining other guests.

The question now is; how are you going to start a conversation at a party with a complete stranger or someone you barely know?

But, there is a reason why you’re attending this party. If there isn’t, then you should start rethinking your decisions for going to this party; better to say no and save yourself from the agony of canceling.

However, let’s assume you do want to go; you need to take a moment to identify realistically, what your purpose for attending is. Is it; to make a business connection, to meet a new friend, to have intellectual conversations, to taste some new food or wine, or to relax?

After defining your purpose, setting a goal for attending the party becomes easier. You would then know what to accomplish before you leave.

Step 2: Find Your Ensemble

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Party prepping should involve what you are going to wear.

Pick a tried-and-true outfit, something that taps into the best version of yourself; as opposed to something that makes you feel self-conscious, or that you will be constantly adjusting.

Step 3: What to Bring

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The classic rule is to show up with something in hand; however, nowadays you don’t need to show up with something for your friends.

If you feel more comfortable arriving with a bottle of wine or a token of your appreciation, then, by all means, go for it. If they say “just bring yourself”, then you can take them for their word.

Bear in mind that conversation is part of what you bring to any social event. Always be prepared with 3 topics to talk about; they can be about anything that intrigues you at the moment. You need not even talk about them; they’re just there as a backup if you need them.

Step 4: Arrive on Time and Go Alone

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Forget what everyone has been saying about “arriving fashionably late” and with a posse of friends.

The very best time to arrive at a party is right when it starts; before everyone is ensconced in conversations and you find yourself in the position of having to work your way into established groups.

If you can bear it, go alone; and watch as the other guests make a beeline toward you. The person who walks alone is usually the most approachable person.

If you do arrive in a couple or group, you might go so far as to separate from them in order to truly maximize your mingling.

Step 5: Greetings

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Getting past the initial hellos can be a judgment itself; do you hug, shake hands, or kiss on one cheek in the European style? What if you are them hate being touched?

Pay attention to other people’s cues instead of adhering to some global rule of what one should do in any particular moment. This is because you should respect the boundaries the other person sets up. When it comes to manners, you’ve got to be a chameleon and adapt.

However, if something makes you uncomfortable, you should also let the other person know politely.

Time to Mingle

Now that you have arrived at the party, it is time to start meeting your fellow partygoers and impressing them with your witty, warm repartee.

But how do you do that?

Step 6: Look Around and Smile

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You’ve arrived on time; whether by yourself or not, with a gift in hand, or simply your presence as your present. You know what you want to accomplish and you have conversational topics in the back pocket of your carefully selected outfit; it’s time to shine!

The first couple of minutes are the most crucial. If you can win them over with your smile and make eye contact, you would instantly be put in the right place.

You’ll know when someone is looking to chat if they are scanning the room. If you see someone like that, then that is the perfect person to approach.

Step 7: Give Yourself a Job

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If you feel vehemently awkward about standing in the middle of the room and smiling, or approaching someone else; then you should make yourself occupied by having a job at the party.

For example, if you know the host, you can offer to help serve drinks, take coats, clear used glasses, or open the door as people knock.

Step 8: Make the Small Talk

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Some might neglect small talk as if it’s superficial and think that it’s just mundane chitter-chatter about the weather or sports. But in actual fact, it is actually of paramount importance.

Small talks are about negotiating relationships; sometimes it might even lead to ongoing relationships. To put it simply, small talks are like the appetizer for any relationship. You won’t know where or when your next opportunity will be in life, friendship, romance, and meeting people.

In most cases, relationships start with small talk; somebody had to break the ice and say hello first, no matter how afraid they might be.

You could always start with a question or give a compliment; but whatever you do, say hello and be genuine.

At the end of it all, it’s about figuring out what kind of person you want to spend the next 30 minutes of your evening with. The aim is to find one or two people with whom you have commonalities, then you can go deeper with more personal questions.

Step 9: Introversion VS Social Anxiety

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There is a fine line between being an introvert and having social anxiety. Introverts are slightly quieter than the general population and feel that lots of energy is required to keep a conversation going at a party. In contrary, social anxiety is a learned behavior often stemming from a traumatic incident.

Before partying, ask yourself if you might have those feelings in this situation; and also think about how you can prepare for that,

Just because you tend toward introversion, doesn’t mean you can’t be good at parties; it’s all about managing your energy. You can go and rock a party, but having strategies to recharge is vital.

A simple solution could be hiding in the bathroom when necessary or finding an extroverted friend to help you out.

Step 10: Put Down Your Mobile Phone

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Mobile phones complicate everything; on one hand, it is great that you do not have to stand in one place and look lost. However, the downside is that it can give off the impression that you are very unapproachable.

Your mobile phone isn’t just distracting, but also limiting your capacity to empathize.

Think about it; you’re not making eye contact or noticing how people in the room are feeling. In addition, you’re probably missing out on some really good conversations by staring at your screen; which you can do anytime you want when you get home.

Step 11: Use the Information At Hand

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Image retrieved from https://www.eventbrite.ie/blog/the-expert-guide-to-better-networking-at-events-ds00/

Your best bet when conversing with someone new at a party, is to base what you say on the “free information” you have at hand about the occasion or location.

You can ask questions like “how do you know the host or hostess?”

Don’t Be That Person

Being a party guest is easy, but being a great party guest takes a lot of effort and work.

Step 12: Make Good Conversation

Image retrieved from https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4994777/christmas-party-conversation-fun-tips/

3 Tiers of Good Conversation Topics:

Tier 1: Safe Territory – think sports, the weather, pop culture, local celebrities, and any immediate shared experience; this is the “free information” that we have mentioned in the previous step.

Tier 2: Potentially Controversial  -  these include religion, politics, dating and love lives. Test the waters, and back away if they’re not interested or you sense that the other person is feeling uncomfortable.

Tier 3: Intimate Topics – these consist of family and finance, buckets into which health and work-life are included. Some people love to talk about what they do and their kids, but do not ask a probing question until the door has been opened. Those sorts of questions can also become exclusionary, so think about everyone involved in the conversation before you start. 

Knowing the 3 tiers can save you from making the most embarrassing faux pas. In any situation, do not ask a question that could put somebody in a bad position; such as “Is your boyfriend here?” Instead, try “catch me up on your life!”

Step 13: Be More Interested To Be More Interesting

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Unless you’re a professional comedian, don’t head to a party with the intent of leaving everyone in stitches.

If you talk a lot, you might tire yourself. However, if you ask questions, listen, and draw people out, they’ll think you’re a great conversationalist.

In a recent study where two researchers from the psychology department at Harvard University found that talking about yourself triggers the same pleasure sensation in the brain as food. People would literally forgo money, just to talk about themselves; use this to your advantage simply by listening.

Step 14: Do Not Be A Conversation Hog

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We’ve all been involved in those irritating conversations where we never seem to be able to get a word in edgewise. Unfortunately, we may have been on the other side too.

No matter the situation, it is imperative to share the conversation pie. Share half if there are two of you, a quarter if there are four. The share of the pie is never as large as what involves you listening.

Working the Room

Mingling is an art itself, but remember what you’re here for; to have fun and meet new people.

Step 15: Entering and Exiting Conversations

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Image retrieved from https://gojobbox.com/how-to-get-better-at-networking-fast/

Picture yourself being trapped in a conversation with a monologuer, and you’re racking your brain trying to escape.

What you can do is to excuse yourself, such as pretending that you just spotted your friend. Another way is to acknowledge what you’ve heard, then give them a warning that the conversation is almost over. For example, “That sounds like you really have a passion for skating! I’m sorry, but I’ve only got a couple more minutes until I need to leave.”

If the speaker continues to dominate, deliver on what you said; such people are only interested in talking but not building relationships. Appreciate their time, thank them, then excuse yourself to leave.

When seeking new conversational partners, it’s more difficult to go into a closed group than it is to address a solo person; take note of their body language.

If they’re standing in a circle with their feet pointed to each other, they’ve blocked off interaction with anyone else. But if you see there’s a bit of space for others to come in, where you can physically fit yourself in, that means the group is interested in having others come up. Listen in, find an open spot, and make your move. If you meet two or three people hanging out, ask how they met; ask questions that encourage storytelling

Step 16: Don't Double Down if You are Not Getting What You Want

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One huge conversational mistake is not picking up clues about how other people are reacting to you. However, do keep in mind that everyone has different conversational styles.

You should always be attuned to the signals others are sending. According to research, some cultures have a high-involvement style, which means standing closer, offering more gestures and broad facial expressions; whilst others have a high-considerate style, which means fewer broad gestures and facial expressions. If you’re experiencing a disconnect, it may simply be that you have different styles.

If you find yourself doing all the talking, try stopping and asking a question. If you find yourself not having a chance to talk, try talking over the other person or find a spot and chime in.

Be aware, for most people, if something is not going well, our instinctive response is to do more of it. Don’t.

Step 17: When Awkward Silences Happen

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Image retrieved from https://inspireyourfaceblog.wordpress.com/tag/party-activities/

One way to avoid awkward silences is to assume the burden of the conversation. You can try coming up with new things to talk about and taking the conversation in another direction.

It’s not only about questions; if the other party isn't interested in the topic, then the conversation will go nowhere.

Do bear in mind that pauses are natural; if you wait it out, the other person might revive the conversation. You can also circle back to an earlier topic, on your part.

But if you’ve reached the end, then exit the conversation in a polite way.

Step 18: What To Do With Your Body

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Image retrieved from http://www.procommltd.com/eye-contact-building-the-emotional-connection/

1. Make eye contact - Hold your eye contact for a split second longer than you want; try practicing it with everyone you meet. It may feel extremely uncomfortable, but it will deepen the relationship you already have.

2. Keep up your posture - Practice good posture; stand with your shoulders up and back to project confidence and self-assurance. These qualities make you appear magnetic to others and can boost your self-confidence.

3. Open your body – Avoid crossing your arms, because this makes you look closed-off and unapproachable. Remind yourself to try keeping your arms to your sides. Additionally, you can try keeping a glass in your hand, with or without alcohol in it; this helps to prevent you from crossing your arms.

4.  Keep A Smile - Not only does it make you look more approachable, but smiling also makes you feel less stressed and tensed up. The biggest challenge is to walk into a room, get a drink, stand there and smile. However, looking cool and bored only makes you feel more alienated; no one would want to approach you. There is no person in the world that wouldn’t respond to a smile.

The Exit

Now that you are the hit of the party and you’ve charmed your way into the hearts of all, it’s time to stick the landing.

Step 19: Read The Room

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Image retrieved from https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-to-include-on-a-business-card-for-job-seekers-2062582

Is vanishing without a word ever acceptable? The answer is no.

While you don’t want to make a big interruption, you should acknowledge the departure and thank your host. There are, of course, always exceptions and you could follow up after the party to thank the host if the “in-person” goodbye simply can’t happen. 

Don’t just thank your host before leaving, go up to the other people that you have spoken to throughout the evening, and tell them that it was great to meet them. Exchange business cards and go back around; it’ll make them feel special.

If there are people you weren’t able to talk to, you can leave a good impression by telling them something like, “I have to run, I hope to see you soon.”

That way, they won’t think that you are avoiding them.

Step 20: What if You Mess Up Terribly?

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Image retrieved from https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1031113610-upset-woman-ignoring-apologizing-boyfriend-holiday-party

Say you forget a name, or introduce yourself anew to someone you’ve already met, or spill your drink all over your host’s white carpeting; admit the predicament, apologize with sincerity and move on.

It doesn’t have to be very intimidating; there’s the fear of the small mistake ruining everything, but it’s unlikely.

Anyway, isn’t life hard enough already? There are opportunities for kindness and engagement, and you should take advantage of those. If you’re rejected under those terms, keep in mind that it’s through no fault of your own.

Step 21: Know That There Will Be Others

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Image retrieved from http://justnewsly.com/cannes-personal-invitation-hina-khan-had-met-priyanka-for-the-party-did-not-even-leave-for-a-minute/

Last but not least; when you leave, leave the party behind for good. Don’t sweat the inevitable after-party F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out).

Even if you get the call saying something along the lines of , “I can’t believe you left because, after that, someone important showed up.”

Do not be tempted to go back.

Look, it’s just one party. There’s always going to be another one around the corner. For now, reward yourself with a bath and the simple satisfaction that you survived the party; and maybe you even had fun too?

21 Steps To Throwing A Flawless Launch Party

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Image retrieved from http://www.77creative.com/portfolio/icon-fitness-launch-party/

In simple terms, a launch party is an event used to help introduce something into the market; be it a new brand, product, location or service.

A launch party should be an extension of the core values of your brand; it should reflect your desires and beliefs as a company while showcasing something comprehensively new.

It typically involves inviting stakeholders in your business, key industry influencers or prospects to an event hinged on introducing them to your new brand, product, location, or service; while also entertaining them and making the experience a memorable one.

When pulled off effectively, launch parties can generate a significant amount of buzz for any brand. They can garner goodwill, leave a huge impact on prospective customers, and be a lot of fun for potential clients.

However, this is only applicable if they are planned and executed impeccably.

Hence, our team is here to help you plan for and throw the best launch party ever in history! Here are 21 steps to take when throwing a launch party.

Step 1:  Know your event objective

Image result for event objectives examples
Image retrieved from https://www.eventmanagerblog.com/event-marketing

Often overlooked yet an integral part of the planning process; setting your event objective or outcome is a crucial first step when planning for a launch party. This is because your event objective sets the road for you to identify the success criteria at the end of your launch party.

For example, your event objective may be an increase in sales by 25% by the end of the event; or establish an ongoing relationship with five new media outlets who write editorials about your events.

Step 2: Choose a theme

Image result for choosing a party theme
Image retrieved from https://nearsay.com/c/502425/468699/3-tips-from-an-event-coordinator-for-choosing-a-party-theme

After setting your event objective, you can now move on to coming up with a theme for your launch party. Try thinking of a theme that is beyond your brand, then use that theme to tie the whole event together.

Step 3: Prepare a launch party checklist

Image result for event objectives
Image retrieved from https://www.c-h-w.com/your-event-planning-checklist/

After deciding on the theme, the first thing you need to do is come up with a checklist for the launch party.

The checklist should consist of all the important steps that need to be completed before the event. It is not inclusive, so do remember to include all key stakeholders to the launch in your planning meetings to get a better sense of other actions that may be needed.

Step 4: Establish a budget

Image result for setting a budget
Image retrieved from https://www.freshfinancials.com/how-to-create-small-business-budget/

Deciding on the budget should be one of your top priorities when planning for your launch party. This is because you need to know exactly how much you have to spend so that you can plan what your launch party can and cannot include. Thus, stopping you from overspending.

Step 5: Implement an event app

Image result for event app
Image retrieved from https://www.eventbrite.ie/blog/4-mobile-event-apps-to-enhance-the-conference-experience-ds00/

An event app is a tremendous way to help plan and implement your launch party; even in the early stages as you plan amongst your staff and teams.

Step 6: Choose a unique event venue

A venue can make or break your event. Given the wide range of party venues in Singapore, it can be an arduous task trying to choose the ideal event venue in Singapore.

When choosing a location, consider using a unique event venue that represents what your brand is.

Do also ensure that the event venue is easily accessible for your guests.

Using a unique event venue will also make your event more exclusive, thus increasing its value.

Step 7: Know your audience and invest in relationships

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/allbusiness/2019/09/21/effective-business-networking-secrets/#3cc7a1d118a6

Knowing about the needs wants, and buying behaviors of your guests is what sets apart successful event planning businesses from those that fail.

While it is nice to invite friends and family for moral support, it is equally important to think long term about who you want to work with; and subsequently, invite them to your launch party.

This would enable you to build a strong relationship with the right type of client.

Step 8: Create your launch party invite

Image result for handing out invitations
Image retrieved from https://www.insideweddings.com/inspiration/photo/62427/wedding-invitations/attendant-handing-out-programs/

Create a custom-designed launch party invites that sets the mood for your event.

The invitation should include; the date and time of your event, what the event is about, and most importantly; a map and contact information to guide your guests to the venue.

Step 9: Make your event exclusive

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.youth.sg/Our-Voice/Opinions/2018/2/Things-you-need-to-know-before-your-first-night-of-partying

Indicate on your invitations that guests must arrive with their invite in hand, and the security will check for their name on the guest list.

By making your event exclusive, your attendance rates will skyrocket because people will become more curious about what you have planned.

Step 10: Plan the Menu

Image result for food truck
Image retrieved from https://www.moneycrashers.com/how-to-start-food-truck-business-plan/

Be creative; think outside the catering box. Perhaps food trucks, food cooked on-site, or a build-your-own option.

Think beyond the plated and served dinner and instead focus on what may be enjoyed by all.

Step 11: Plan the Bar service

Image result for bar service
Image retrieved from https://www.spritzology.com/services.html

If you will be having bar service at your launch party, come up with a signature cocktail that’s fun, imaginative, and associated with your brand. This would leave a lasting impression on your guests and they’ll think of your brand with every sip they take.

Step 12: Book Entertainment

Image result for dj
Image retrieved from https://unsplash.com/photos/tSnAnpRlDqw

Source for a good DJ, comedian, performer, or musical act.

This is because entertainment throughout the night will keep guests around longer, and on their toes as to what might be installed for them next.

Step 13: Coordinate all event staff

Image result for coordinate event staff
Image retrieved from https://convene.com/catalyst/event-planning-glossary/

Do ensure to hire knowledgeable staff with launch party experience to help manage and ensure that your launch party goes smoothly.

This is so that you can focus on entertaining your guests and drumming up the business.

Hence, when hiring the right team of event staff, you should ensure that they reflect your brand and meet your event needs and company values.

Step 14: Feature Giveaways

Image result for launch party giveaways
Image retrieved from https://www.livingwithlandyn.com/2018-5-27-electric-recap/

A surefire way to keep your guests lingering at your launch party is to plan some giveaways.

Forget the kitschy, cheap giveaways and give your event guests something dandy, memorable and useful instead. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show your creativity and leave an indelible impression on your guests.

In other words, don’t bother wasting money on inexpensive pens, tote bags or t-shirts. Instead, opt for something like a small care package, branded wine bottles or even branded skincare products.

Step 15: Invite the press

Image result for the press
Image retrieved from https://www.leopoldmuseum.org/alte-en/press

In order to increase brand awareness, invite the media to your launch party by sending a one-page media advisory that includes the “who, where, what, and why” of your event.

Examples include bloggers and influencers that could help increase your brand reach.

Step 16: Shuttle Services

Image result for shuttle service
Image retrieved from http://www.diggersshuttleservice.com.au/

While not necessary, it would be better to offer your guests free rides, ride discounts, or shuttle services.

Step 17: Create an in-depth schedule of activities

Image result for schedule
Image retrieved from https://blog.hootsuite.com/how-to-schedule-tweets/

Make a detailed plan for the event activities and document it.

The schedule of activities will keep the event running smoothly and all staff in the know of what to expect.

The emcee, DJ, event staff, and everyone involved; should know what the schedule for the event is.  That way, everyone would be working in concert to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Step 18: Have a contingency plan

Image result for contingency plan
Image retrieved from https://sacsconsulting.com/2015/09/10/3-steps-to-developing-a-workplace-contingency-plan/

Something will go wrong with your launch party, this is for sure. It could be the food, the venue, or anything else.

Hence, it is imperative to ensure that there always is a backup plan for countering any unplanned situations. This isn’t always feasible; eg. Having a backup venue, but always be prepared for as many eventualities as possible.

Step 19: Communication Channels

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.24hourtranslation.com/choosing-communication-channels-reach-global-market.html

If something major does go wrong and there’s no other available solution to fix it, then you should own up to it, be honest, and let people know.

You’re almost always better off just letting people know that there were some complications and that you’re working to fix it.

This is where communication channels come in handy; such as an event app; it allows you to disseminate information to everyone at your launch party. Therefore, alleviating the inconveniences of the situation at hand.

Step 20: Arrange for a clean-up crew

Image result for party clean up crew
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/7599893092651443/?lp=true

When the launch party is over and everyone has had a good time, there will definitely be some mess to clean up; you most definitely wouldn’t want to do it alone because it can be a pretty daunting task.

Instead, hire a clean-up crew to help lessen the load and speed up the process.

Step 21: After Party

Your event team is your greatest resource; including your vendors. Thus, it is important to celebrate and acknowledge their hard work and efforts.

If it is in your event budget, throw them an after-party as a way to show your gratitude and appreciation.

If it is not in the budget, then you should publicly thank them during your launch party and/or set up a brag board to showcase all their unique talents.

There you have it! Now that you are armed with the tools and resources needed to get started on planning your launch party, it is time to put these steps into action!

One issue that most event planners face is about where the party venue should be. In this case, we recommend Hyperspace! This is because Hyperspace is a brand new event venue in Singapore for rent with 3 spaces that can be rented. Hence, making it the perfect location for hosting a launch party, giving it a fresh new vibe and ambiance.

For more information and enquiries, visit https://www.hyperspace.sg/

6 Best Outfits For Your 21st Birthday

Image result for 21st birthday dress up
Image retrieved from https://elizabethmary8.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/the-coming-of-age-21st-birthday-party-ideas/

We have already discussed the Top 10 21st Birthday Ideas, and now you have the perfect idea in mind for what to do. Now your next thought might probably be “what do I wear?"

Picking the best outfit for your birthday can feel like a daunting, impossible task; you want a mix of “looking like a queen yet not looking like you are trying too hard”. What you wear is also dependent on the type of birthday celebration that you are going to have.

Unsure about what to wear on your big night? Carry on reading below for fashion tips and outfit ideas for your 21st birthday!

Key Pieces:

Before we get to the outfit picks, here are a few must-have pieces for a 21st birthday look:

a. Crossbody, wristlet/clutch with wrist strap

For a fun night out, you do not want to be burdened by a heavy bag. Your best option is to go for a wristlet or clutch that attaches to you so that you will not lose your important valuables.

b. Flashy Heels

It is your 21st birthday so why not make a statement with your footwear? Something sparkly, bright or bold is a must-have for your 21st!

c. Flamboyant Dress

Your 21st birthday gives you the perfect opportunity and excuse to splurge on an absolutely ridiculous party dress! So go for something that you love and can dance in easily! After all, 21st birthday dresses are meant to be fun!

d. 21st Birthday Tiara/Sash/Light-up shot glass

These are optional but they will make your whole outfit ensemble look fun! Aside from a bachelorette party, a 21st birthday is the only time that you will have a built-in excuse to look utterly preposterous. It’s your birthday, so live it up!

e. Lipgloss

You’ll want to freshen up as the night goes on; glossy lips are always an extra bonus.

1) Casual

Image result for yellow sundress
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/495747871458257856/?lp=true

A sunny yellow dress would definitely be a good way to get yourself noticed wherever you go! Pair the dress with a bright headband and simple yellow sandals! Finally, complete the look with gold rings to add a little “bling” to your outfit!

2) Cocktail

Image result for black cocktail dress ideas
Image retrieved from https://www.clbxg.com/black-cocktail-dresses-canada/

You would want to wear a dress made of refined fabric such as taffeta, silk or lace. It should be much more formal than a sundress, but less formal than a ballgown.

If you’re going to wear a 2-piece, then opt for a snazzy sequinned top made of silk, and pair it with velvet dress pants or a skirt.

For shoes; pumps would be the way to go!

Just remember; when in doubt, wear black,

3) Formal Evening Wear

Image result for red slip dress
Image retrieved from https://www.depop.com/products/badasslimm-shona-joy-red-slip-dress/

You can never go wrong with a slip dress; its bright, shiny fabric will no doubt make you shine on your special day too! For an on-trend look, add a few pearl-embellished hair clips. Complete the look with nude heels and a few gold bracelets; you can never go wrong with some “bling” in your jewelry.

There’s now no question that you’ll capture everyone’s attention when on the dance floor!

4) Tea Party

Image result for tea party outfit
Image retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/100134791687498327/?lp=true

Tea parties are the perfect excuse for you to wear your Sunday best. Patterns like florals are popular but stay away from all-black looks.

Tea-length dresses that fall midway between the knee and the ankle would be ideal, but just above or below the knee is also an acceptable look. Do note to avoid extremely short dresses because a tea party is not the most appropriate occasion for a miniskirt.

Complete your look with a big floppy floral hat, white gloves, and some pearl earrings or necklace!

Not forgetting dressy sandals or closed-toe shoes; they would be perfect choices for pairing and coordinating with tea-length dresses.

5) Disco Party

Image result for rose gold jumpsuit
Image retrieved from https://www.revolve.com/superdown-brandy-wide-leg-jumpsuit/dp/BTWR-WC49/

Since this is a disco party and you know that you’ll be dancing the night away, why not make life easier for yourself and opt for pants instead?

If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, then try wearing a flamboyant rose gold jumpsuit!

Not only does it have pants so that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, but the unique flair at the bottom of the pants would enhance your every step while you sway on the dance floor; a definite show stopper.

Pair this outfit with some matching, chunky heels and it’ll give you some more height. Lastly, complete the look with some layered gold necklaces to give it a “wow” factor.

6) Neon Party

Image result for neon skater dress
Image retrieved from https://www.shein.co.uk/Neon-Lime-Skater-Dress-p-706285-cat-1727.html

You would want to go for something that is made of white fluorescent fabric so that it’ll glow under black lights. Fluorescent pink, green, yellow and orange are the safest bets; just take note that the more color you add to your outfit, the better!

A fluorescent skater dress would be a fun choice; because the skirt will flare up when you twirl on the dance floor!

Do pair the dress with some white sneakers and remember to make use of glowsticks; they can be altered in whichever way to form fun accessories that glow!

Lastly, complete your neon look with some glow-in-the-dark body paint and makeup! If you do not have them, then you can opt for fluorescent highlighters; they glow under black lights too!

Ultimately, an outfit can create the mood for the entire day or night, so make sure to wear something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Whether you’re planning to do something laid back or something out of this world, you will surely look your best with the 21st birthday outfits listed above!

21 Awesome Event Venues To Hold Your Next Party

Image result for party
Image retrieved from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/things-to-do/celebrations-beckon-the-best-new-year-parties-in-goa/as61737605.cms

Parties are always a great occasion to stuff yourself in the spread of food and catch up with some old friends. However, it’s all fun and games until you’ve got to organize one yourself.

The problem that most party planners usually face is; where to host the party? With so many expectations to live up to in this millennial day and age; from the venue aesthetics to the food and the cost; we’ve taken all those woes into consideration and narrowed down our personal 21 favorite event venues to hold your next party!

1) Hyperspace

More than just a space, Hyperspace is the new leading event space provider in Singapore. Depending on the configuration, this spacious unit can be adapted to accommodate small groups of 10 to 150 pax; making it the ideal venue for hosting any types of parties!

Spanning across 3,000 square feet, decked in neon, bright themed décor; Hyperspace is conveniently located minutes away from Lavender and Bendemeer MRT.

Fully equipped with a variety of amenities such as Nintendo Switch, Karaoke System, Projectors, Pool Tabe even a foosball table; Hyperspace is extremely multi-functional with wifi, air-conditioner and natural daylight. Impress your guests with the perfect venue by hosting your party here!

Address: 91A Lavender Street Singapore 338719

Email: hello@thefunempire.com

Telephone: +65 8769 1955

Price: Starting from $199/Half Day

Website: https://www.hyperspace.sg/

2) 2mm Talent Hub

Image result for 2mm talent hub
Image retrieved from https://wearespaces.com/spaces/x/329

This multifunctional hall boasts a warm and cozy ambiance, featuring a small stage for live music, food, and beverages. Equipped with top-grade audio and video systems, this venue with its flexible layout, is ideal for hosting small, intimate parties!

Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, #01-01 School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), S227968

Email: enquirysg@2mmtalenthub.com

Telephone: +65 6909 2718

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.2mmtalenthub.com/index

3) Tanjong Beach Club

Image result for tanjong beach club
Image retrieved from https://www.sofitel-singapore-sentosa.com/places/tanjong-beach-tanjong-beach-club/tanjong-beach-club/

If you love the sun, the sea, the sand, and you identify yourself with the characters from Disney’s Moana, then you can’t possibly go wrong with throwing a party at Tanjong Beach Club.

With a restaurant, bar, and pool, your guests will be more than happy to arrive early and soak up some sun!

Be it shade or shine as your preference, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choices at this venue; the daybeds, the pool lounge area, the dining room, the restaurant bar, cabana, and the sun deck. These are all indoor and outdoor venues to hold your party in style.

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942

Email: book@tanjongbeachclub.com

Telephone: +65 6270 1355

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.tanjongbeachclub.com/

4) The Penny Black

The Penny Black birthday party venue in Singapore
Image retrieved from https://wearespaces.com/spaces/the-penny-black/119

Located near Boat Quay, The Penny Black is a Victorian London pub that is effortlessly unique even without much additional décor.

Equipped with their in-house events coordinators, you can relax and enjoy your party without stressing over the minute details. Furthermore, the venue’s installation of a private dining area will corner off your party, making it more cozy and personal.

Address: 26-27 Boat Quay, Singapore 049817

Email: enquiry@pennyblack.com.sg

Telephone: 6538 2300

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Penny.Black.SG/

5) PS. Café @ Palais Renaissance

Image result for ps cafe
Image retrieved from https://www.pscafe.com/pscafe-at-palais-renaissance

More fondly known as PS. Café, Palais Renaissance is anything but your ordinary, run-of-the-mill café by the streets. The furnishing and décor of the venue is largely made up of wooden touches and white markered words on clear glass, patterned floorings, and high ceilings. We highly recommend PS.Cafe for its stylish factor, if you want to throw a fancy party.

Address: 1100 Lower Delta Road, #01-02 Singapore 169206

Email: contact@pscafe.com

Telephone: 9226 7088

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.pscafe.com/

6) Spruce

Spruce birthday party venue in Singapore 1
Image retrieved from https://www.spruce.com.sg/

Housing both indoor and outdoor event spaces, Spruce is an ideal party venue featuring a combination of natural greenery, modern furniture, and rustic touches.

The décor and furnishing of the venue come in the form of immaculate wooden tiles and red brick walls.

Address: 260 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #01-01, Singapore 588190

Email: enquiries@spruce.com.sg

Telephone: +65 6466 5582

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.spruce.com.sg/

7) Adventure Cove

Image result for adventure cove
Image retrieved from https://www.hapz.com/attractions/adventure-cove-waterpark-sentosa-2-tickets

If a pool party is what you want, then Adventure Cove is your go-to place for it!

Ride thrilling high-speed water slides, laze the day away drifting on a lazy river, snorkel with 20,000 tropical fishes over a colorful reef, or wade among stingrays and come face to face with sharks!

Don’t forget to grab some souvenirs and the photographs taken while at the attraction!

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Email: enquiries@rwsentosa.com

Telephone: NIL

Price: Starting from $32/Pax

Website: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/adventure-cove-waterpark

8) The White Rabbit

Image result for the white rabbit
Image retrieved from https://www.travel141.com/singapore/singapore-travel-the-white-rabbit-romantic-gastronomical-experience-2/

How does hosting your party at a restored chapel sound? Phenomenal of course.

This grand venue is separated into two areas; the main dining area being the charming interior of the chapel itself, and the rabbit hole being the outdoor bar complete with animal-themed topiary; could the name be more apt?

If you have an Alice in Wonderland-esque theme in mind for your party, then there is absolutely no other venue more fitting  than The White Rabbit for your party!

Address: 39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541

Email: cat@thewhiterabbit.com.sg

Telephone: 6473 9965

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.thewhiterabbit.com.sg/

9) Major 99

Image retrieved from https://www.venuerific.com/sg/venues/major99

This 8,000 sq ft space is filled with an array of activities to keep your guests occupied throughout your party. Featured amenities are; beer pong, darts machine, pool tables, an arcade, claw machines, and 9 private karaoke rooms.

Major 99 is a full-on bar concept that can host up to 300 pax, making it fitting for big groups!

Address: Broadway Plaza, 4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #02-02, Singapore 569841

Email: marketing@major99.com

Telephone: +65 8500 3230

Price: Starting from $250/VIP Room

Website: https://www.major99.com/

10) The Singapore Flyer

Image result for the singapore flyer private dining
Image retrieved from https://www.goingplaces.sg/singapore-flyer/

No matter what the occasion, a private capsule at The Singapore Flyer will provide just the right amount of intimacy needed for a small party filled will awe-inspiring views.

Be enchanted by the illustrious landscape of Marina Bay as you sip on some fine wine and dine on a full-course meal with your party guests. An inflight host will tend to your every need to ensure that you and your guests enjoy every single moment on this large observation wheel.

Address: Singapore Flyer 30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803

Email: sales@singaporeflyer.com

Telephone: +65 6854 5211

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.singaporeflyer.com/

11) The Yacht Club

Yatch Club
Image retrieved from https://theyachtclub.sg/

Love to party and enjoy the ocean view? Then hosting your party on a yacht from The Yacht Club is your answer!

The club provides various services such as luxury yachts for charter in Singapore. To add, their yachts will also sail to popular holiday destinations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Not only that, but special add-ons such as jet-skis and banana boat rides are also offered; these would take your party to a whole new level!

So hop on board now and embark on a nautical adventure around Singapore waters!

Address: Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Lane, #08-77, Singapore 573969

Email: NIL

Telephone: +65 9673 4150

Price: Starting from $3,008/3-in-1 Package

Website: https://theyachtclub.sg/

12) iFly Singapore

Related image
Image retrieved from https://blog.headout.com/ifly-singapore/

Take your party to new heights; literally. Simulating the conditions of skydiving, you and your guests can free-fall into a five-story tunnel with winds going against you. Aside from that, buffet catering options near the venue are also available; saving you time and efficiency so you can forget about the logistics of party-planning and just have fun!

Address: #01 Sentosa Island, 43 Siloso Beach Walk, 01, 099010

Email: info@iflysingapore.com

Telephone: 6571 0000

Price: Starting from $69/Pax

Website: https://www.iflysingapore.com/

13) Climb Central

Image result for climb central
Image retrieved from https://www.thefinder.com.sg/advanced-galleries/gallery-items-singapores-secret-places-to-eat-drink-and-play-by-singaporean-andrew-pang/attachment/climb-central-singapore-kallang-wave-mall-indoor-rock-climbing-jpg/

If you’re an adrenalin junkie, then this venue is for you! Featuring a range of 4 meters to 16 meters walls, this indoor gym is suitable for climbers of any experience level.

After you and your thrill-seeking guests have scaled the walls, a function room is available for a much-needed rest and celebration!

Address: #B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, 397628

Email: info@climbcentral.sg

Telephone: +65 6702 7972 (Sports Hub)

                       +65 6353 6885 (Novena)

Price: Starting from $42/Pax

Website: https://www.climbcentral.sg/

14) Holey Moley

Image result for holey moley golf club email
Image retrieved from https://www.todayonline.com/8days/seeanddo/thingstodo/tee-till-2am-singapores-first-mini-golf-bar-clarke-quay-and-you-dont-have

Parties can get a little dull if it's just chit-chatting, so why not take it up a notch by playing a game of golf?

Featuring a mini indoor golf club course and cocktail bar to keep all your guests thrilled throughout the party, Holey Moley Golf Club is an ideal spot for casual parties over some friendly competition.

With 27 holes split across two floors, this unique venue has themed courses such as Game of Thrones and The Simpsons. Furthermore, the place is also lit by neon lights, si get your cameras ready!

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Email: cqcaddy@holeymoley.com,sg

Telephone: 800 492 2410

Price: Starting from $50/Pax

Website: https://www.holeymoley.com.sg/

15) D’Resort @ Downtown East

Image result for d'resort
Image retrieved from https://www.dresort.com.sg/stay/park-view

For a chill relax party, step into paradise at one of Singapore’s first nature-inspired resort featuring an integrated water park experience.

Nestled in the lush greenery of Pasir Ris Park, the tranquility of this resort will provide you with a much-needed escape from the hectic city life.

Just right at your doorstep is Pasir Ris Beach; one of the longest stretch of beach in Singapore. A mangrove swamp that is home to a myriad of unique wildlife, can also be found nearby,

D’Resort is the perfect getaway for you and your guests with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, BBQ facilities, and direct access to a well-loved water park; Wild Wild Wet.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, S519599

Email: reservations@dresort.com.sg

Telephone: 6582 3322

Price: NIL

Website: www.dresort.com.sg

16) Nox – Dine In The Dark

Related image
Image retrieved from https://giftano.com/widget/4c94e3115c1eeb9bd1e5e4bcb0bcab4e/MCBXY76J3M/404

The power of sight such an essential part of our lives that we sometimes take them for granted.

Challenging you and your guests to a multi-sensory journey beyond sight, Dine In The Dark offers a novel experience like never before; serving you and your guests a 3-course meal in pitch darkness! This a rare and unique dining experience you’ll surely not want to miss!

Address: 269, Beach Road Singapore 199546

Email:  enquiries@noxdineinthedark.com

Telephone: +65 6298 0708

Price: Starting from $88/Pax

Website: https://www.noxdineinthedark.com/

17) Teo Heng

Related image
Image retrieved from https://discoversg.com/2018/07/05/cheap-karaoke-places-in-singapore/

For all those who love to sing or have some good pipes to show off, a karaoke party would be just what you need! Sing till your heart's content at Teo Heng; the longer you sing, the better the value!

Book any room for 5 hours and get an extra hour absolutely free of charge!

Address: #02-13/14/15/55/56 Singapore 437844

Email: sales@teoheng.com

Telephone: 6348 5985

Price: NIL

Website: https://ktvteoheng.com.sg/

18) Hotel Jen Tanglin

Related image
Image retrieved from https://au.trip.com/hotels/singapore-hotel-detail-996324/hotel-jen-tanglin-singapore-by-shangri-la/?showtotalamt=1

Capture moments and create memories at Hotel Jen Tanglin by Shangri-La, where playful designs and tech-driven experiences are made for engaging.

Just communicate your vision and the professional team of events planners will help make sure it becomes a reality. From designing the right theme and décor to creating a special menu to cater to your guests’ specific preferences and needs; they’ve got it all covered.

Address: 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716

Email: singaporetanglin@hoteljen.com

Telephone: +65 6738 2222

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.hoteljen.com/

19) Glass Pavillion

Image result for glass pavilion singapore
Image retrieved from https://singaporebrides.com/articles/2016/10/garden-wedding-singapore-glass-pavilion-marquee/

Overlooking the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool and iconic cityscape of the Marina Bay area sits a 234 sqm glass junior ballroom with a 4.5-meter high ceiling.

If you’re after a cozy and sophisticated space to have a close-knit party, then this fits the bill; it can hold up to 140 guests and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual systems, including a video wall.

Address: 2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982

Email: conrad_singapore@conradhotels.com

Telephone: 6334 8888

Price: NIL

Website: https://www.conradsingapore.com/

20) Amped

Image result for amped singapore
Image retrieved from https://myfave.com/singapore/partners/amped-trampoline-park-singapore/5527

The first of its kind in Singapore, the Amped Trampoline Park features almost 50 trampolines lining the floor and walls of the indoor studio.

If you are into fitness and want to burn some calories while partying and having fun, then this venue is your answer! A 10-minute trampolining session is supposedly the same as 30 minutes of cardio; this also increases bone density, preventing arthritis and strengthening muscles you didn’t know you had.

Stay fit while you party up!

Address: 46 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239351 (Unit #02-11)

Email: river@ampedsingapore.com

Telephone: +65 8228 5961

Price: Starting from $12/Hour

Website: https://ampedsingapore.com/

21) S.E.A. Aquarium

Related image
Image retrieved from https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/meetings-events/venues/sea-aquarium

We all know that parties are hosted on land, but what if you throw a party underwater?

Home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species across 50 different habitats, S.E.A. Aquarium will provide you and your party guests with a whimsical marine life experience you won’t forget.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, 098269

Email: enquiries@rwsentosa.com

Telephone: 6577 8888

Price: Starting from $36/Pax

Website: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/sea-aquarium/explore