10 Best Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore [2024]

Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Best Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore

Maintaining sparkling clean and spotless floors is a necessity to provide the best living conditions for your family, business or home. Not only are dirty surfaces aesthetically unappealing, they can also increase health risks in vulnerable populations such as babies, pets and those with weakened immune systems. While it’s easy to want perfect floor cleaner liquid Singapore that require minimal effort on our part, finding the right type of cleaning liquid isn’t always so simple.

To make sure you find exactly what you need easily and effectively- be aware of the most appropriate floor cleaner liquid Singapore available according to your needs!

But before that, here are some consideration factors when choosing a flow cleaner liquid in Singapore:

Consideration Factors When Choosing A Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore

  • Smell: The smell of the cleaner liquid should match your preference, it should not be too strong or too subtle.
  • Non-harmful: The floor cleaner liquid should be non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.
  • Efficiency: You need a floor cleaner that is effective in cleaning off dirt and stains without requiring excessive scrubbing or wiping.
  • Anti-bacteria properties: It is important to have anti-bacterial properties in the floor cleaner liquid, as this will reduce the risk of contamination or infection due to bacteria build-up on surfaces.

1) Cif Lemon & Green Tea Floor Cleaner

Cif Lemon & Green Tea Floor Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Cif Lemon & Green Tea Floor Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Cif)
Key Features:Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Multi-Purpose, Suitable and applicable to all households used, Convenient and easy to use
Where to buy:Click here

Cif Floor Cleaner is specially crafted to effortlessly remove dirt on linoleum, vinyl and ceramic surfaces. This amazing product not only leaves the surface clean with a pleasant smell but also adds an extra shine – all without leaving behind any residue! To use it simply mix 3 caps of Cif in 5 liters of water. No rinsing needed! Just pour onto your sponge or directly over the floor then rinse away once you’re done cleaning- which is why it has become one of Singapore’s most effective floor cleaners!

Key Differentiators:

  • Removes stubborn dirt and grime
  • Leaves floors with a beautiful shine
  • Pleasant aroma

Customer Testimonial:

This is without a doubt my favorite product. It has an incredible scent and makes all of the floors in my house spotless! When it’s back in stock, I plan to purchase more immediately – its value for money can’t be beat.


2) Yslimz Floor Master Eucalyptus and Mint Cleaner

Yslimz Floor Master Eucalyptus and Mint Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Yslimz Floor Master Eucalyptus and Mint Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Yslimz)
Key Features:1000ml size, Multi-surface & All-action Cleaner
Where to buy:Click here

Floor Master isn’t just any run-of-the-mill cleaner – it’s a wonder product! It harnesses the power of Tea Tree Oil and Citronella extracts to clean deeply, repel mosquitoes, flies, ants and cockroaches from your kitchen, bathroom, storage or garage. Not only does Floor Master remove dirt and grime effortlessly with its special formulation but also brightens up dull surfaces for a sparkly feel. Plus you can enjoy the captivating fresh scent that comes with every application; no wonder this is one of Singapore’s most sought-after floor cleaning liquids today!

Key Differentiators:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Repels Insects

Customer Testimonial:

Experience lightning-fast delivery and get ready to be amazed by the unprecedented level of smoothness that this floor provides!


3) ECOlogic Rose Germanium Tile & Floor Cleaner

ECOlogic Rose Germanium Tile & Floor Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
ECOlogic Rose Germanium Tile & Floor Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: ECOlogic)
Key Features:Hospital Grade, Antibacterial, Concentrated, 1L size, Australian Made and Owned
Where to buy:Click here

ECOLogic Tile & Floor Cleaner is an effective, natural disinfectant that effectively removes dirt and grime from hard floors without leaving behind a filmy residue. Crafted with witch hazel, horsetail concentrated extracts, and geranium essential oils – renowned for their antifungal and antibacterial properties – it’s the ideal choice as it contains no phosphates or ammonia. Restore your tiles to their shining best in no time!

Key Differentiators:

  • Natural disinfectant
  • No phosphates and ammonia
  • Eco-friendly

Customer Testimonial:

As an avid user of this product, I can personally attest to its excellence on tiles floors – such as the one in my kitchen. It’s no wonder why it has become well-recommended amongst my circle of friends and family. Its performance is simply unmatched!

Sherri J. Albertson

4) Magiclean [Floor] Crystal Shine

Magiclean [Floor] Crystal Shine - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Magiclean [Floor] Crystal Shine – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Magiclean)
Key Features:1.8L size,  kill 99.9-Percent of bacteria
Where to buy:Click here
Price:S$7.99 – S$8.50

The Magiclean [Floor] Crystal Shine is the perfect cleaning solution for marble floors, created with Japan’s leading research and development technology. It will give your marble a glossy shine that only increases upon repeated use. Not to mention it effortlessly removes dirt and stains without leaving any watermarks! When combined with regular maintenance, this cleaner liquid Singapore makes your flooring appear like a mirror in its twinkling lustre and spotless cleanliness – no exaggeration!

Key Differentiators:

  • Japan’s outstanding research and development technology
  • Delivers a magnificent shine to marble floors
  • Thoroughly eliminates dirt and stains
  • Dries rapidly without leaving watermarks

Customer Testimonial:

I’m delighted to report that my purchases were received in top shape! When I bought them during the sale, an absolute steal compared to other grocery stores.

Paris T.

5) Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Cleaner

Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Bona)
Key Features:Convenient, spray bottle, Fume Free, PH Neutral, Streak Free, Residue Free
Where to buy:Click here

Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Cleaner is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for all of your hard surface flooring needs. This streak and rinse-free product eliminates dust, dirt and grime without fail – leaving behind stunningly clean floors! Plus, GREENGUARD GOLD certification ensures that your home & family are safe from any potential toxins or harm to the environment; making this one of the best floor cleaner liquids in Singapore today!

Key Differentiators:

  • Water-Based Treatment
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification
  • Quick & Simple Cleaning

Customer Testimonial:

Wow I love this product. My tiles and bathroom have never looked so shiny. I’ve cleaned every tile in the house and the wood laminate floor was clean and smear free. The sink toilet and bath sparkle like a showroom.

Elaine Clark

6) Method squirt + mop hard floor cleaner

Method squirt + mop hard floor cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Method squirt + mop hard floor cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Method squirt + mop)
Key Features:no-wax, non-toxic, biodegradable
Where to buy:Click here
Price:S$5.60 – S$7.00

With no wax and zero fuss, the delightful aroma of this floor cleaner almost tempts you to lick it off the ground! Not advisable obviously but comforting to know that its non-toxic, biodegradable composition is safe. Additionally, with an ergonomically designed shower-nozzle spray your floors can be covered in fewer sweeps which further reduces puddling – making it one of Singapore’s most potent floor cleaners.

Key Differentiators:

  • No wax composition
  • Superior ergonomic spray bottle
  • Biodegradable & Non-toxic

Customer Testimonial:

Just tried the Squirt Mop for the first time and I’m officially sold! No more stickiness or having to take out a bucket of water – its non-rinse formula has got you covered. It worked like a charm, so I highly recommend it if you managed to get one during 11:11!

Jessica F.

7) Liquid Sunshine Cleaner

Liquid Sunshine Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Liquid Sunshine Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Liquid Sunshine)
Key Features:Organic Saponified Oils, handy spray pump, Non-Toxic
Where to buy:Click here

Keep your whole family’s skin healthy and safe with Multi-Cleaner! Orange oil is the hero behind our product, quickly removing stubborn stains as well those pesky organic oils. It comes formulated with aloe vera too, so dry skin sufferers can feel relieved knowing they won’t lose any moisture while using it – no synthetic surfactants or other irritants like alcohol, artificial colouring, aroma or preservatives are found here. Go green now and make YOUR home a 100% non-toxic environment thanks to Multi Cleaner!

Key Differentiators:

  • Orange oil penetrates tough stains
  • Formulated with aloe to protect the moisture of your hands
  • No synthetic surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, artificial coloring, aroma, or preservatives

Customer Testimonial:

I’m absolutely smitten! This product is the perfect combination of being excellent for me and great for the environment. It’s multi-purposeful, lightly scented, yet still works well when diluted. Plus, I adore the vendor and their quick delivery service; these characteristics combined have made this purchase a no-brainer – I’ll be getting more soon!

Yangease Y.

8) Powermax Floor Shine – Non Slip

Powermax Floor Shine - Non Slip - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Powermax Floor Shine – Non Slip – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Powermax)
Key Features:long-lasting shine, Anti-bacterial agent, Forms a protective coating
Where to buy:Click here

Powermax Floor Shine – Non Slip is an innovative formulation of flooring conditioners and waxes that delivers a glossy, long-lasting finish on the surface. It helps to protect floors from dirt accumulation, making them stay cleaner for longer without regular mopping. Additionally, it can cover up fine scratches and blemishes to give you a flawless look while also containing anti-bacterial properties which safely sanitize your floor surfaces!

Key Differentiators:

  • Long Lasting Shine
  • Protective Layer on Flooring
  • Anti-Bacterial Formula

Customer Testimonial:

After using this flooring, I have purchased it multiple times! It’s non-sticky and incredibly durable, so there is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to purchase it.


9) Powermax Bathroom Cleaner

Powermax Bathroom Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Powermax Bathroom Cleaner – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Powermax)
Key Features:Antibacterial, Organic acid formula, 600ml size
Where to buy:Click here
Price:S$5.90 – S$8.00

This organic acid solution is specially formulated to be mild on surfaces, yet it still manages to eliminate dirt, soap scum, moss, rust and hard water stains with ease. An antibacterial ingredient is included which not only keeps your bathroom in pristine condition but also prevents mold and mildew from growing. Moreover, our product ensures that debris accumulation will be inhibited over time so you can enjoy a spotless environment for an extended period of time!

Key Differentiators:

  • Successfully removes filth, soap scum, moss, rust, hard water stains, and even grout joints
  • Has antibacterial ingredient
  • Inhibits buildup to keep surfaces clean

Customer Testimonial:

For two decades, I have been relying on this product to clean my bathroom’s floors and walls. It deserves all the credit for keeping my tiles looking fresh! If you purchase during a promotion, it can be quite economical; otherwise it tends to be pricey.


10) Magiclean (Floor) Lavender

Magiclean (Floor) Lavender - Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore
Magiclean (Floor) Lavender – Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore (Credit: Magiclean)
Key Features:Refill Bottle, Aromatic Lavender, Quick Dry formula
Where to buy:Click here
Price: S$5.53

Developed with superior Japanese research and development, Magiclean Floor Cleaner not only dries swiftly but also helps to destroy 99.9% of dust and greasy grime. The floor cleaner liquid Singapore offers a unique blend of Aromatic Lavender scent that efficiently eliminates stains while leaving no sticky residue – ultimately providing a pleasant foot feel after use! It’s no wonder why so many people trust in the incredible power of Magiclean for all their cleaning needs.

Key Differentiators:

  • Helps to destroy 99.9% of bacteria
  • Non-sticky floor with a nice foot feel
  • Efficiently eliminates stains while leaving no sticky residue

Customer Testimonial:

If you’re looking for a great scent without any lingering stickiness, then this product is perfect for your home. Whether you have marble floors, ceramic tiles or parquet flooring, it works on all surfaces to leave your apartment smelling amazing.


Floor Cleaner Liquid Singapore

When it comes to choosing the right floor cleaner, the first step is to identify and assess your type of flooring. With such a wide selection available on the market today, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused! Fortunately, there are several varieties designed to provide spot-cleaning solutions as well as deep floor cleaner liquid Singapore that can tackle specific issues like grease build-up or scuff marks. Ultimately, these cleansers protect floors from damage while providing an effective clean – making it easier for you to select the best liquid floor cleaner in Singapore!

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