10 Best Picnic Planner Singapore Options To Hire [2024]

Picnic Planner Singapore

Best Picnic Planner Singapore

Make your birthday celebration in Singapore even more special and unique with a picnic in Singapore!

The best picnic planners in Singapore include Picneeds, Lush Platters, Picchills, Picnique, and The Duo Planner.

When choosing a picnic organizer in Singapore, consider factors such as the location, pricing, and opportunities for personalization.

Many picnic organizers in Singapore offer additional services such as photography and personalized decorations, adding to the distinctiveness of your picnic experience.

To help make things easier, we’ve rounded up the best picnic planners in Singapore – they’ll help you set up the ultimate picnic celebration for your special day!

Quick Summary

  • Best picnic planners in Singapore include Picneeds, Lush Platters, Picchills, Picnique, and The Duo Planner.
  • When selecting a picnic organizer in Singapore, take into account factors like the venue, cost, and options for customization.
  • Numerous picnic planners in Singapore provide extra services like photography and customized decorations, enhancing the uniqueness of your picnic experience.

Key Consideration Factors

Here are some things to consider when choosing a picnic planner in Singapore:

  • Experience: To ensure that you receive the highest quality service, it is essential to select a planner with prior experience in coordinating picnics.
  • Location: Is the location of the picnic planning service easy to reach, or are there any logistical obstacles to consider?
  • Service: To ensure satisfaction, it’s crucial to choose a planner who provides a wide range of services and has a track record of satisfying their customers.
  • Options: When searching for planners, consider those that provide multiple packages with a range of options that suit your requirements and choices.
  • Budget: When choosing a picnic package from the planners, make sure to pick one that is within your budget as there are different price options available.

Best Picnic Planner Singapore

1. Picneeds

(Credits: Picneeds)
(Credits: Picneeds)
Key Services:Successful picnic planner

Picneeds provides various picnic packages that can be customized to meet different needs. Their offerings range from basic setups to full-service picnics, covering everything required to organize an ideal outing. Moreover, Picneeds emphasizes eco-friendliness and sustainability by employing biodegradable and reusable materials in their picnic setups.

Key Differentiators

  • Heavily emphasises on sustainability
  • Different attractive picnic themes to choose from
  • Offers palatable menus and activities

Client Testimonial

Amri and team are wonderful and did a lovely setup at ECP! He took care to ensure that the setup was under a shade at all times..we did a morning arrangement and ECP can get tricky with some spots not shaded.
Highly recommend their services – fast and efficient responses! Definitely will book again…

Mandeep Sedha

2. Lush Platters

(Credits: Lush Platters)
(Credits: Lush Platters)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore
Address:19 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427748
Phone:+65 8700 4150
Operating Hours:Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm, Closed Mondays

Indulge in Lush Platters’ luxurious offerings of delicious food and beautiful presentation. Enjoy a wide variety of flavors from Europe, Australia, and Singapore, including artisanal cheeses, cured meats, handmade dips, and freshly baked breads made with high-quality ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables or chocolate. Treat yourself to a feast for the senses!

Key Differentiators:

  • A variety of food platters to choose from for your picnic
  • Caters to many dietary needs
  • Affordably priced

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the exquisite platters! They were a huge hit! Love that you could accommodate all the various dietary requirements.


3. Picchills

(Credits: Picchills' Facebook)
(Credits: Picchills’ Facebook)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore

Picchills provides a variety of beautiful and soothing landscapes for you to enjoy a special moment. You can choose from Rose-gold, Bohemian, and Tropical themes to relax in complete comfort.

Key Differentiators:

  • Various picnic themes to choose from
  • Offers picnic services at the comfort of your own homes
  • Proposal and wedding planning available

Client Testimonial

The most perfect setting crafted by @picchills . Love love everything about tonight
Surprise for my bridesmaid = Success ✔✔

@niadias on Instagram

4. Picnique

(Credits: Picnique's Facebook)
(Credits: Picnique’s Facebook)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore
Operating Hours:Daily 4pm to 8pm

Picnique offers a classic picnic experience with red-and-white chequered mats and woven baskets. They provide items like artificial flowers, snacks, wooden cheese boards, and card games. For an additional experience, they also offer painting canvases. Despite not being expensive or fancy, Picnique is a great way to have an enjoyable and memorable time at an affordable price.

Key Differentiators:

  • Customisable baskets are stocked with snacks, drinks, mat, props and card games
  • Convenient and portable

Client Testimonial

Celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary with @picniquewithlove 💕 Many thanks for the lovely treats and beautiful flower arrangements 🌸 It was a memorable one with y’all 🥰

@melodyrose.h on Instagram

5. Memories with KxS

(Credits: Memories with Kxs)
(Credits: Memories with Kxs)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore
Phone:+65 9010 4844

If you’re a couple looking for a romantic picnic experience for two, Memories with KxS is the perfect option. You can enjoy a unique set up with cozy pillows, cushions, lights, and decor like plants in the comfort of your own home or any location you choose for an intimate setting.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unique picnic packages at affordable prices
  • Offers glamping packages and wedding services

Client Testimonial

They provide indoor and outdoor glamorized setups be it for any special occasion you need. And for the output they deliver, it’s quiet affordable and worthy at cost. Best yet, booking with them is complete hassle free.

@Roniagodwin on Instagram

6. The Duo Planner

(Credits: The Duo Planner)
(Credits: The Duo Planner)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore
Phone:+65 8784 4932
Operating Hours:Daily 10 AM–10 PM

The Duo Planner provides boutique picnic services, customizing the setups to fit your needs and preferences for any event. They even offer their signature picnic boxes to make clean-up and transportation a breeze. Additionally, they have add-on services, such as flower bouquets, to enhance your experience.

Key Differentiators:

  • Picnic styling for any occasion and theme at affordable rates
  • Wide range of add-on services
  • Offers an interesting slumber party experience

Client Testimonial

We were changing our plans at the last minute and The Duo planner team catered to our request swiftly. We had a pleasant experience with them and the setup was amazing. My girls and I had a splendid time. Highly recommended especially with their fast responses. 👍🏼

Farah Yau

7. Estilo & Co.

(Credits: Estilo & Co.)
(Credits: Estilo & Co.)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore
Address:7 Grange Road, Singapore, 239694
Phone:(+65) 9834 3781

If you want to throw a remarkable party, consider Estilo & Co. They are picnic planners in Singapore who create luxurious setups and personalized table decorations for both small and large events, including corporate events.

They offer a variety of themes, such as tropical and boho chic. One package that we particularly like is the Movie Night package which includes comfortable double seat lounges with soft cushions for you to relax in as soon as you arrive.

Key Differentiators:

  • Promises a hassle-free and comfortable picnic experience
  • Offers wedding services
  • Offers a variety of picnic styling and themes

Client Testimonial

Mary and her crew helped create a magical experience for my daughters 5th birthday. They transformed our front room and were efficient in both setting up and clearing up. Thank you for your wonderful service 🥰

Lauren Walsh

8. Pie In The Sky Picnics

(Credits: Pie in the Sky)
(Credits: Pie in the Sky)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore

If you’re searching for the ideal picnic setup in Singapore for any event, be it a birthday party in Singapore, an anniversary, a get-together with friends or a night out with the girls, their services can assist.

With their help, you can organize an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. They will take charge of arranging your tables, handpicking your menu to match your preferences, offering soft cushions, and keeping your drinks cool.

Key Differentiators:

  • Different picnic services that caters to different number of pax
  • Affordable packages and services
  • Offers Marriage Proposal styling packages

Client Testimonial

Wonderful design and comfortable – once you settle in you wont want to leave. My partner loved it. If you want something to impress, look no further! Rain forced us to move the location undercover but in the end it became cosier. Sarah was helpful and flexible, very well organised.

Nick Rhoades

9. Plan B

(Credits: @planb.co's Instagram)
(Credits: @planb.co’s Instagram)
Key Services:Picnic planner in Singapore

Plan B offers attractive picnic packages that are Instagram-worthy and bound to sweep you off your feet. Their proficient planners can create a charming, bohemian-style garden excursion for you and your date.

The package includes splendid fairy lights, delicate white drapes, and stunning floral arrangements that you would generally find on Pinterest. Choosing this option over dining at a fancy restaurant is an excellent decision.

Key Differentiators:

  • Instagram-worthy floral themed picnic styling
  • Specialises in Marriage proposal

10. Bee’s Knees at The Garage

(Credits: Bee's Knees)
(Credits: Bee’s Knees)
Key Services:Picnic planning in Singapore
Address:Cluny Park Rd, Level 1 The Garage, 50, Singapore 257488
Phone:+65 9815 3213
Operating Hours:Daily 8 AM–10 PM

At Bee’s Knees, you can choose from different picnic setups, ranging from basic and budget-friendly choices to fancier options that include tents, decorations, and catering. Additionally, they offer extras like food and beverage packages.

Key Differentiators:

  • Offers dog-friendly picnic baskets
  • Offers a wide variety of palatable food options in their day/night menu
  • Standard Bee theme throughout
  • Offers dining at their cafe

Client Testimonial

I booked their Valentines day picnic set and was pleasantly surprised by the food and things provided to us. It was a good experience and would recommend to try it out.

Leon Ho

Picnic Planner Singapore

Finding the perfect picnic planner in Singapore doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our list of the top experts offers a variety of options, including eco-friendly setups, Instagram-worthy packages, boutique picnics, and glamorous spreads of delicious food.

All you need to bring is good company and an appetite for a memorable experience.

So choose one of our recommended services and get ready for a fun day outdoors with friends or family.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about picnic planners in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the picnic planners in Singapore below:

Who are the best picnic planners in Singapore?

The best picnic planners in Singapore include Picneeds, Lush Platters, Picchills, Picnique, Sky Picnics Pie, and The Duo Planner.

Do the best picnic planners in Singapore offer styling services?

Absolutely! The top picnic planners in Singapore place a strong emphasis on creating the perfect atmosphere. They offer comprehensive styling services that include everything from table styling to the arrangement of woven picnic baskets. They’ll ensure every detail is taken care of, making your picnic not only delicious but also visually stunning.

Can I hire a picnic planner for special occasions like date nights and bachelorette parties?

Definitely! Whether you’re planning an intimate date night or a fun-filled bachelorette party, Singapore’s best picnic planners are up to the task. They specialize in creating unique experiences tailored to your event, including romantic settings for two or larger setups for a group of friends. With their professional styling services, they can transform any location into a picturesque picnic spot.