10 Best Smash Cake Singapore Shops To Try [2024]

Smash Cake Singapore

Best Smash Cake Singapore

Smash cakes have become a popular trend in Singapore, marking the joyous celebration of a child’s first birthday in a fun and messy way.

The best smash cake shops in Singapore include Jo Takes The Cake, Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes, White Spatula, Bob the Baker Boy, and Little House of Dreams.

When selecting a bakery in Singapore for a smash cake, take into account elements such as the variety of flavors available, the level of creativity in design, and the quality of the delivery service.

Smash cakes have become a popular and in-demand delicacy for celebrations in Singapore, gaining widespread popularity among people of all ages.

Enjoy exploring these delightful bakeries and creating unforgettable memories with your little ones.

Quick Summary

  • Best smash cake shops in Singapore include Jo Takes The Cake, Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes, White Spatula, Bob the Baker Boy, and Little House of Dreams.
  • When choosing a smash cake bakery in Singapore, consider factors like flavor variety, design creativity, and delivery service quality.
  • Smash cakes have become a popular and in-demand delicacy for celebrations in Singapore, gaining widespread popularity among people of all ages.

Key Considerations Factors

  • Custom-Made Designs: When selecting a smash cake, look for shops that offer custom designs to make your event even more memorable.
  • Unique Flavors: Most of the best smash cakes are made with unusual flavors and combinations, so you should always ask about these before placing an order.
  • Professional Bakers: Look for bakers who have experience making smash cakes, as this will ensure you get the highest-quality product possible.
  • Variety of Toppings: Many cake shops offer a variety of toppings, from sprinkles and frosting to fruits and other decorations. Make sure to browse through their selection before choosing one!
  • Event-Specific Options: Some bakeries specialize in particular types of events or celebrations, such as weddings or baby showers, so keep this in mind when deciding where to buy your cake from.
  • Budget Friendly Options: Not All Cakes Need to Be Expensive! There are many budget-friendly options out there if you know where to look for them.
  • Delivery and Pickup Services: If time is not on your side, then look into getting delivery or pickup services directly from the shop itself.

Best Smash Cake Singapore

1. Jo Takes The Cake

(Credit: Jo Takes The Cake)
(Credit: Jo Takes The Cake)
Key ServicesBespoke Fondant Cake Boutique; Modern Celebration Cakes and Sugar Flowers
Address60 Eng Kong Dr, Singapore 599383
Operating Hours9AM – 6PM Mondays – Fridays

Jo Takes The Cake is renowned among Singapore bakeries for producing the most visually spectacular and delectable smash cakes. Their specialty is cakes for infants and toddlers, and they offer a wide variety of flavors, sizes, and decorations to accommodate any taste or budget.

Key Differentiators

  • Wide range of flavors and sizes
  • Highly decorative cakes
  • Edible images and text

Customer Testimonial

The cake is so yummy. My visitors loved it. My son loves so much the design, really fits on our theme Roblox.

Faith Balacy

2. Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes

(Credit: Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes)
(Credit: Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes)
Key ServicesMoney Pulling Cake Collection
Address11 Cavan Road, #01-03, Singapore 209848
Phone9855 4223
Operating Hours10AM – 6PM Daily

Le Petit Empire is a Singapore-based artisanal patisserie specializing in custom cakes and confectionary for any event. Le Petit Empire offers an extensive selection of delectable desserts, including smash cakes, cupcakes customized to the customer’s specifications, and other inventive dessert specialties. This ensures that your cake will have the most exquisite flavor, texture, and appearance possible.

Key Differentiators

  • Custom-designed cakes
  • Wide variety of sweets
  • High-quality ingredients

Customer Testimonial

Cutest cake I ever received on my birthday! Taste delicious as well  This cake is very memorial to me, thank you!

Cristina Ng

3. White Spatula

(Credit: White Spatula)
(Credit: White Spatula)
Key ServicesHome-grown Bakery; Affordable Singapore-based Dessert Table
Address183 Jln Pelikat, #B1-106, Promenade@Pelikat 537643
Phone+65 9666 7033
Operating Hours9AM – 5PM Daily

White Spatula is a prominent patisserie in Singapore known for its exquisite pastries. They also make pastries and cake treats for celebrations, but their specialization is creating custom-designed explosion cakes for each client.

Key Differentiators

  • Unique cakes for all occasions
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Creative and skillful cake makers

Customer Testimonial

My wife and kids love it so much and they spent a good effort in my item i select and choose hope to buy more great food from u guys again!!!

Patrick Tan

4. Bob the Baker Boy

(Credit: Bob the Baker Boy)
(Credit: Bob the Baker Boy)
Key ServicesClassic Cakes, Customized Cakes
Address369 Sembawang Road #01-03 Singapore 758382
Phone+65 9499 4015 / +65 8862 3327
Operating Hours10am – 5pm Daily

Bob the Baker Boy is the place to go if you want to satiate all of your smash cake desires. Their specialty is producing cakes that are as distinctive and delectable as the occasions for which they are made.

Key Differentiators

  • Premium ingredients
  • Expert bakers
  • Nationwide delivery

Customer Testimonial

Very responsive and prompt delivery. I arranged for a last minute birthday cake to be delivered and got in within 4 hours, superb customer service.

Caleb H.

5. Little House of Dreams

(Credit: Little House of Dreams)
(Credit: Little House of Dreams)
Key ServicesTraditional Recipes; Signature Bloom Pots And Mini Animal Cakes
Address58 Seng Poh Road #01-15, Singapore 160058
Operating Hours24 Hrs. Daily

Looking for the ideal celebration cake for your baby’s first birthday that will appear fantastic in photographs and on Instagram? Little House of Dreams is the finest patisserie in Singapore. This colorful and endearing patisserie offers pastries and sweets that can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Key Differentiators

  • Custom-designed cakes
  • Variety of sweets
  • Instagrammable treats

Customer Testimonial

Superb service and delicious cake!! They have a wide variety of favours and was able to customise my cake to my liking. I love the details on the cake and even the packaging was gorgeous!

amelia tan

6. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

(Credit: Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes)
(Credit: Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes)
Key ServicesHealthier Choice Bakery, Organic Low-GI Plant-based Ingredients
Address34 Whampoa W, #01-83, Singapore 330034
Phone+65 6282 2951
Operating Hours11AM – 8PM Tuesdays – Sundays

Delcie’s is a patisserie where you can order a custom cake or confection for any occasion. Their assortment of homemade, delicious smash cakes includes something for every flavor and budget. All of their cakes are made with premium ingredients, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be delectable.

Key Differentiators

  • High-quality ingredients
  • 15+ years’ baking expertise
  • Unique cakes at affordable prices

Customer Testimonial

Great service! Thanking for making such a beautiful and yummy cake!.

allisa quek

7. Sooperlicious Cakes

(Credit: Sooperlicious Cakes)
(Credit: Sooperlicious Cakes)
Key Services3D Designed Cakes; Delicious Cupcakes
Address183 Jln Pelikat, B1-44, Singapore 537643
Phone+65 9101 5856
Operating Hours9AM – 7PM Daily

Sooperlicious Cakes, which is well-known in Singapore, creates distinctive smash cakes for every occasion. Their expert artisans can create any confection you can imagine, from simple sheet cakes to intricate three-dimensional works of art. They value their customers and work diligently to ensure that their special occasion cakes exceed their customers’ expectations.

Key Differentiators

  • Custom designs
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Island wide delivery

Customer Testimonial

I recently purchased a few items from them for a celebration, I especially enjoyed the Tiramisu cake, it was very rich in flavor. Items came on time as well and in nice packaging.

chan chianyew

8. Yours Sincerely Bakery

(Credit: Yours Sincerely Bakery)
(Credit: Yours Sincerely Bakery)
Key ServicesMoney Pulling Cakes, Bubble Tea Cakes, Cartoon Birthday Cakes For Kids To Floral Wedding Cakes
Address848 Sims Ave, #01-732, Singapore 400848
Phone+65 9853 7771
Operating Hours10AM – 10PM Daily

Yours Sincerely Bakery, a custom cake company, is well-known in Singapore for its exquisite masterpieces and mouthwatering meals. Since they take great delight in crafting each item by hand and only utilizing the best ingredients, your cake will look as good as it tastes.

Key Differentiators

  • Handmade cakes
  • High quality ingredients
  • Nationwide delivery

Customer Testimonial

My family had the pleasure of ordering our nephew’s 1st birthday cake from Yours Sincerely Bakery. Everyone was in awe of how beautiful it looked, and the taste was out of this world!

Jill W.

9. Swirls Bake Shop

(Credit: Swirls Bake Shop)
(Credit: Swirls Bake Shop)
Key ServicesAll-American Gourmet Cupcake Bakery; Red Velvet Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry Cupcake
Address317 Outram Rd, #01-32, Singapore 169075
Phone+65 6634 4765
Operating Hours10AM – 8PM Daily

You should visit Swirls Bake Shop to get the best smash cake for your party. The award-winning Singaporean cake business is renowned for its mouthwatering and exquisite confections. Their talented bakers consistently produce cakes that are both aesthetically pleasing and delectable.

Key Differentiators

  • Award-winning cakes
  • Skilled bakers
  • Beautiful and delicious creations

Customer Testimonial

Cake was both beautiful and delicious, not too sweet. All the fruit tarts, cheese cakes and macaroons ordered disappeared in minutes at my party.

Hting Khoo

10. Flor Patisserie

(Credit: Flor Patisserie)
(Credit: Flor Patisserie)
Key ServicesJapanese-inspired French pastry, smash cakes
Address53 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455214
Phone+65 6223 8628; +65 6243 0813
Operating Hours11:00AM – 7:00PM Tuesdays – Sundays

Flor Patisserie is the only place to purchase an exceptional smash cake. This Singaporean patisserie genuinely stands out for its exquisite and delectable custom-made desserts. Their talented artisans can create anything from basic pastries to complex, multi-tiered works of art.

Key Differentiators

  • High quality ingredients
  • Talented bakers
  • Island-wide delivery

Customer Testimonial

My son’s 1st birthday smash cake from Flor Patisserie was a hit! Everyone loved the taste and the design. I will definitely be coming back for all of our special occasion cakes in the future.

Jacky K.

Smash Cake Singapore

When it comes to finding the best smash cakes in Singapore, there are many options available. From Jo Takes The Cake’s wide range of flavors and sizes to Le Petit Empire’s custom-designed creations and White Spatula’s unique pastries, each bakery offers something different that can suit any budget or occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Smash Cake in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Smash Cake in Singapore below:

What are the best smash cake shops in Singapore?

The best cake shop for smash cakes in Singapore include Jo Takes The Cake, Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes, White Spatula, Bob the Baker Boy, and Little House of Dreams.

What are the most popular smash cake flavours in Singapore?

The most popular cake smash flavours in Singapore are salted caramel mudslide, blueberry lemon, vanilla cake, earl grey lavender, banana cake, iced cakes, and fudgy chocolate.

Where can I find baby friendly smash cakes in Singapore?

There are several bakeries in Singapore known for their baby friendly cakes. These shops specialize in first birthday cakes, baby smash cakes, and other types of cakes that are safe for babies. They use ingredients like baking powder instead of yeast, making the cakes lighter and easier for babies to eat.

Are there any baby safe cakes shops that offer dairy free options?

Yes, many smash cake shops understand the dietary restrictions some children may have. They offer a range of options including dairy free and nut free cakes. These are perfect for parents who are looking for baby’s cake that is both baby friendly and allergy friendly.

Can I get a custom-designed baby smash cake for my child’s birthday party?

Absolutely! Most smash cake shops in Singapore allow you to customize your order. Whether you want a specific design on the cake board or certain ingredients excluded, they can cater to your needs. This ensures your baby’s first birthday cake is as unique as they are.

What should I bring for the cake smash?

When you’re heading for a cake smash, remember to bring baby wipes. Cake smashes can get messy, but that’s part of the fun! Baby wipes will help with quick clean-ups. Some shops might provide them, but it’s always good to have your own.

Do these cake shops provide delivery services?

Most smash cake shops in Singapore offer delivery services. This means you can have the baby smash cake delivered right to your doorstep or directly to the birthday party venue. It’s best to check with the individual shop for delivery rates and policies.