11 Best Telematch Games in Singapore [2024]

Telematch Games Singapore

Best Telematch Games Singapore

If you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating way to spend time with your friends in Singapore, Telematch Games is the answer!

This interactive game challenges teams against one another through an array of entertaining activities that can be played both indoors and outdoors.

So no matter what kind of weather conditions arise while you’re there, you’ll still get to experience hours of team building in Singapore filled with joyous laughter! Get ready for some non-stop entertainment when playing this exquisite group activity.

Whether you’re up for scavenger hunts, obstacle courses or something different – there is something to pique everyone’s interest.

Round up your loved ones and prepare yourself for a remarkable journey that will leave everlasting chuckles behind when the event concludes.

What Are Telematch Games?

Telematch Games offer an entertaining and thrilling form of team building in Singapore. Participants strive to complete various tasks, challenging each other as they collect points towards becoming champions. Teams usually consist of two to four members, but interested parties can increase the number if desired. Compete against your friends for a chance to be crowned champion!

The competitors must battle through various physical and intellectual challenges, ranging from running, jumping and climbing to solving riddles or jumbles. Their goal is to complete each task quickly whilst avoiding any penalties – otherwise they will be forced back down to the beginning!

Benefits of Telematch Games

Telematch games come with an abundance of physical and psychological advantages, making one of the most ideal team building activities in Singapore for every age group. It bolsters coordination, improves balance, tones muscles, and boosts endurance – what more could you want? Regular participation in telematch games will help maintain a healthy weight without compromising on fun!

Telematch games are an excellent way to boost your problem-solving, memory and concentration skills. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to build teamwork, practice communication with others and bond with family members or pals through stimulating activities!

Best Telematch Games Singapore

1) Funsical: 100

Funsical: 100 - Challenge both body and mind in a dynamic game of strategy inspired by Physical:100
Funsical: 100 – Challenge both body and mind in a dynamic game of strategy inspired by Physical:100
Team SizeMin. 20 Pax
Max. 40 Pax
PriceFrom Only $28/pax
Duration1.5 Hours Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Join the FunEmpire’s Funsical: 100 Challenge for an exciting experience! Engage in telematch games & team activities inspired by Physical: 100. Bring your team together for fun activities & ongoing entertainment.

Our events are inclusive, no intense workouts needed. Take part in the challenge, build new connections, and showcase teamwork. Immerse yourself in the thrill of our games!

Client Testimonial

The Funsical: 100 challenge was amazing! It sparked my competitive side and built strong teamwork among colleagues. Highly recommend for fun team building!

James Tan

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2) Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Blindfolded Obstacle Course
Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Step out of your comfort zone and create a bond with each other by creating a blindfolded obstacle course. Take turns guiding the team members wearing the blindfolds through various obstacles, building confidence and connection within each group as you challenge each other’s trust. This activity is sure to be an amazing experience for all who participate!

3) Sack Race

Sack Race
Sack Race

Take your team to the next level with this heart-pumping activity! Not only is it an exciting experience for everyone, but you can also enhance balance and coordination along the way. Don’t miss out on all of the exhilarating fun – join in today and soar towards stupendous success!

4) Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect Four
Giant Connect Four

Rally teams of players to battle it out in the classic game Connect Four and watch as they test their skills and concentration. With four discs connected in a row, victory is declared! This stimulating game not only provides entertainment for people of all ages but also strengthens problem-solving abilities. Will you be crowned champion?

5) Human Knot

Human Knot
Human Knot

Gather your team in a circle and have them hold hands. The next step is the real test; can you all untangle yourselves without letting go of anyone’s grip? This game is an incredible way to strengthen problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills!

6) Waterbomb Catch

Waterbomb Catch
Waterbomb Catch

Make the heat wave a blast with Waterbomb Catch! A two-team competition, one side throws water balloons while their opponents attempt to catch them in an awaiting basket. The team who catches the most takes home all of the bragging rights! This is a wonderful way to have fun and create memories with your family and friends on those hot summer days.

7) Wipeout


Take a dip and make some waves with an inflatable obstacle course in the pool! Race against your friends to see who can complete the challenge first – it’s sure to provide tons of fun as you beat the heat. With this thrilling activity, get ready for hours of friendly competition while also cooling off simultaneously!

8) Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course

Challenge yourself and your friends to a thrilling race with an obstacle course! Using cones, ropes, and other objects of your choosing, put together an exhilarating experience for teams to compete in. See who can master the game’s coordination requirements within the fastest time: agility is key!

9) Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga
Giant Jenga

Assemble a towering Jenga structure of wooden blocks and challenge your teams to take turns delicately removing pieces while they compete not to cause the tower’s demise.

10) Tug of War

Tug of War
Tug of War

Engage your strength and team spirit by joining forces with an opposing group to tug on a rope until one side falls or passes the line. This invigorating experience tests the mettle of all involved!

11) Egg Race

Egg Race
Egg Race

Get ready to take your coordination skills to the next level with the classic egg-on-spoon race! Not only is it an enjoyable game, but also hones dexterity and cognitive capacity. Test who can make it first in this thrilling egg balancing competition – that’s when things get real interesting!

Telematch Games Singapore

Are you keen to engage in an activity that will both sharpen your problem-solving, memory and concentration skills all while having a blast? Look no further than Singapore’s telematch games! Whether it is cardio or cognitively demanding activities that you’re after, there are countless options to choose from.

From the Human Knot to Wipeout, these interactive games will provide hours of entertainment for all ages! With a bit of team spirit and enthusiasm, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience regardless of which game you choose. So rally together your closest friends today – who knows what incredible journeys await?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about telematch games in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Telematch Games in Singapore below:

Are there any age restrictions for playing telematch games in Singapore?

No, there are no age restrictions for playing telematch games in Singapore. All ages can join the fun, making it a great activity to bring family and friends together. Depending on the game, there may be difficulty levels to cater to different age groups. For instance, Giant Connect Four is suitable for players of all ages while Waterbomb Catch is best suited for children and adults aged 10 and above.

Is it suitable to play telematch games with young children?

Telematch games in Singapore are fun for all ages, so yes it is suitable to play with young children. Some of the games are easier for younger players, like Giant Connect Four, but others may be too challenging. For instance, Waterbomb Catch is best suited for kids and adults 10 years old and over.

Are there any health benefits associated with playing telematch games in Singapore?

Yes, there are numerous health benefits associated with playing telematch games in Singapore. These include improved physical and mental strength, increased coordination and agility, improved problem-solving skills, better memory and concentration levels, enhanced team spirit and collaboration among players, as well as a great source of exercise for all ages. Playing telematch games can also help reduce stress levels and improve overall wellbeing.