10 Best Boltless Rack Singapore [2024]

Boltless Rack Singapore

Best Boltless Rack Singapore
Best Boltless Rack Singapore

The biggest issue that most warehouses encounter is a shortage of adequate storage space. Business owners understand how difficult it can be to find the most effective way to store products. For many years, boltless shelving has been employed to maximize warehouse storage. Professional installers find these industrial shelves easier to install than other metal shelving systems since they are boltless. The majority of boltless shelving is accessible from all four sides. There are many places that offer boltless racks Singapore, but you should know which ones are best.

But before that, here are some consideration factors to keep in mind when choosing a boltless rack in Singapore!

Consideration Factors When Choosing A Cleaning Service In Singapore

  • Storage space: The most important factor when considering any type of shelving system is how much storage space it can provide. Be sure to measure the area inside your warehouse and take into account the weight capacity that you need.
  • Durability: Check out the material used for manufacturing boltless racks. Some materials might be inferior or not as durable as others, so make sure that you are getting a quality system.
  • Ease of installation: Make sure to find out whether the boltless rack is easy to install or not. Take into account the time needed for its setup and ensure that it can be done quickly and easily.
  • Price: Get an idea of how much you need to spend on purchasing a boltless rack. Compare the prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Best Boltless Rack Singapore

1) Yee Sin Storage

Yee Sin Storage - Boltless Rack Singapore
Yee Sin Storage – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Yee Sin Storage)
Key Services:Z Beam, Double Rivet, Hidden Hole, Classic racks, Medium Duty racks
Address:66 Seletar Aerospace View WOA Aviation Hangar 66 Level 1, Singapore 797509
Phone:+65 8711 8677
Operating Hours:9AM – 5PM Mondays – Saturdays

For over three decades, Yee Sin Storage has been providing Singapore with unbeatable storage options including storeroom racks, boltless shelves and racks, bomb shelter systems and more. Dedicated to offering their clients a wide selection of reliable products at competitive prices for all types of needs; it is no wonder that they are recognized as one of the leading providers in terms of quality racking solutions. Throughout the years they have built up an impressive portfolio based on successful deliveries to satisfied customers across Singapore- proving beyond doubt why Yee Sin Storage should be your top choice when looking for efficient boltless rack solutions!

Key Differentiators:

  • Reliable boltless rack
  • One-step storage solution company
  • Wide range of boltless racks

Customer Testimonial:

I am absolutely delighted with the boltless rack that I obtained from Yee Sin Storage. Not only was it affordable, but simple to assemble as well. The customer service provided by their staff was also extraordinary – they were friendly and accommodating throughout my shopping experience.

Tan B.

2) StoreRoomRack.com

StoreRoomRack.com - Boltless Rack Singapore
StoreRoomRack.com – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: StoreRoomRack.com)
Key Services:Storeroom Racks, Warehouse Racks, Foldable Rack with Wheels, Boltless Racks, Heavy Duty Racks
Address:1092 Lower Delta Road #06-10 Singapore 169203
Phone:+65 6372 1581
Operating Hours:11AM – 5PM Mondays – Fridays; 10AM – 2PM Saturdays

Established in 2004, StoreroomRack.com has experienced tremendous growth through customer referrals and word of mouth since the beginning of the internet revolution. Proudly claiming to be Singapore’s top and safest racking provider, their products range from large government sectors and big companies to smaller SME establishments – with a majority being HDB house owners. This is why they offer some of the best boltless rack Singapore can depend on!

Key Differentiators:

  • Wide variety of solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality racking solutions

Customer Testimonial:

Sandy is an absolute gem when it comes to customer service. She provides rapid feedback on any alterations, and installation was lightning-fast! I’m incredibly satisfied with the entire experience – highly recommend them without hesitation!


3) Racking.sg

Racking.sg - Boltless Rack Singapore
Racking.sg – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Racking.sg)
Key Services: Superblock Racking System, Bolt-Free Shelving System, Drive in & Drive Through Racking System, Slotted Angle Shelving System
Address:Blk 9, Defu Lane 10, #01-486, Singapore 539190
Phone:+65 9799 1111
Operating Hours:10AM – 5PM Mondays – Saturdays

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to store your items while maximizing the limited floor space, Racking.sg has got you covered! With their knowledgeable team of professionals and top-notch equipment, they can help guide customers from concept through installation with maximum efficiency in minimal time. Plus, accessing stored items is easier than ever; say goodbye to wasting precious minutes searching for what you need!

Key Differentiators:

  • Friendly and reliable customer service
  • High-quality materials used
  • Excellent installation services

Customer Testimonial:

I’m over the moon with my purchase of a boltless rack from Racking.sg! Not only was their service prompt and attentive, but the quality of the product is outstanding. I couldn’t be more pleased with this experience!

John K.

4) SG Shelving

SG Shelving - Boltless Rack Singapore
SG Shelving – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: SG Shelving)
Key Services: Residential Racks, Industrial Racks, Office Racks
Address:10 Ubi Crescent #03-54 Ubi Techpark Singapore 408570
Phone:+65 6244 1512
Operating Hours:9AM – 6PM Monday – Saturday

With Sgshelving.com, you will have access to an extensive selection of robust shelving systems that are crafted from high-quality galvanized steel. To ensure long-term reliability, each system is coated in epoxy powder and designed with a Boltless racking interval for simple panel modification without having to drill or screw bolts. This makes them the perfect choice for HDB bomb shelters, home storerooms, warehouses, document storage – essentially any space that requires durable yet stylish shelving products! That’s why they’re considered one of Singapore’s leading providers of boltless rack solutions.

Key Differentiators:

  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Epoxy powder coating
  • Panel interval modification

Customer Testimonial:

I am ecstatic with my recent boltless rack purchase from SG Shelving; not only is it exceptionally sturdy, its setup was a breeze! To top off the wonderful experience, their staff were incredibly accommodating and helpful.

Jessica H

5) Ark Racks

Ark Racks - Boltless Rack Singapore
Ark Racks – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Ark Racks)
Key Services:Quality boltless racks
Address:211 Woodlands Avenue 9, Woodlands Spectrum II, #03-88, Singapore 738960
Phone:+65 8798 1688

At ARK RACKS, they prioritize simplicity. As experts in boltless racks, their main goal is to help you maximize space in even the tiniest of locations. That’s why they have streamlined their options down to six basic choices that are both strong and reliable. And because humility is a core value for them, they always stay true to keeping things simple yet effective. So go ahead and get creative with all the innovative storage solutions you can think of – thanks to their commitment towards quality products at an affordable price point, ARK RACKS has become one of Singapore’s best-known providers of boltless rack systems!

Key Differentiators:

  • Simple yet effective design
  • Durable and strong
  • Affordable

Customer Testimonial:

I’m absolutely delighted with the ARK RACKS boltless rack I recently purchased – not only was it reasonably-priced, but was a breeze to put together! Moreover, their customer service team were extraordinarily helpful in answering all of my questions quickly.

John L.

6) Storeroom Rack SG

Storeroom Rack SG - Boltless Rack Singapore
Storeroom Rack SG – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Storeroom Rack SG)
Key Services:L Shape Racks, Boltless Racks
Address:31 Woodlands Close, Woodlands Horizon #07-31 Singapore 737855
Phone:+65 8818 0828
Operating Hours:10AM – 5PM Tuesdays – Fridays

At Storeroom Rack SG, they believe in providing customers with an excellent experience no matter the size of their business. They understand that if a customer feels more welcome and better served somewhere else, however slightly costlier it may be, then they will always choose to head there instead. That is why they ensure to keep a close eye on their customer service lines at all times so as to provide nothing short of outstanding client services. And thanks to their competitive prices combined with reliable products, Storeroom Rack SG continues to remain one of Singapore’s most trusted boltless rack stores!

Key Differentiators:

  • Competitive prices
  • Responsive customer service
  • High-quality products

Customer Testimonial:

This morning, my new boltless rack was fitted with the utmost of precision and efficiency by an incredibly prompt and amiable installer. His craftsmanship is commendable, as I’m ecstatic about how it all turned out!

Peter Tan

7) Sim Win Liang

Sim Win Liang - Boltless Rack Singapore
Sim Win Liang – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Sim Win Liang)
Key Services:Boltless Racks, Warehouse Racking Systems, Storage Containers
Address:15 Little Road, #01-01 Singapore 536988
Phone:+65 6296 6692
Operating Hours:9AM – 5:30PM Monday – Friday; 9AM to 1PM Saturday

Sim Win Liang is an authorized distributor of METALSISTEM S.p.A Boltless Rack Shelving, crafted with premium 3.1 certified high tensile steel coils that meet EN 10204 specifications and are tested by TÜV – Germany’s quality certification organization- for authenticity and reliability purposes. Every rack component in this range has been galvanized using the SENDZIMIR method to ensure maximum durability even under harsh conditions or exposure to corrosive elements over time; rendering them one of the most sought-after boltless rack suppliers in Singapore!

Key Differentiators:

  • Top-grade material
  • Highly durable
  • Galvanized for exceptional durability

Customer Testimonial:

I am absolutely delighted with my boltless rack from Sim Win Liang – it’s robust, and assembling was simple. Furthermore, their customer service team were enormously helpful and attentive too!

Tan K.

8) Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd

Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd - Boltless Rack Singapore
Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd)
Key Services:Modern Asian cuisine and coffee
Address:3, Blk 3 Upper Aljunied Link, #02-03 Joo Seng Warehouse, Singapore 367902
Phone:+65 6659 6124
Operating Hours:11AM – 6PM Daily Mondays – Saturdays

Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd is the premier supplier of racks and shelving in Singapore, offering a comprehensive solution for all storage requirements. Specializing in superior quality wire shelving racks, their commitment to excellence ensures that each product stands out from the rest. With an extensive selection of boltless rack services available, Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd is undoubtedly one of the finest suppliers around!

Key Differentiators::

  • High-Quality materials
  • Variety of options
  • Excellent customer service

Customer Testimonial:

I was absolutely astonished by Jin Yu Trading Pte Ltd’s boltless rack – its quality is unparalleled, and it couldn’t have been easier to assemble. Furthermore, their team was incredibly courteous and knowledgeable as well!

Mei Young

9) Kasto Rack

Kasto Rack - Boltless Rack Singapore
Kasto Rack – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Kasto Rack)
Key Services:Heavy Duty Long Span Rack, L-Shape Boltless Rack, Standard Boltless Rack
Address: 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768090
Phone:+65 9741 1623
Operating Hours:9AM – 4PM Mondays – Saturdays

Kasto Rack is renowned for its versatile and cost-effective storage racking solutions, which can be found in warehouses, storerooms, homes, offices, retail shops and bomb shelters. These racks are designed with high quality epoxy powder coating applied to durable steel material to ensure a long lasting product. Additionally Kasto Rack offers flexibility as their team of skilled professionals have the ability to customize any requirement at an affordable price due to their workshop capabilities located in Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • High-quality boltless racks
  • Cost-effective storage solutions
  • In-house workshop skills

Customer Testimonial:

Kasto Rack’s boltless racks have the perfect solution for our heavy-duty storage needs. These incredibly strong and secure structures can easily support a vast amount of weight, making them ideal for our requirements. Additionally, the staff is always willing to assist in any way possible – truly remarkable customer service!

Mark Rol

10) Boltless Rack Sg

Boltless Rack Sg - Boltless Rack Singapore
Boltless Rack Sg – Boltless Rack Singapore (Credit: Boltless Rack Sg)
Key Services:Classic Bolted Heavy-Duty Rack with Plywood, Boltless Heavy Duty Rack with Plywood, Full Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder, Boltless Full Metal rack
Address:3 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, Singapore 568050
Phone:+65 8511 1934
Operating Hours:9:30AM – 5:30PM Monday – Saturday

Boltless Rack Sg recognizes the necessity of possessing a reliable and tough rack in your home’s ‘bomb shelter’ or storage, while still being budget-friendly. In fact, they’re consumers of their own products because they believe so strongly in its quality! Other services may be around online but Boltless Rack Sg is confident that you’ll find theirs to not only have unbeatable prices but also unparalleled customer service when compared with other competitors out there. It’s this combination that sets them apart as one of the best boltless racks Singapore has to offer!

Key Differentiators:

  • Price conscious
  • High-quality material
  • Competitive prices

Customer Testimonial:

After searching for an appropriate boltless rack for my home storage, I stumbled upon Boltless Rack SG. Not only was the product beyond satisfactory and the price palatable, but staff members provided extraordinary assistance to ensure a successful purchase. Needless to say, I’m extremely pleased!

John K.

Boltless Rack Singapore

Boltless rack Singapore is a wallet-friendly solution for any business, warehouse or distribution centre to increase production and efficiency. This type of storage has been around for decades but its use is gaining momentum as it’s becoming recognised for its versatility in industrial settings. Additionally, you don’t need an expert to install this kind of shelving – it can be done quickly with minimal effort which helps save time (and money!). Thus if you’re looking to buy the best boltless rack Singapore that fits your needs at home or work then we trust our advice will provide guidance!

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