25 Best Brunch Singapore Places To Go To [2024]

Brunch Singapore

Best Brunch Singapore
Best Brunch Singapore

Whether you’re a local food lover or a tourist eager to explore the city’s culinary scene, this list is your passport to a delightful gastronomic journey.

The best places for brunch in Singapore include Bread and Hearth, Andaz Singapore, Colony – The Ritz-Carlton, Xperience So Singapore, and Mezza9.

When selecting a brunch venue in Singapore, take into account elements such as the quality of the food, level of service, ambiance, pricing, and variety on the menu.

Brunch spots in Singapore provide a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines, ranging from traditional local favorites to modern global dishes, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary journey for all diners.

From cozy cafes to high-end restaurants, every place on this list offers a unique dining experience that embodies the city’s vibrant food scene.

Quick Summary

  • Best places for brunch in Singapore include Bread and Hearth, Andaz Singapore, Colony – The Ritz-Carlton, Xperience So Singapore, and Mezza9.
  • When choosing a brunch spot in Singapore, consider factors such as quality of food, service, ambiance, price, and menu variety.
  • Singapore’s brunch spots offer an incredible variety of delectable cuisines, from traditional local favorites to contemporary global dishes, ensuring an unforgettable culinary adventure for every diner.

Key Consideration Factors

When looking for a place to have brunch in Singapore, make sure to consider these important factors:

  • Quality of food: The most important aspect of any dining experience. Make sure to check reviews and recommendations from friends before making a reservation.
  • Service: A friendly and attentive staff can make all the difference in your brunch experience.
  • Ambiance: Choose a spot with a comfortable, inviting atmosphere that suits your preferences, whether it’s a bustling cafe or a quiet garden setting.
  • Pricing: Brunch prices in Singapore can range from budget-friendly to upscale, so make sure to check the menu and prices beforehand.
  • Menu variety: Whether you’re craving traditional local dishes or international cuisine, make sure the restaurant offers a wide range of options to satisfy your taste buds.

Best Brunch Singapore

1) Smile Martabak

Smile Martabak - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Smile Martabak’s Facebook)
Key ServiceMouthwatering martabak options
Address2 Orchard Turn, B4-62 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Operating HoursDaily 11 am – 9:30 pm

Discover the enchanting culinary haven of Smile Martabak in Singapore. Let yourself be transported to the vibrant flavors of Indonesia’s beloved martabak and embark on a delightful journey for your palate. Every bite is a pure indulgence, immersing you in a world of culinary delight.

Get ready to be tantalized by our menu, showcasing an extraordinary array of mouthwatering martabak choices. Each creation is meticulously crafted with an unwavering dedication to achieving the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

Indulge in the sweetness of our desserts or savor the hearty delights that will leave you craving for more. With every bite, prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of taste and pleasure.

2) Bread and Hearth

Bread and Hearth - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Bread and Hearth)
Key ServicesDelectable Pastries, High-quality European bread
Address18 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089125 ;
Phone+65 6534 7800, 6348 8068
Operating Hours 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Savor the exquisite pastries from Bread and Hearth, skillfully crafted to enchant even the most sophisticated food lovers. If you’re looking for an exceptional brunch destination in Singapore that serves premium European bread, your search ends here!

Bread and Hearth derives its name from its birthplace, a former bakery turned oven. Presently, they create artisanal loaves with distinct flavors and textures. Their dough is carefully nurtured, resulting in bread of unmatched excellence.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of home with their hearth. Delight your palate with their impeccably crafted pastries, perfected and baked to bring you joy.

3) Siri House

Siri House - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Siri House)
Key ServicesSunday brunch
AddressBlock 8D #01-02, Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672
Phone+65 9487 1552
Operating Hours Tues – Thurs, Sun: 11:30 – 22:00 Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 23:00

Looking for a relaxing Sunday brunch amidst Singapore’s verdant greenery? Make your way to Dempsey for a delightful dining experience indoors or enjoy the pleasant outdoor terrace. This enchanting cafe is a must-visit for Italian food enthusiasts, offering a range of mouthwatering classic dishes. Just be ready for petite portions that will leave you craving for more.

Enjoy two mouthwatering appetizers: Arancini, which combines dashi-infused Japanese rice with octopus, chorizo, and mozzarella, and Crab Toast topped with crab mayo and apple citrus salsa.

For those who love eggs, indulge in the Lobster Scrambled Eggs made with Boston lobster and za’atar. And make sure not to miss out on the Beef Ribeye, served with kombu butter potatoes, asparagus, and charred vine tomatoes.

4) The Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar

The Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: The Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar)
Key ServicesInstagrammable brunch place
Address30 Victoria St, #01-03 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Phone(65) 6900 3237
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday 8am – 9pm

Looking for a retreat from the busy CBD? The Glasshouse Speciality Coffee and Toast Bar is an ideal spot to relax and unwind.

This delightful café showcases some of the most picturesque locations in town. With expansive glass windows that bathe the area in natural light and an ample display of potted plants, it’s a visual treat.

And, of course, we can’t overlook their highly recommended specialty: the Avocado & Dukkah Artisanal Toast ($13).

5) Colony – The Ritz-Carlton

Colony – The Ritz-Carlton - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Ritz Carlton)
Key ServicesBrunch buffet
AddressThe Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore 7 Raffles Avenue Singapore, 039799
Phone+(65) 6434-5288
Operating Hours Monday – Saturday Breakfast, 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Lunch, 12 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Afternoon Tea, 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Dinner, 6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Sunday Breakfast, 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m Brunch, 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Dinner, 6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Experience another exceptional brunch at this exquisite location in Singapore. Indulge in the finest brunch in town with elegance, just as you did before at the previous spot. The Colony presents a buffet showcasing seven open kitchens, offering a wide range of local, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Western cuisines.

If you’re looking for the ultimate brunch experience in Singapore, complete with an extensive selection of international culinary delights, head over to the Ritz-Carlton.

Located in the vibrant Orchard Road of Singapore, The Colony is an exquisite hotel. Offering a wide range of delectable dishes from Western to Singaporean cuisine, you can savor the finest culinary traditions of the city.

Whether you desire a sumptuous brunch, lunch, or dinner, The Colony has got you covered for all your dining preferences. So, if you initially searched for the ‘best brunch near me’ but have a change of heart for lunch or dinner, look no further than The Colony!

6) Poulet + Brasserie

Poulet + Brasserie - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Poulet + Brasserie)
Key ServiceFrench cuisine
AddressION ORCHARD, 2 Orchard Turn, B3-21, Singapore 238801
Phone6509 4342
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30am to 10pm (Last Order: 9pm)

Poulet is a well-known establishment that prides itself on its unwavering dedication to culinary excellence. By expertly blending fresh ingredients with traditional roasting methods, they create an extraordinary dining experience.

Their standout dish is the exquisite French Roast Chicken, meticulously prepared to perfection, ensuring a tender and succulent delight. Get ready to be enchanted by flavors that will captivate your palate!

Poulet elevates the main attraction to new heights, offering a delightful array of appetizers, sides, and heavenly desserts. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in the exquisite realm of French cuisine.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and an insatiable pursuit of impeccable flavors, Poulet is a culinary paradise where each delicious bite is savored with pure delight.


SKAI - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: SKAI)
Key ServicesBuffet brunch
Address2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882
Phone+65 6431 6156
Operating Hours SATURDAY 11:30 AM – 02:30 PM

SKAI, a towering 70-story building in Singapore, provides an unforgettable brunch experience accompanied by stunning views. The expansive windows offer breathtaking vistas, while the interior emanates a timeless charm with its cozy wooden hues.

The atmosphere strikes a perfect blend of casual and elegant, where you can indulge in a buffet-style assortment of charcuterie, salads, and other delightful dishes. Additionally, freshly prepared fare will be served directly to your table.

The brunch buffet offers several remarkable dishes to try. For example, there is the Wagyu Beef Tataki served with pickled eryngii mushrooms and ponzu sauce, along with fresh seafood options like the Blackened Cod Fish paired with garlic, potato, and sweet corn. Additionally, the Blueberry Muffin French Toast is an absolute delight.

Chef Chong Koo Jee, the winner of the Singapore Pastry Cup 2018, has also created exquisite desserts, including the Chocolate Parfait infused with Earl Grey and accompanied by chocolate honeycomb.

8) Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar)
Key ServicesBrunch pastries and coffee
Address56 Tanglin Road, #01-03 (Tanglin Post Office Building) Singapore 247964 (check website for multiple locations)
Phone6835 1128
Operating Hours Tue-Sun 8AM-10PM Closed Mon

Nassim Hill serves delectable brunch dishes from Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 3 p.m. until closing time at the main location or until 3 p.m. at the Somerset pop-up spot.

Treat yourself to beloved dishes such as fried eggs, buttermilk pancakes, and cheddar cheese bacon waffles, all while enjoying a cup of coffee. Make sure not to pass up on the delectable brioche donuts filled with chocolate or kaya – they are definitely worth a try!

9) Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Arteastiq’s Facebook)
Key ServiceAll-day breakfast menu
Address333A Orchard Rd, #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Phone6235 8370
Operating HoursDaily, 11am – 10pm

Arteastiq presents an enchanting all-day menu that will enchant your senses. Executive Chef Yip’s imaginative fusion of continental cuisines invites you on a culinary journey, featuring a wide array of expertly combined flavors. Prepare for extraordinary gastronomic encounters that transcend the usual.

Chef Yip’s unwavering dedication to exploring ingredients and achieving flavor balance shines through in each exquisite masterpiece. Indulge in a culinary journey where beauty transcends appearances and surrender to the enchantment of flavors.

10) Grub

Grub - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Grub)
Key ServicesWide range of brunch options
Address29A Cuppage Road, #02-00 Cuppage Terrace Singapore 229456

Experience a delightful brunch every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer a lie-in, they have you covered. Treat yourself to their brunch platter with ciabatta bread, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and chicken cheese sausage.

For an alternative choice, give their English breakfast a go, featuring ciabatta, pork patty, baked beans, scrambled eggs, and grilled tomatoes. No matter what, rest assured that your taste buds will be thoroughly pleased.

11) Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Habitat Coffee)
Key ServicesRoasted and handpicked coffee, Brunch delivery
Address223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574355
Phone65 6456 2567
Operating Hours Tuesday to Sunday: 10am – 10pm Closed: Mondays

Habitat Coffee is the ultimate brunch destination for coffee lovers who need their daily caffeine fix. Situated on Upper Thomson Road, this charming and well-loved cafe is famous for its meticulously chosen and locally roasted coffee beans.

Apart from their delicious breakfast offerings, they also cultivate a warm and inviting ambiance. The new catering service by Habitat Coffee presents an excellent chance to demonstrate support for the company and its mission, all while contributing to a worthy cause. Habitat Coffee truly excels in their charitable endeavors.

Now, customers can experience quick delivery of their favorite food and beverages right to their doorstep when ordering through the company’s website.

12) Neon Pigeon

Neon Pigeon - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Neon Pigeon)
Key ServicesUnique brunch options
Address36 CARPENTER STREET #01-01 SINGAPORE 059915
Phone+65 6222 3623
Operating Hours 11:30AM – 2:30PM 5:30PM – 10:30PM

Come and be a part of a vibrant weekend brunch experience, complete with music, beverages, and mouthwatering dishes. Treat yourself to a serving of fresh oysters, and then explore delightful choices such as miso banana French toast or tuna sashimi donburi.

Satisfy your cravings with the renowned pork katsu sando, made with wagyu steak and eggs. For those seeking a truly indulgent experience, try the duck confit ramen, served in a flavorful foie gras paitan broth and accompanied by mushrooms and napa cabbage. Just remember to inquire about the daily serving limits, as portions are limited.

13) Alley on 25 by Andaz Singapore

Alley on 25 by Andaz Singapore - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Alley on 25)
Key ServicesBrunch Buffet, Lazy breakfast
Address5 Fraser Street, Singapore, Singapore, 189354
Phone+65 6408 1288
Operating HoursMonday- Sunday 7:30am to 10:30 pm

Alley on 25 by Andaz Singapore is the ultimate destination for a delightful weekend or national holiday. Treat yourself to their amazing Lazy Breakfast, the perfect incentive to rise and shine on weekends. This scrumptious meal offers a wide array of breakfast options and a selection from the à la carte menu.

Enjoy a delectable breakfast spread with classic options like eggs Benedict, a breakfast grilled chicken burger, smoked salmon bagel, and lobster mac and cheese. Delight in the beach view from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The buffet also offers a continental station with bread, cereals, cold cuts, and a salad bar featuring superfoods. To add a touch of indulgence, help yourself to unlimited breakfast cocktails including wine, prosecco, or beer.

14) The Butcher’s Wife

The Butcher’s Wife - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: The Butcher’s Wife)
Key ServicesGluten-free brunch
Address19 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168650
Phone(65) 6221 9307
Operating Hours Open Tues to Sun 1130–1500; 1700–2130 (2100 on Sun)

Situated in the fashionable district of Singapore, The Butcher’s Wife is a captivating restaurant that provides a fully gluten-free dining experience. With its enchanting atmosphere, mouthwatering dishes, and a wide array of wines from all over the world, you’ll be left yearning for more.

Savor the irresistible Blue Pea Flower Naan Sandwich, packed with falafel made from fermented black beans, creamy yoghurt, tangy green mango chili sauce, and velvety lentil hummus. It’s priced at $10.

For brunch lovers, the Gluten-Free Focaccia topped with caramelized onions, juicy tomatoes, and fragrant basil is a definite crowd pleaser. Also priced at $10.

But if you’re yearning for something truly exceptional, don’t miss out on the succulent Wagyu Picanha. It comes with a luscious burnt cauliflower puree, zesty green papaya salsa, and a touch of banana powder, creating a delightful harmony of flavors. It’s priced at $38.

15) Adrift by David Myers

Adrift by David Myers - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Adrift)
Key ServicesWeekend brunch
Address10 Bayfront Ave, Lobby, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2, Singapore 018956
Phone(65) 6688 5657

David Myers, the celebrated chef behind Adrift, is a prominent figure in the culinary world. His expertise lies in skillfully combining Japanese ingredients, Southeast Asian spices, and Californian techniques to create innovative flavor profiles.

This distinctive approach is evident in the name of his restaurant, which not only offers lunch and dinner menus but also boasts a dedicated brunch menu.

Experience an irresistible their weekend brunch menu showcasing our house-made bagels, smoked salmon or salt beef ($18), Broken Ricotta Pancake ($19), lobster frittata ($24), and king crab omelette ($26). Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

16) Indorica

Indorica - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Indorica’s Facebook)
Key ServiceIndonesian café
Address313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, Level 5 Food Republic, Singapore 238895
Operating HoursDaily 11 am – 9 pm

Their incredible journey commenced in 2009, originating from a modest Indonesian café located in Somerset’s Midpoint Mall. Although their paths took different directions the next year, their unwavering passion remained radiant.

Despite facing financial challenges during the initial Circuit Breaker/Lockdown in 2019, they boldly opened My Home Cafe in the heart of Yishun. With unwavering resolve, Pak Bos single-handedly operated the café for six months. His mouthwatering dishes received rave reviews from 95% of customers, establishing a devoted customer base through positive word-of-mouth.

17) Wild Honey

Wild Honey - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Wild Honey)
Key ServicesCreative breakfast alternatives, Offers vegetarian dishes
Address#03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238897 (check website for multiple locations)
Phone+65 6235 3900 
Operating Hours Mon-Thu 9am-9pm (last order 8.30pm) Fri/Eve of PH 9am-10pm (last order 9.30pm) Sat 8am-10pm (last order 9.30pm) Sun/Eve of PH 8am-9pm (last order 8.30pm)

Coming up next is Wild Honey, a place where you can treat yourself to exceptional cuisine set against three stunning backgrounds: Sweet Amore. Established in 2009, Wild Honey combines the owner’s passion for travel and breakfast fare.

With three branches in Singapore – Mandarin Gallery, Scotts Square, and South Beach – Wild Honey has experienced significant expansion while staying true to its fundamental principles.

All three restaurants offer delicious and creative breakfast choices at their respective locations, each with its unique atmosphere, decor, and overall dining experience. It’s worth noting that Wild Honey accommodates special dietary requirements, such as vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Just let the staff know, and they will be happy to suggest appropriate selections to patrons.

18) Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro)
Key ServiceSzechwan food
Address333 Orchard Rd, Level 35 Hilton Singapore Orchard, Singapore 238867
Phone65 6831 6262
Operating HoursDaily 11 am – 3 pm , 6 pm – 10 pm

Welcome to Akasaka Szechwan Restaurant, also known as Shisen Hanten in Japan. For more than sixty years, this culinary treasure, established by the legendary Chen Kenmin, Japan’s esteemed “Father of Szechwan Cuisine,” has been captivating taste buds across generations.

Chen Kenmin’s unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication to capturing the true essence of Szechwan cuisine have propelled the restaurant to unprecedented levels of achievement.

Continuing the family legacy, Chen Kenichi’s son has taken the business to new heights, adding his own unique touch to an already extensive brunch menu. Get ready for an exceptional culinary experience.

19) Cafe Ma Maison

Cafe Ma Maison - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Cafe Ma Maison)
Key ServiceFrench-inspired menu
Address333A Orchard Rd, #02-33/34, Singapore 238897
Phone65 6235 6411
Operating HoursDaily 11 am – 9:30 pm

The owner had an extraordinary vision: to establish a restaurant that delights taste buds with exquisite cuisine, perfectly paired with fine wines, and topped off with a rich demi-glace sauce to add a touch of Western culinary magic.

Inspired by the genuine hospitality they experienced at a delightful English inn, they set out on a mission to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that invites you into their culinary world. Thus, they named their restaurant MA MAISON, which translates to “my house” in French.

Experience the symphony of flavors that capture the comforting essence of home, as every bite takes you on a delightful culinary journey. MA MAISON has become a culinary powerhouse, enchanting patrons with its irresistible creations and genuine hospitality across Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

20) Group Therapy Coffee

Group Therapy Coffee - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Group Therapy Coffee)
Key ServicesBrunch, Pastries
Address30 East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 428751 (check website for multiple locations)
Phone+65 6440 0457
Operating Hours 8am – 6pm Daily

Originally an event venue, Group Therapy Coffee has evolved into something greater. The brand now encompasses two cafe locations in Singapore: one in Katong and another in Cross Street Exchange.

Irrespective of the branch you opt for, expect outstanding service and delectable food and beverages. The almond latte, in particular, holds a special place in the hearts of locals with its subtle nutty taste, providing a distinctive coffee alternative.

Group Therapy Coffee offers a one-stop solution for delicious meals. They take pride in baking and preparing all our sweets and main dishes in-house, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Make sure to try our highly recommended Pumpkin Pancake served with smoked salmon. Don’t miss out!

21) PS.Cafe

PS.Cafe - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: PS.Cafe)
Key ServicesWide range of Brunch selections
Address1 Fullerton Road, #02-03B/04 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Phone(65) 6708 9288
Operating Hours Monday – Sunday 8am to 10 pm

Indulge in a delectable brunch including Salmon Benedict with poached eggs, gravlax, avocado, and hollandaise on focaccia bread. PS: Brunch is served starting at 11:30 am on weekdays and 9:30 am on weekends.

Savor the delight of fluffy pancakes adorned with homemade banana jam, blueberries, passionfruit curd, and fresh cream. And make sure not to overlook the Brunch Burger, showcasing a tantalizing wagyu patty.

Their brunch menu offers an assortment of local dishes, pasta, pizzas, salads, and a tempting selection of 12 desserts. With such an extensive variety, you’ll always have a plethora of choices!

22) Wildseed Café at The Summerhouse

Wildseed Café at The Summerhouse - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Wildseed Café)
Key ServicesFarm-to-table brunch restaurant
Address3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
Phone(65) 8126 7524
Operating Hours Open daily 8am-5pm *Last order 4:30pm

Situated in the scenic Seletar countryside, Wildseed Café is the brainchild of The Summerhouse, a renowned farm-to-table restaurant in Singapore. With its breathtaking surroundings and captivating views of nature, this delightful café presents an enticing menu of nourishing and delectable dishes.

Experience the charming atmosphere and delight in the exquisite cuisine offered at this establishment. Notable dishes include the Wildseed Garden Arrabiata ($15), a delightful spin on penne pasta featuring locally sourced Cameron Highland cherry tomatoes, homegrown Kranji golden abalone mushrooms, homemade mango pickle, baby corn, and a finishing touch of Parmesan.

Alternatively, you can indulge in their Grilled Sea Bass fillet served with seaweed buerre blanc, grilled potato, broccolini, and curly fries ($26), Pulled Pork Burger ($20), or Sesame Chicken Pita ($16) for a truly satisfying meal.

23) Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Taste Paradise)
Key ServiceChinese cuisine
Address2 Orchard Turn, #04-07, Singapore 238801
Phone65 6509 9660
Operating HoursDaily 11 am – 3 pm , 6 pm – 10 pm

Embark on a captivating culinary journey through Paradise, beginning at Seafood Paradise in Defu Lane. With a history dating back to 2002, this renowned brunch spot in Orchard has now extended its reach to a second location at the iconic Singapore Flyer. Drawing in a diverse crowd of both locals and tourists, get ready to indulge in an extraordinary gastronomic experience!

Under the steadfast leadership of Founder Eldwin Chua, the Paradise brand has experienced incredible growth, providing delicious cuisine at affordable prices. Currently, Paradise Group showcases an impressive array of 11 culinary concepts across 9 countries.

With nearly 50 restaurants in Singapore and over 60 worldwide, their aim is to create unforgettable dining experiences for food lovers worldwide. Prepare yourself for an exceptional gastronomic journey!

24) Song Fa Bak Kut Teh The Centrepoint

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh The Centrepoint - Best Brunch Singapore
(Credit: Song Fa Bak Kut Teh The Centrepoint)
Key ServiceAuthentic Bak Kut Teh
Address176 Orchard Rd, #02-29/30, Singapore 238843
Operating HoursWeekdays 11 am – 9 pm
Weekends 10:30 am – 9:30 pm

In 1969, on Johor Road in Singapore, an unwavering man diligently served steaming bowls of Bak Kut Teh to a crowd gathered around his humble pushcart. Realizing the diminishing supply of bak kut, he took a bold step and went to his friend’s nearby liquor stall to replenish the meat.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh traces its humble beginnings back to a single food cart on the street, but has since made remarkable strides. However, the iconic pushcart serves as a constant reminder of its origins and commitment to providing an authentic Bak Kut Teh experience.

Discover the irresistible delight of juicy and tender pork ribs, effortlessly sliding off the bone. Indulge in the piping hot, flavorsome, and tantalizingly spicy-peppery soup that beautifully complements them.

25) Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel - Best Brunch Singapore
Key ServiceBohemian-style cafe
Address390 Orchard Road, 01-03 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd, #01 – 03 / 04, Singapore 238871
Phone65 6735 2608
Operating HoursDaily 8 am – 12 am

Experience the captivating atmosphere of a bohemian-inspired café, where French and Balinese influences harmoniously merge. Indulge in a serene oasis, welcomed by a verdant glasshouse garden patio.

Let vibrant citrus shades uplift your mood, while charming mustard mosaic tile flooring adds a playful element, enticing you to discover every nook and cranny.

Discover a hidden treasure, a feast for the eyes and Orchard’s beloved brunch destination. Get ready for an unforgettable and luxurious experience that will awaken your senses and delight your palate. Unwind and rejuvenate in the tranquil oasis after a tiring day.

The captivating terrace by the roadside calls out, welcoming guests to enjoy a leisurely apéro. Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted dining experience where every element contributes to an extraordinary journey.

Brunch Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore boasts an eclectic mix of brunch spots that cater to diverse taste buds, from traditional favorites such as Bak Kut Teh to western delights like fluffy pancakes and gourmet burgers.

These establishments not only serve mouth-watering food but also provide enchanting atmospheres, from serene garden patios to bustling city-center eateries.

With such a vibrant and varied brunch scene, every meal in Singapore promises to be a unique gastronomic adventure that leaves you eagerly anticipating the next.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Brunch in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Brunches in Singapore below:

What are some of the best Brunch Places in Singapore?

The best places for brunch in Singapore include Andaz Singapore, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Xperience So Singapore, Mezza9, Colony – The Ritz-Carlton, and Bread and Hearth.

Do any of the brunch spots in Singapore offer smoked salmon eggs benedict?

Indeed, many of the brunch spots highlighted in Singapore present options of smoked salmon and eggs benedict on their menus. This sought-after brunch delicacy combines the lusciousness of smoked salmon with the velvety texture of poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Are there any options for avocado toast at these brunch spots?

Indeed! Avocado toast has become a must-have item on brunch menus, with delectable variations available at highly recommended brunch spots in Singapore. Indulge in a delightful combination of smooth avocado spread on expertly toasted bread, creating a truly satisfying brunch choice.

Do any of the brunch spots serve truffle fries as a side dish?

Truffle fries are a popular side dish that complements brunch items perfectly. Many of the top brunch spots in Singapore feature them on their menus. Treat yourself to crispy fries coated in fragrant truffle oil for a delightful brunch experience.

Can I find sourdough toast at these brunch spots?

Absolutely! Sourdough toast has become increasingly popular due to its tangy taste and rustic texture. Numerous renowned brunch spots in Singapore offer sourdough toast as a delightful addition to their brunch menu, allowing you to relish a timeless and satisfying breakfast favorite.

What are some popular brunch options in Singapore?

Singapore offers a wide range of brunch options, including buttermilk fried chicken, red dot baked eggs, soft shell crab sammy, crispy bacon, pork sausage, and ricotta pancakes. These delicious dishes are sure to satisfy your brunch cravings.

Are there any halal brunch places in Singapore?

Yes, there are several halal brunch places in Singapore that cater to the diverse culinary preferences of its residents and visitors. You can enjoy a delightful halal brunch experience while exploring the city’s vibrant food scene.

Which brunch spots offer free-flow champagne?

If you’re looking to indulge in a luxurious brunch experience, there are several brunch spots in Singapore that offer free-flow champagne. Treat yourself to a glass (or two) of bubbly while enjoying your favorite brunch food.

Where can I find brunch places with lush greenery?

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be delighted to know that there are brunch places in Singapore with lush greenery. These venues provide a serene and refreshing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely brunch amidst nature’s beauty.

Which brunch spots serve delicious coffee?

Singapore boasts an array of brunch spots that take their coffee seriously. From artisanal cafes to specialty coffee shops, you can find a wide selection of aromatic and flavorful coffees to complement your brunch experience.

What are some brunch highlights in the Marina Bay area?

The Marina Bay area in Singapore is known for its stunning waterfront views and vibrant dining scene. Here, you can find brunch spots that offer hearty plates, such as fried chicken, along with picturesque views of the bay. It’s the perfect combination of great food and a beautiful setting.

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