18 Best Tattoo Singapore Services [2024]

Tattoo Singapore

Best Tattoo Singapore

Singapore is home to a vibrant and diverse tattoo culture, with many talented artists offering a wide range of styles and techniques.

The best tattoo services in Singapore include 8 Volts Tattoo, Melvin Tattoo, Vagabond Ink Tattoo, Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup, and Hair.

When selecting a tattoo service in Singapore, take into account various factors including pricing, safety standards, the caliber of artwork, artistic style, and recommendations for aftercare.

Tattoos in Singapore embody individuality and creativity, merging personal narratives with diverse aesthetic styles. From intricate blackwork designs to vibrant, color-saturated pieces, they are regarded as powerful expressions of art.

This guide will take you through the best tattoo services in Singapore, helping you find the ideal artist for your next piece of body art.

Quick Summary

  • Best tattoo services in Singapore include 8 Volts Tattoo, Melvin Tattoo, Vagabond Ink Tattoo, Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup, and Hair.
  • When choosing a tattoo service in Singapore, consider factors such as price, safety standards, quality of artwork, art style, and aftercare advice.
  • In Singapore, tattoos are a powerful expression of individuality and creativity, revered as an art form that merges personal narratives with diverse aesthetic styles, from intricate blackwork designs to vibrant, color-saturated pieces.

Key Considerations Factors

When choosing which tattoo service to go to, make sure you have considered these important factors:

  • Price: Tattoo prices can vary significantly depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. It is important to have a budget in mind and to discuss pricing with your chosen artist beforehand.
  • Safety Standards: A reputable tattoo service will prioritize safety by using sterile equipment and following proper sanitation procedures. Make sure to ask about their safety protocols before getting a tattoo.
  • Quality of Artwork: Spend time researching the style and portfolio of your chosen artist to ensure they are capable of creating the type of tattoo you desire. Look for reviews and highly recommend studios or artists from previous clients.
  • Artistic Style: Each tattoo artist has their own unique style, so it is important to choose one whose aesthetic aligns with your vision.
  • Aftercare Advice: Proper aftercare is crucial for the healing process of your tattoo. A good tattoo service will provide thorough aftercare instructions and be available for any questions or concerns.

Best Tattoo Singapore

1) Wild Paw

Wild Paw - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Wild Paw)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address30A Bali Ln, Singapore 189866
Contact detialshttps://www.wildpawtattoo.com/tattooers
Operating HoursMondays to Saturdays , By Appointment

Wild Paw is your go-to destination for an amazing collection of tattoo designs, blending the best of modern and traditional styles. Discover the top tattoos in Singapore that will captivate you with their delightful and adorable patterns.

They make perfect gift ideas, especially for women who want to indulge in beautiful pet portraits or their favorite cartoon characters.

But wait, there’s more! Wild Paw also offers a stunning selection of gothic and ethical motifs that cater to men, giving them a cool and timeless aesthetic. Get ready to express your unique style with Paw’s extraordinary tattoo collection!

2) Rise Above Tattoo and Piercing

Rise Above Tattoo and Piercing - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Rise Above Tattoo and Piercing)
Key ServicesProfessional and Quality Ink Art & Piercing Services
Address14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-70, Singapore 228213
Phone6235 5610
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday, 12:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing is a boutique tattoo shop that specializes in top-quality tattoo art and piercings. They help individuals express themselves through body modification and find joy in the thrilling world of tattoos and piercings.

Established in 2012, Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing is committed to delivering professional and exceptional tattoo art and piercing services.

For seasoned tattoo collector and first-time customers, they take the time to explain every step of the tattooing process, ensuring complete confidence in their decision.

3) Ink by Finch Tattoo

Ink by Finch Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Ink by Finch Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address3 Coleman St, Peninsula Shopping Centre #02-30, Singapore 179804
Phone9623 4477
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Ink By Finch Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing studio that caters to both artists and clients. Led by Joe Finch, the primary artist, the studio provides a range of artistic expressions. During consultations, clients are encouraged to bring their tattoo ideas, concepts, and inspirations.

Joe then combines these elements to create unique tattoo designs, working together with clients to select the perfect placement. In addition to being one of the tattoo shops in Singapore, Finch By Ink Tattoo Studio also offers belly piercings for $60 and surface piercings for $40.

4) Lovesick Tattoo Studio

Lovesick Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Lovesick Tattoo Studio)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address35 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188307
Phone8163 0700
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 1:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Founded in 2012, Lovesick Tattoo Studio has gained a reputation as a thriving and well-known establishment on the island. With a strong focus on ensuring a clean and safe environment, the studio provides a diverse range of procedures.

Louis, the skilled owner, has received numerous awards for his outstanding artwork and tattooing expertise, both locally and globally. As a result, Lovesick Tattoo Studio boasts a long list of devoted clientele.

5) Galaxy Tattoo 2

 Galaxy Tattoo 2 - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Galaxy Tattoo 2 via Facebook)
Key ServicesTraditional Japanese styles
Address16a Trengganu St, Singapore 058470
Phone6222 2182
Operating HoursWeekdays and Saturdays: 12–8pm

Galaxy Tattoo 2 is well-known in Singapore for its exceptional tattoo artistry, particularly for those who admire Japanese Oriental tattoo styles. Their skilled and experienced Japanese tattoo artist creates vibrant and innovative designs.

Additionally, they occasionally host special guests to showcase world-class tattoo art that everyone can admire.

6) 8 Volts Tattoo

8 Volts Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: 8 Volts Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address150 Orchard Road #03-12, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841
Phone6737 7948
Operating Hours Mon to Sun: 11am to 6pm

Since 2007, Joe Wang has been at the helm of 8 Volts Tattoo, leading the way. With numerous accolades from international tattoo conventions, Joe is a dedicated and passionate tattoo artist.

He not only serves as a respected mentor but also nurtures talented individuals under his guidance.

At present, 8 Volts Tattoo boasts a team of six skilled artists, including Alize, Moo, Karyan, EeShan, MinHui, and Joe Wang himself. Each artist is deeply committed to delivering exceptional work and providing professional tattoo advice to every client.

7) Alive Tattoo Studio

Alive Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Alive Tattoo Studio)
Key ServicesAward-winning tattoo artists
Address150 Orchard Road
#03-12 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841
Phone6737 7948
9369 9883
Operating HoursDaily 12-6pm

Alive Tattoo Studio is well-known in Singapore for its exceptional tattoo work and versatility. They are even proficient in traditional bamboo hand-poked tattoos!

In short, they have the ability to bring any tattoo design to life and accommodate special requests. If you’re looking for a temporary tattoo, they also offer airbrush tattoos that can last from three to seven days.

8) Vagabond Ink Tattoo

Vagabond Ink Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Vagabond Ink Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-21 Singapore 080333
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 2:00pm – 8:00 pm

Situated in the heritage district of Singapore, Vagabond Ink is an exclusive art studio. The VI crew comprises a diverse group of individuals with distinct backgrounds and influences, uniting as a collective of top tattoo artists and designers.

9) Shadow Show Tattoo

Shadow Show Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Shadow Show Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address244 Geylang Road Singapore 389303
Phone9772 9704
Operating Hours Monday – Sunday: 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM

A Shadow Show Tattoo is a unique artistry that employs the careful amalgamation of light and shade to create captivating imagery on the skin.

The tattoo artist uses varying shades of black and gray to establish depth and dimension, drawing the illusion of shadows. This gives the tattoo a realistic and three-dimensional appearance.

The result is a life-like design that seems to pop off the skin, creating a striking visual effect. This method is particularly effective for creating dramatic portraits or detailed nature scenes.

10) Inkvasion Tattoo Studio

Inkvasion Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Inkvasion Tattoo Studio)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address545 Orchard Road #06-15, Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882
Phone8127 5371
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 12PM-7PM
Sunday: Closed

Step into the world of INKVASION Tattoo Studio, where passion and artistry collide! Led by the skilled tattoo artist Glenn Tan, boasting over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to bringing your tattoo dreams to life.

Since 2009, Glenn has been perfecting his craft, previously working alongside fellow artist Brandon Christopher in a renowned tattoo shop at Clarke Quay.

Now, they have united to establish a brand-new, cutting-edge tattoo studio conveniently situated just minutes away from Orchard MRT, in the heart of Singapore’s iconic Orchard Road shopping district.

11) Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo

Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo via Facebook)
Key ServicesFull-body work
Address24 Bali Ln, Singapore 189860
Phone9672 2347
Operating HoursWeekdays: 1–11pm

Singapore Electric specializes in creating captivating and impactful designs that can be applied to any area of the body. They have a talent for crafting breathtaking landscape paintings and full-body artwork that truly highlight the beauty of this art form.

Discovering the finest tattoo artists who possess an exceptional eye for detail in every line and stroke may be a daunting task, but Singapore Electric has the necessary skills. If you appreciate meticulousness, they are the ones to approach.

12) Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup. Hair

Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup. Hair - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup. Hair)
Key ServicesExperienced Professional Tattoo Service
Address1 W Coast Dr, #01-K16 Newest, Singapore 128020
Phone9652 2546 / 8800 0783
Operating HoursMon – Sunday: 11.30am – 8pm (Appointments Only)
Closed on Wednesdays

Experience a fearless and liberated lifestyle at Charlotte Tattoo.Makeup.Hair, a studio inspired by the owner’s daughter, Charlotte, who represents limitless possibilities.

At their studio, the tattoo artist works closely with clients to transform their body art visions into reality, providing expert guidance and personalized artistic vision that aligns with your unique preferences. Let us bring your dream tattoo to life.

13) Ez Tattoo

Ez Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Ez Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address150, Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza, #04-31
Phone9768 4615
Operating HoursOpen 7 Days a Week
​12.00pm to 8.30pm

Our next stop is a tattoo and piercing studio that caters to both experienced individuals and newcomers. EZ Tattoo Singapore has been operating for several years and has built a strong presence on Orchard Road. They are known for their accessibility, professionalism, and friendly atmosphere.

With a team of resident tattoo artists who have an extensive portfolio of unique designs, they can create personalized tattoos in both color and black and white. It’s also important to mention that they offer the option to test out a design before making a permanent commitment.

14) Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio

Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio)
Key ServicesRealism, cartoon, freehand, blackwork
Address8B Canton St, Singapore 049748
Phone9856 9478
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 1:30 PM – 9:00 PMSunday: 1:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio has a team of four skilled tattoo artists, each with their own distinct approach to meet the needs of their customers. This means that individuals seeking their services have a wide range of tattoo styles to choose from, including freehand, cartoon, artwork, blackwork, and realism.

Additionally, all four artists are flexible and willing to make modifications to designs based on their clients’ preferences. It is worth noting that the studio takes pride in having the top-ranked Tattoo Master in Thailand, who brings over 25 years of industry experience.

15) Melvin Tattoo

Melvin Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Melvin Tattoo)
Key ServicesTattoo Services Singapore
Address2 Sembawang Walk, Singapore 757616
Phone8660 0070
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 12pm- 8pm
Saturday: 12pm-5pm
Sunday/ Public Holiday: Closed

MELVIN TATTOO SG (SINGAPORE), located in Singapore, has been honing the craft of tattooing since 2004. Embarking on a journey as a traveling tattoo artist in 2006, Melvin has explored various parts of the world.

With a focus on traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy Tattoo, and Oriental Abstract tattoos, he is always receptive to fresh and innovative tattoo concepts.

Using his body as a canvas, Melvin expresses his life experiences through intricate lines and shading on his arms, legs, shoulders, and back.


C.K. TATTOO SINGAPORE - Tattoo Singapore
Key ServicesTattoo Services
Address77 Kampong Bahru Road #03-01 Singapore 169376
Operating HoursBy Appointment Only

Low Chuan Kai is his given name, although some may find it difficult to pronounce. For this reason, he is also known as C.K. Low. C.K. specializes in Japanese Oriental-style tattooing and artwork, employing a distinctive technique that combines vibrant colors and dynamic natural elements to produce breathtaking visuals.

17) BMF Ink Tattoo

BMF Ink Tattoo - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: BMF Ink Tattoo)
Key ServicesMicrorealism, blackwork, dotwork, linework
Address865 Mountbatten Rd, #01-93, Singapore 437844
Phone9747 1820
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

If you’re in search of a tattoo parlor that embraces creativity, look no further than BMF Ink Tattoo. This well-known establishment is renowned for its custom tattoos and is home to two highly talented artists: Nina and Liz.

Nina excels in monochromatic Western painting and Chinese calligraphy, while Liz specializes in micro realism and blackwork.

To schedule your tattoo session, you’ll need to discuss and agree upon the design concept and provide a deposit. Keep in mind that BMF Ink Tattoo may not be the most budget-friendly option, as their intricate work starts at $200 per hour.

18) Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio

Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Singapore
(Credit: Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio)
Key Services Tattoo Services
AddressBalestier Plaza, #02-44, 400 Balestier Road, Singapore 329802
Phone9760 4147
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 8am- 8pm

Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio, founded in 2009 in Singapore, has consistently gained recognition as one of the highest-rated tattoo studios since 2011. Under the leadership of founder Whopper Tan, the studio is proud to have resident tattoo artists Tommy and Sammi.

With a strong emphasis on ensuring client satisfaction, they offer valuable guidance for achieving desired tattoo results. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, they infuse artistic appreciation, aesthetics, and creativity into every tattoo they bring to life.

Tattoo Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore offers a rich tapestry of tattoo studios and artists for those in search of personalized body art.

Whether your preference is for traditional designs, bold blackwork, intricate realism, or expressive abstract forms, you are bound to find a skilled artist whose work resonates with your vision.

Don’t rush this decision; take your time to explore, consult, and ultimately choose the artist who will transform your skin into a canvas of meaningful artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Tattoo in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Tattoo in Singapore below:

What are the best tattoo services in Singapore?

The top tattoo services in Singapore include Melvin Tattoo, Vagabond Ink Tattoo, 8 Volts Tattoo, Inkvasion Tattoo Studio, Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup, and Hair.

Are tattoos acceptable in Singapore?

While tattoos are generally considered acceptable in Singapore, it is important to be mindful of any cultural and workplace limitations before getting inked. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions before getting a permanent body art. As long as you adhere to social norms and show respect for local customs when displaying your tattoos, you should have a smooth experience in Singapore.

How much does a tattoo artist cost in Singapore?

Tattoo artist rates in Singapore can differ based on factors like the artist’s experience and reputation, design complexity, and studio location. On average, reputable artists charge between $100 and $300 per hour. It’s advisable to consult your chosen studio for an accurate quote tailored to your design and preferences.

How much is a small tattoo in Singapore?

The cost of a small tattoo in Singapore can vary between $50 and $200, depending on factors such as the design and the chosen studio. To get an accurate quote based on your specific design and requirements, it is strongly advised to consult with the studio of your choice. Prices may also differ based on whether you prefer traditional hand-poked tattoos or modern machine-based ones.

How are tattoos perceived in Singapore?

In recent years, there has been a growing acceptance of body art in Singapore, leading to a generally positive perception of tattoos. People from various backgrounds and age groups, including professionals and public figures, can be seen adorned with tattoos.
However, it is important to note that visible tattoos may still carry some social stigma, especially in conservative environments or workplaces. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly research and understand the cultural norms and customs of a country.

Where can I find the best tattoo artists in Singapore?

If you’re looking for the best tattoo artists in Singapore, then Iron Fist Tattoo is a great place to start. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced artists who are known for creating exceptional tattoos. Other notable studios include Vagabond Ink and Wild Paw Tattoo, which are also home to some of the finest tattoo artists in the city.

What kind of tattoos can I get in Singapore?

You can get a wide range of custom tattoos in Singapore, ranging from traditional Japanese art to fine line tattoos, black grey realism tattoos, and customized sleeve tattoos. If you’re looking to cover up an old tattoo, many tattoo studios can help you design a new tattoo that will effectively cover up the old one.

Are there any approachable tattoo artists in Singapore?

Yes, many tattoo artists in Singapore are known for being friendly and approachable, such as those at Iron Fist Tattoo and Wild Paw Tattoo. They understand that getting a tattoo is a significant decision and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is the tattoo artist’s belief when it comes to creating a piece of art?

For many tattoo artists in Singapore, each tattoo represents a unique piece of art and should be treated as such. They believe in working closely with their clients to create a design that is both personal and meaningful. It’s important to discuss your tattoo idea with your artist to ensure that they fully understand your vision for the design.

Who can I turn to for my first tattoo in Singapore?

For your first tattoo, it’s essential to choose an experienced and approachable tattoo artist who can guide you through the process. Some of the best tattoo studios for first-timers include Iron Fist Tattoo and Wild Paw Tattoo, where the friendly tattoo artists can help you design a custom tattoo that you’ll love.

What kind of custom tattoo designs can I get in Singapore?

You can get a wide range of custom tattoo designs in Singapore, from traditional Japanese art to realistic portraits and intricate full sleeve tattoos. Many tattoo artists specialize in specific styles, so it’s essential to find an artist who specializes in the type of tattoo you want. Independent tattoo artist in Singapore, such as Sze Tattoo and Lionel Ng, are also known for their exceptional work in creating unique and personalized tattoos.

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